Question 23: Why did Allah create the universe and the things in it based on the laws of chemistry, physics, etc.? What is the wisdom behind life’s being based on the laws of biology, chemistry and physics?

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Answer: Every being or law created by Allah can have many wisdoms. Since our knowledge is very limited, we can perceive or mention His wisdoms in creation to a very limited extent. What science does is to understand the wisdoms and purposes of this creation and to show some principles and operations on which they are based.

Every law and system in the universe are based on one or sometimes several names of Allah and become a mirror to the manifestations of those names to some extent. In other words, the names of Allah appear and become manifest in the form of laws and principles in beings. For example, let us think of a leaf of the apple tree. Many names of Allah are manifested in the formation of this leaf. In the manifestation of the name Hakim (All-Wise), it is essential to comply with reason and logic, to be wise and purposeful. At the same time, the future duty of this leaf is taken into consideration due to the manifestation of the name Mudabbir (Prudent). In addition, due to the manifestation of the name Muqaddir (Determiner), this leaf is given a certain shape and dimensions; it is adorned beautifully with the manifestation of the name Muzayyin (Adorner). With the manifestation of many more names that we do not list here, everything, from the inside and the outside of that leaf to its nutrition and functions, is planned down to the finest details and created

Thus, the manifestations of Allah’s names on beings require them to be created according to a certain plan, wisdom and purpose. The observation of a certain plan, goal and purpose in beings becomes manifest in the form of the laws of physics, chemistry, biology, gravity and electromagnetics.

On the other hand, knowing that certain principles and laws are involved in the creation of beings and in the continuation of their lives also invites and encourages human research and investigation because when the researcher knows that nothing is unattended and random, it stimulates his spirit of research and examination. Such a spiritual structure is the first encouraging element in the progress of humanity.

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