Nowadays, some people who do not believe utter statements like the following: "Since you created the whole universe, show me a miracle so that I will believe in you." How should we answer them?

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Nowadays, some people who do not believe utter statements like the following:
"Since you created the whole universe, show me a miracle so that I will believe in you." How should we answer them?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

What is a miracle? We should view its definition first. Mujiza (miracle) is described as follows in dictionaries: Something extraordinary and strange that appalls and amazes man and that makes him feel too weak to do anything.

So, a miracle makes man feel too weak to do anything. What does it mean for man to feel too weak to do anything? It means something that is impossible for him to do. For instance, man can make a refrigerator. So, it is not a miracle for man to make a refrigerator. Man can also make a telephone and a television set. Thus, man is not too weak to do them.   

However, man cannot make an apple. He cannot make a plum. He cannot make an egg. He cannot make leaves, flowers and insects. Man can make eyeglasses, but he cannot make an eye. He can make a prosthetic arm but he cannot make a living arm. He can makes earphones but he cannot make an ear that can hear and renew its cells constantly.

He can make their imitations from plastic or paper but he cannot create a living organ or a living thing itself that develops, differentiates and has changing cells.

He is too weak to make them. So, it is a miracle to make and create them and similar things.

When you look at the universe from this point of view, everything is a miracle.

The emergence of a tree from a seed, the creation of leaves, flowers and fruits from a tree, the creation of an animal from a cell, the creation of man from a cell are all miracles.

It is a miracle for a melon to emerge from a seed and it is a different miracle for the seed that has all of the characteristics of the melon to be created again in the melon.

The structure of each organ of human beings and animals is a miracle, and their placement and operation in the body is a different miracle. That is, the creation of an eye is a miracle and the creation of a vision is another miracle. The creation of an ear and its settlement in the body is a miracle; the creation of hearing is a different miracle.

As a matter of fact, the existence of people who have ears but who cannot hear and who have eyes but cannot see show it to us.

Is it not a miracle that eggs are made from the wheat eaten by chickens and the meat and milk are made from the grass eaten by sheep? Since we cannot make meat and milk from grass and eggs and meat from wheat, how is it be possible for the chicken and sheep to make them?

If you see some red beads hanging on the branches of the cherry tree in front of your house when you wake up in the morning in January, the first thing you will do is to ask the following question:

- Who hung these beads on the branches?

You cannot even imagine that these beads appeared spontaneously, coincidentally or that they were produced by nature. You will definitely think that they were hung by someone has knowledge, will, power and consciousness. That is the truth.

So, will the cherries like red beads hung on those branches in June not be hung by anybody? Is it not a miracle since the cherries cannot be produced coincidentally or  by nature and since it is impossible for people to produce them?

Since these cherries are living and since all of the genetic characteristics of the cherry tree are encoded in their stones, do these wonderful works of art not show Allah with their existence?

All of what we have mentioned up to now and the characteristics of all of the living beings we have not mentioned are miracles that cannot be made by animals or human beings. 

When the universe is viewed like that, there is no being that is not a miracle. Each living states the following with all of its characteristics: “I am a miraculous work of art of Allah. My existence is the greatest proof of Allah's existence and unity.

Who transformed man from a cell in the mother's womb into a living being? Who gave him the organs like the heart, stomach, intestines, eyes, ears and head? Who placed the feelings like the mind, consciousness, memory, curiosity, concern, compassion and love in him?

Can there be a greater miracle than this to prove Allah’s existence and unity?

Those who do not take lessons from them and still look for a miracle for Allah’s existence should be answered by the following proverbs:

A word to the wise is enough.

A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse.

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