Have we undergone changes since the first man?

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- We see that many issues such as wisdom teeth are presented as evidence for evolution, and they write about an almost continuous evolutionary process in all books.
- What are the purposes of these people and what are the facts about these issues?

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What is tried to do is to eliminate the idea of a creator and to place in minds that everything is the work of nature and chance. To this end, they use evolution as a tool for those irreligious ideologies. In this regard, they cause confusion by using evolution in different meanings. As a result, it becomes incomprehensible who means what by evolution. After that, they give their wrong ideas along with the right ones.

First, let us mention what should be understood from evolution.

How should we understand evolution?

The word evolution is used in place of many words and phrases that are different from each other like change, metamorphosis, differentiation gradual development and change, and progress.

Terms used in place of evolution:

They are takamul (evolvement) istihala (differentiation), tatawwur (moving from one state to another), tahawwul (changing from one state to another), tabdil (changing the shape of something), tabaddul (exchange), taghyir (transformation), taghayyur (metamorphosis), taraqqi (improvement), sudur (occurrence), zuhur (appearing), tajdid (renewal), ontogeny and phylogeny.


If “EVOLVEMENT”, that is, gradual change, is meant by the word “EVOLUTION”, it is a law, not a theory. For example, an apple seed’s becoming a sprout, sapling and fruit tree shows a gradual change. Similarly, a human embryo’s developing from a zygote and reaching stages of a multicellular embryo, baby, child, young person and adult is another example of gradual development. In that sense, all living beings are subject to the laws of change, metamorphosis and differentiation at any moment.


If what is meant by the term evolution is TAHAWWULAT, that is, change of state, it is a law, not a theory. The change of state of the elements is expressed as TAHAWWULAT ADH-DHARRAT.

To put it briefly, the transformation of atoms and molecules from one state to another, that is, by changing their state, takes place within the body of living beings, based on a number of biology and physics laws. Therefore, this change of state of the elements is a law, not a theory.

A human being is made up of about one hundred trillion cells. Three thousand different reactions occur in each cell in one second. A person one second later is not, in terms of matter, the same person as the one a second ago. Many elements in its body have undergone change and metamorphosis. All living beings are always in a state of change. All these changes and similar ones and metamorphoses are expressed as EVOLUTION. All changes and metamorphoses in this sense are not a theory but a law.

What lies behind the evolution debate?

The acceptance or rejection of a creator lies behind it. For example, you have a pair of glasses. You examine in detail what materials they are made of and how they work. In that case, everyone agrees that glasses are the work of a master.

When the eyes of living beings are taken into consideration instead of glasses, the eye is examined down to its finest structure; it is tried to reveal what it does and how it works. So far, there is no problem between evolutionists and creationists. When it comes to the issue of who the master of this eye is, the debate begins. Those who defend creation accept that glasses are the work of a master who has knowledge, will and power; they also accept that the eye, which is more perfect than glasses, is the work of a master who has knowledge, will and power.

Atheist evolutionists, on the other hand, state that the eye emerged by chance and has no master though they accept the master of the glasses; what is more, they state that such a claim is a scientific approach. Supporters of positivist belief, who deify matter, remove the theory of evolution from its scientific platform by doing so and use it as a tool for their ideologies.

In conclusion;

The theory of evolution is removed from its scientific platform and it is used as a tool for deliberate and malicious acts that try to destroy and deny the idea of "Divinity" and to prove that the only effective force in the universe is "chance, unconscious causes and nature".

In particular, the fact that religious sources provide detailed information about the past of human beings and that evolutionary theories attribute human history to an ape or an animal with a lower structure have focused criticism and objections regarding the issue.

The doctrine arguing that evolution was not designed and that man emerged by chance is based on materialist philosophy, which assumes atheism, not experiment, as a principle.

Not allowing alternative views about evolution and not criticizing the evidence for evolution are aimed at ensuring the continuation of the dominance of positivist philosophy based on materialist thought.

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