Question 77: Barred mudskipper has become an evidence to which evolutionists refer frequently. They use funny phrases like the nightmare of creationists. What is the wisdom behind the creation of this living being like that?

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Answer: Barred mudskipper (Periophthalmus argentilineatus) is a 10-15 cm long creature living in muddy swamps. It can live both on land and in water. They feed in aquariums. They have a very striking and exemplary way of life. For example, they lay their eggs in a cavity in water. They come out of the surface, take the air bubbles and leave them in the cavity next to the eggs to aerate them. The young ones hatch in 5 days. After about 50 days, they become mature enough to live both on land and in water.

No living being can be the nightmare of creationists nightmare whether it is called a mudskipper, a water skipper or a rock skipper. They can be a nightmare only for atheists, who deny Allah. There is no difference between creating an atom and creating the whole universe for Allah. The control of everything is in His hands. Three thousand different reactions take place per second in each of the hundred trillion cells in humans. If Allah leaves man alone for a second, his life will be turned upside down. Allah recreates man any moment with the elements that enter his body with food. Only humans? No. Every living being is recreated any moment with the ongoing activity and cell changes in all living things. Those who cannot see such merciful and wise deeds in the universe, in the kingdom of plants, in the kingdom of animals and in humans can definitely not see and understand the fine wisdoms in a mud bug through the eyes of matter. It is not possible for atheists to see this deed of Allah because their eyes are drowned in matter.

All living beings definitely have aspects that are similar to and different from one another. If there were no differences, there would be only one type of living being on earth. When you make a classification according to these differences and similarities, some will be superior and some inferior in terms of certain organs and tissues.

There is no scientific basis for the view of evolution claiming that this chain came into being by chance. On the contrary, the genetic structure of every living being remains fixed throughout generations, reinforcing the thesis that each living group was created separately.

Barred mudskipper is the greatest proof of creation, not evolution, because evolutionists claim that the environmental conditions changed during the transition from aquatic life to terrestrial life, that fish gradually adapted themselves to terrestrial life with the withdrawal of the water in the environment, and that frogs that were adapted to terrestrial life formed as a result of the withdrawal of aquatic animals.

However, this living being supports creation, not evolution, and shows that Allah created living things that could live both on land and in water.

The wisdom behind Allah’s creation such a living being is asked. There may be not one but a thousand wise reasons behind the creation of every living being in terms of Allah. The ones that we can know or count are only a few. For example, one wise reason may be as follows:In a multiple-choice test, options that are very close to the truth are also included in order to measure the degree of the knowledge of the takers of the test. Allah may have wanted to see who will exclude Him acting upon causes and attribute creation to evolution and causes and who will see Allah’s hand of power behind causes.

In fact, it is Allah who creates both the causes and the results of those causes. The apple tree is the cause for the apple fruit. The cause for the formation of the tree is the apple seed. In fact, it is Allah who creates both the apple and the tree as well as the seed.

They want to attribute this whole universe, which is the work of Allah, to causes and chance by using evolution as a veil and to exclude Allah. Therefore, they try to show the things whose wise reasons they do not know as evidence for evolution and stick to them. However, let alone a single living being, even a single atom, cannot move on its own. Everything is the work of Allah’s knowledge, will and power and is under His control.

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