How does reproductive system contradict evolution?

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1. How does reproductive system contradict evolution?
- It is necessary for species to copulate with the same kind of species so that they will have efficient offspring and their lineage will continue. At the same time, their chromosome numbers must be at the same ratio. Otherwise, they will become extinct.
2. Accordingly, how do evolutionists reach the conclusion of the same ancestor by combining the different chromosomes of humans and monkeys?
3. Can you explain this chromosome issue in detail?
- How does reproductive system contradict evolution?
4. The different kinds of species cannot produce efficient offspring; their lineages cannot continue and they become extinct. Therefore, there cannot be a common ancestor and evolution does not exist. How can I explain these issues to an evolutionist?
-Can you explain it in detail?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

In order to answer your question, let us briefly explain, ‘how does sexual reproduction happen in living beings?’

In all living beings, in other words, plants, animals and humans, God Almighty imposed the same law for sexual reproduction, that is, offspring coming into being from a mother and a father.

Let us take human beings as an example. In every human, there are averagely one hundred trillion cells and there are 46 chromosomes in each cell. 23 of them come from the mother and the other 23 of them come from the father.

As it is known, the ovum of a mother must combine with a sperm of a father. If sperm is created from a cell with 46 chromosomes, the chromosome numbers are reduced by half by division. Therefore, there are 23 chromosomes in each sperm.

The cell with 46 chromosomes that gives the ovum of the mother is reduced by half by division. Eventually, an egg with 23 chromosomes forms. During reproduction, these two cells combine with each other and zygote with 46 chromosomes emerges. This cell is the first cell of the baby. This one cell divides and becomes two cells.

Naturally, because their chromosomes are also divided, each cell has 46 chromosomes again.

These cells reproduce by division in this way and in the meantime, they begin to differentiate. In other words, some cells differentiate to produce the heart, some the brain and some the eyes. However, all of them keep the 46 chromosomes. However, when the ovum and the sperm emerge, Allah reduces the number of chromosomes by half.

Why does efficient offspring not come into being when different types of species combine?

Chromosomes that come from the same mother and father are similar. In other words, if the chromosome coming from the from mother is like the right hand, the one from the father is like the left hand. This is why they are called similar or homologous chromosomes.

For example, suppose that you have two prayer beads with 33 beads. Assume that the two ends of these beads are not tied to each other, and they are in straight position. Each bead is the same as the one opposite it. It means that the eighteenth bead of the first line and eighteenth bead of the second line are similar to each other. However, 18 is different from 19 and 19 is different from 20.

Each of these beads is like one chromosome. One of them comes from the mother and the other one comes from the father.

If the gene representing the eighteenth bead in the first chromosome comes from the mother and if it includes the shape, color and the other characteristics of the eye, the eighteenth gene coming from the father in the second chromosome also carry characteristics of the eye.

You can liken it to information that you encrypt in a flash disk.

If the information in two similar flash disks is encrypted as opposite copy of each other, they form a whole when they come across; and their information encrypted in the similar genes of the same characters from the mother and the father are like this.

Thus, the genes of every species are encrypted in a way that is peculiar to the members of that species. If the right-hand side of this code is from the mother, the left-hand side is from the father and they have the same shape, structure and place on homologous chromosomes.

That is the crucial point. 

If the mother and the father are of different species, the offspring cannot come into being because the number and shape of their chromosomes, the location of the chromosomes carried by the genes as well as the code of their shape do not fit each other. Even if an offspring comes into being, efficient offspring will not come into being because their chromosomes cannot match with each other when they encounter.

For this reason, sexual reproduction does not allow the formation of new and different species.

-Accordingly, how do evolutionists reach the conclusion of a common ancestor by combining different chromosomes of a human and a monkey?

You will find the information that we have tried to give above in any biology book because this reproduction law of God Almighty is the same in all living beings.

The evolutionists claim that humans emerged from monkeys. They cannot explain this by science, and they try to explain it through the magic wand of “time” just like the witches producing various things by the magic wand in fairy tales. They say, “It took place over time.”

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