Why did Allah not explain the benefits of plants in detail?

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Why did Allah not explain in detail the benefits and harms of the plants He created and how much should they be used? Is it not necessary to write the details of something when it is produced?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

The main issues that the Quran teaches are principles of belief. Its aim is to enable people to live happily in the world and the hereafter.

For this reason, the Quran does not include details of subjects like astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, zoology and botany.

Besides, if it included them and if the scientific subjects handled by hundreds of branches of science were mentioned, the Quran would have to be 50 times bigger than the existing Quran.

The issue of what is harmful and what is beneficial is stated within the framework of “halal-haram” along with their basic principles.

The Quran leaves the details to people.

Allah informs man through revelation; in addition, He gave man intellect/mind to enable him to know the necessary issues for life along with useful and harmful things.

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