Question 30: How does Allah’s power become manifest through causes?

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Answer: Allah made causes veils for His activities in the universe. He put the apple fruit on top of the apple tree. He made a number of causes and laws a veil for the formation of this fruit. Here we understand that some causes and laws become veils for the power of Allah because causes are helpless, ignorant, lifeless, unknowing but the results show a high knowledge, infinite will and power. In other words, it is absolutely impossible for those causes to give those results.

Let us take a closer look at the causes that make the apple occur. The apple has a certain shape. That is, it was made neatly; a peel was placed outside, and certain elements that are needed by human body were placed in certain proportions inside. All of the genetic features of the apple are recorded in the DNA in the seed. A vast knowledge, infinite power and willpower are necessary to do all this.

We can divide the causes that play a role in the formation of the apple into two groups. One of them is non-living and the other is living ones. It is not possible for non-living things such as soil, air, water and sun to make an apple and put it on the tree. As for living beings, we divide them into three: Plants, animals and humans. The one among them that has intelligence, consciousness, will and power is man. Only man can make the apple among them. However, man also asks who makes this apple.

That is, the one who makes the apple must have a high knowledge, infinite power and will. The pear, the cow, the fly and the human being are all created in the same way as the apple. However, causes are used as veils in their creation. Mother and father are causes in the creation of man. Nevertheless, it is seen that the mother and father do not play a role in the creation of the child. That is, the mother and father have no role in the division of the cells of that child, formation of his organs, nutrition of the cells. If the mother and father who have knowledge, will and power have no role in the formation of the child, it is quite obvious that lifeless, unconscious, ignorant and powerless atoms and molecules will have no effect.

Causes are veils for Allah’s knowledge, will and power

No matter what living being is in question and no matter in what environment it is, any changes that may occur in its body will be through the knowledge, will and power of Allah. The environmental conditions are only causes. As the tree is the cause of apple, the seed is the cause of the tree. Causes seem to be making and managing the beings. In fact, there is a distance as great as the distance between the earth and the sky between the cause making a being and that being.

The sky and the mountain appear to be adjacent in the horizon but the distance between them is almost as great as the distance between the earth and the sky. In fact, it is Allah who does the real work behind causes. Man intervenes consciously in the structure of living beings but he is also a cause because it is Allah who makes and renews the cells of living beings, who gives knowledge, will and life to manand who arranges his work.

Allah wants and encourages us to examine the book of the universe, that is, all the beings in the universe and the laws that they are subject to, and to find and show the laws and principles among the beings and their functioning, with the knowledge, will and power He has given us.

However, we must not attribute Allah’s property to causes and chance when we find them with the rules of science.

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