Question 72: If Allah created everything, why are 24 million trials made for a protein synthesis in the body? Would it not be done only once If Allah existed?

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Answer: Allah creates everything. Even an atom cannot act without His knowledge, will and power. However, since the world is a place of testing, Allah linked everything with somecauses. He made the apple tree, air, soil, heat and water as the causes of apple. However, it is God Himself who does the work behind those causes. Likewise, He made the mother and father causes for the formation of the child. We see that neither the father nor the mother has a direct role in the formation of the child. In other words, the mother has no say in the formation of the cells and organs of that child in her womb. The mother does not intervene in neither the formation of the eye nor the insertion of the kidneys nor the programming of the heart. She just waits and watches. She prays to Allah so that the organs and limbs of the baby in her womb will not be deficient and that its mental faculties will be in place.

As it is known, Allah has a thousand and one names and the manifestation of each name is different. When we get hungry, we see the manifestation of the name Razzaq (Sustainer), and when we get sick, the name Shafi (Healer). The manifestation of the name Qadir (all Powerful) is understood with His creation of everything at once. When we look at the occurrence of the events in nature, we generally expect the name Qadir to be manifest. That is, we want to see everything happen all at once. Or, we expect something like that.

Since the world is a place of testing, the name Hakim (All Wise) is dominant over the name Qadir in the world. That is, it is overshadowed by the name Hakim. So, it is in its shadow. The name Hakim wants everything to occur in a certain order and system gradually, and the causes to be a veil to Allah’s power. For this reason, the wheat seed becomes wheat ten months after it is thrown into the soil; a baby reaches maturity in the mother’s womb in nine months. Since the name Hakim does not allow the manifestation of the name Qadir, the beings do not occur at once, but over time.

Since there is no trial in the hereafter, the name Qadir will be dominant there, the name Hakim will be overshadowed; there will be no need to wait for something to occur; and everything will occur all at once. A new fruit will be created at once for the one that is picked.

When the manifestations Allah’s names are not taken into account, a mistake is made while explaining such events that occur gradually and based on some causes in the world. Those who do not believe in Allah present their atheist ideologies under the guise of science, exclude Allah and attribute them to nature and causes.

While some see the power, will and knowledge of Allah behind the veil of causes, others are overwhelmed by causes and cannot find Allah. So, that is a requirement of the test.

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