Why did Allah (SWT) create the universe based on the laws of chemistry, physics? What is the wisdom behind the fact that life is based on these laws? Why was the universe not created at once?

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Why did Allah (SWT) create the universe based on the laws of chemistry, physics? What is the wisdom behind the fact that life is based on these laws? Why was the universe not created at once?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Every being or law that Allah created may have many wisdoms. As our knowledge is limited, we can know or explain the wisdoms of its creation in a very limited sense. What science does is to understand the wisdoms and purpose of creation and to state these principles and the workings that they are based on.

For example, the night does not come all of a sudden; the daylight does not come at once, either. The dawn follows the night and the sunrise follows it too. After that as the sun rises slowly again, the noon comes and a blessed time which is the mid-afternoon follows it; and finally the sun sets.

If the daylight came at once and the night came suddenly, we could not mention dawn, noon or mid-afternoon.

We can think of the same rule for the seeds, life of man and for the life of the world. The seed would become a fruit at once; a child would complete its creation and become an adolescent at once, the world would complete this long journey and lifespan at once.

This wise creation is also valid in the world of plants. A seed has a divine art and wisdom. The whole program of a large tree is written by the pencil of fate in that very small place. The genetic structure is so perfectly created that it is full of deep secrets that astonish the scientists and cause them to remain silent.  

We can compare man, universe and all things to it.

All laws and systems in the universe are based on Allah’s one or sometimes more names; they manifest those names to a certain extent. In other words, Allah’s names are seen and manifested in creations in the forms of laws and principles.

For example, let us discuss the leaf of an apple. In the creation of this leaf, there is a manifestation of many names of Allah (SWT). In the manifestation of the name al-Hakim (the Perfectly Wise), the creation of something must be suitable for wisdom and reason and there should be a profundity and purpose. At the same time, as a requirement of the manifestation of the name of al-Mudabbir (the Ruler), the future duty of this leaf is taken into consideration. In addition, as a requirement of the name Al- Muqaddir (One who controls fate), this leaf is created in a certain shape and size and also with the manifestation of the name of Al-Muzayyin (the Adorner) it is adorned so beautifully too. With the manifestation of so many names that we have not listed here, this plant is planned and created by considering all of its nuances from its inside to outside, nourishment and duty.

That is, the manifestations of Allah’s names on created things, requires the creation of them according to a certain plan, wisdom and purpose. The observation of a definite plan and purpose in their creations can be seen as in the forms of laws such as physics, chemistry, biology, gravity and electromagnetics.

On the other hand, knowing the role of some principles and laws of the creation of living beings and the continuation of their lives encourages mankind to research and investigation because, a researcher’s awareness that nothing is aimless and superficial stimulates his soul of research and investigation. Such a spiritual state is the first encouraging component in man’s development.    

Galaxies and planets were not formed at once but in the course of time. Actually gradual or step by step creation is a kind of scientific law. This law was valid in the past and nowadays both in the living and non-living world and coming to the earth also takes place gradually. Thus, a baby is born in nine months. A chick comes out from an egg in one day. A wheat kernel ripens within 9-10 months.

Allah (SWT) can create all and everything at once with the manifestation of His name, al-Qadir (the All-Powerful). But, why does He create like that but gradually?

Of course, it has many wisdoms and purposes that we cannot know. One of the wisdoms is that the world is place of testing and trial. As a requirement of this test, in this world, the name al-Hakim (the Perfectly Wise), which necessitates gradual creation with wisdom, is superior to the name al-Qadir (the All Powerful), which necessitates immediate creation.  As it is known, in this world, a gradual creation exists and all things are connected to a cause. What causes a child to be born is his /her parents. What causes an apple to grow is its tree. What causes a watermelon to come into existence is its seed, some elements, air, water, temperature and the sun light. What causes an egg to be produced is a chicken.

Actually, those causes are created, too.  As parents have no an interference in the creation of their child, parents are being created too. Some regard those causes as the real creator/doer. As a result, they do not accept or believe in Allah, and the test is being shaped in accordance with their belief.

The Qur’an informs as follows; as there is no test in the hereafter, , the name of al-Qadir will dominate there and anything that man wants will be created at once and man will also be resurrected in the twinkling of an eye.

One of the wisdoms behind the gradual creation based on causes is that living beings stick to those causes in order to maintain their lives. If an apple seed had been a tree and yield fruit at once, how would man have spent his time?

Let us suppose that an apple comes into being at once. Then, the person who produces saplings, who transports it, who markets it and who prunes the tree will be redundant. There will not be any need for a tractor and its equipment to plow the field, any water to water the field, any fertilizers, and any pesticides and equipment to pulverize it. There will be no need for scientific researches to examine them and to try to obtain the most appropriate ones. As it is seen, the gradual creation of an apple provides work for so many people.

Gradual creation seems as a necessity of testing; and it serves as a means of mutual assistance to meet some needs, of scientific research and formation of social life.

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