Question 27: How were the first organisms created from the first soil, which had not contained carbon yet?

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Answer: It was not just carbon that was not in the soil. If it were only carbon, an explanation could be given about it. There was no earth. There was no air, no water, no atmosphere, etc. Even the earth did not exist. Why do you not go to the beginning? Did theyexist at the beginning? They didn’t. Who created the first living being even if it was carbon? Is creating a living being easier than creating the carbon element? Why do you not question it?

When someone tells us there was no carbon, let us not act like his lawyer. Let us ask him how the universe came into being when it did not exist. If there is a work, there must a master (doer) of it. A letter cannot be without a scribe and a village cannot be without a headman; can it be possible for this big universe, from atoms to galaxies, to be ownerless?

In the first creation, everything was created out of nothing. The first creation cannot be explained by the currentlaws of creation. After creating the universe, Allah imposed some rules such as the law of growth, development, push and pull for the development, reproduction and differentiation of beings. Those laws and some reasons that played a role in creation did not exist in the first creation. Therefore, it would be wrong to try to explain the first creation of living beings by accepting that there were a number of reasons, laws and principles that did not exist at the beginning but came into effect later.

We take an apple from the tree. The tree emerges from the apple seed in accordance with certain laws. In the beginning, there was no apple tree and no seed. There is no law of push and pull. There were no electromagnetic forces that held the electrons and neutrons of the atom together. Therefore, we have to take into account the formation of the atom and the creation of matter when causes did not exist. Matter must have been created beforehand so that living beings could be made from that matter. If you do not take into account that all this is the work of Allah, who controls everything, who has infinite power, will and knowledge, you cannot explain the creation of non-living and living beings through some causes such as carbon, oxygen, air and sun because those causes were created later too.

The main reason we find it difficult to understand the creation of beings is that we often compare the attributes of Allah with our own attributes. In other words, everybody draws a deity model in his world, and the deity he draws in his world is a model that can do a little more work than himself.

However, we should see how Allah introduces Himself to us. He did not beget; He was not begotten; He was not created; He created all beings Himself. Anything that is created is not a deity. All his attributes are infinite. More and less, big and small are the same for Him. After accepting Allah like this, we should look at the creation of non-living and living beings.

Our attributes are limited. In other words, our power, knowledge, will, seeing and hearing are limited. However, the attributes of Allah are infinite. There is no gradation in His attributes. In other words, creating the season of spring and creating a flower are the same for Him. Creating an atom is the same as creating the whole universe for His power. If Allah is to create infinite times more universes than the present universe, the manifestation of His will to create an atom will be the same as creating infinite universes. We should know and accept Allah like this because He introduces himself to us like this. The devil cannot deceive anyone who has such a belief in Allah and cannot make him deny Allah.

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