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1 Why Abdul Uzza ibn Qatan was compared to the dajjal?

According to the information given in the Buhari, "Abdul Uzza ibni Katan" was a person from Huzaa tribe (Buhari, Fiten, 26). According to one narration, he is a person who lived during the time of our Prophet (pbuh). According to another narration, he had lived and died during the time of pre-Islamic Arabian paganism. Ibni Hacer fond the before narration weak and preferred the second narration (See Ibn Hacer, the explanation of the related hadith.).

The comparison made is not a moral comparison, it is a physical comparison. Ibn Qatan was a well known person by the most companions of that time. In order that the physical characteristic of the dajjal to be understood well, the comparison had been made on him. It is being understood that Ibn Qatan had a red/white body, curly hair and was a cockeyed person like dejjal.

2 Why is the December 21, 2012 so exaggerated?

Why is the December 21, 2012 so exaggerated?

Nobody but Allah has the knowledge about when the doomsday is going to occur. Maybe it is tomorrow or perhaps closer than tomorrow. Seen in this light, all the claims in question are just fantastic fiction or figment. They are not based on any sound proof at all. In the past, the rumor that a comet would strike our planet spread and some people left their homes and waited outside. We should not take those claims into consideration so much.

Can you give information about the time of the doomsday?

Jafr and Abjad reckoning is a branch of science. It is used in order to understand some secrets and decode some codes that Allah set for the past and future. However, it does not mean to know the unseen (ghaib). It is merely to know how to read it. The person who does not know Chinese language assumes he is looking at a picture. Nonetheless, those having the knowledge of that language can work out many meanings out of it.

Jafr and Abjad reckoning is the art of learning and interpreting some codes that God did set for the past and future.

Hazrat Ali got the essence of this branch of science from our Prophet (pbuh). Therefore, the source of this science is based on revelation. Hazrat Ali assessed those secrets with some rules and formulas. It has been said that those formulas and secrets that Sayyid ancestry is said to have known very well will be known perfectly by Mahdi who was announced to come at the end of the time as glad tidings. (Katip Çelebi, Keşfuzzunun, İlmu Cifir Maddesi)

There are some explanations that knowledge of this science was held by some Jews. For instance, when the verse “alif lam mim” was read out, the Jews claimed the life-span of the umma of Muhammad would be short but they had to keep quiet when our Prophet recited some other verses. Another example is the statement “baldatun tayyibatun” in the Quran. When that phrase is calculated in terms of abjad reckoning, the conquest of Istanbul is concluded. (İsmail Hekimoğlu, Yeni Ansiklopedi, Ebced Maddesi)

The science interpreting the secrets coded within the Quran and Hadiths  is called the Abjad and Jafr reckoning.

For more explanations and examples with regard to this issue, it can be referred to the work entitled Kudsi Kaynaklar prepared by Abdulkadir Badıllı and published by Envar Publications.

The knowledge of Allah embraces all of the happenings from the beginning of the world to the farthest limits of the end of time, times and places. Nothing can be out of the limits of His Knowledge nor can be concealed from Him.

Only Allah knows the unseen occurrences that have not come into existence yet. Nobody but He knows the unseen. There are Five Hidden Things and they can only be known by Allah. 1. The face of baby different from all other human beings in his mother’s womb and his spiritual-talent face. 2. The rainfall time that is still in the scope of the unseen and the signs of which are not apparent yet. 3. What a human being will gain and lose tomorrow 4. When, where and how a person is going to die. 5. When the doomsday is going to occur.

The scholars of Islam considered it forbidden to make any prediction for the unseen so as not to desecrate and be disrespectful to the law “nobody but Allah knows the unseen.” Those giving notice of it did so only in a curtained and unopened way in a form of signal.

The science used to tell something from the future is the Jafr and Abjad reckoning. Each Arabic letter has a certain numerical value. That Abjad reckoning was known before Islam, too. Badiuzzaman confirms that truth by the following story. When some scholars of the sons of Israel heard about the letters ‘alif-lâm-mim’ at the beginning of some verses in the presence of our Prophet, they said relying on the Jafr reckoning: Oh Muhammad. The lifespan of your umma is very short. He said to them. “No, it is not. He recited some other letters at the beginnings of the other verses and declared “They still have time.” And then they kept silent.

The Qasidah al-Jaljalutiya by Hazrat Ali was compiled from the beginning to the end based on a kind of Abjad and Jafr reckoning. Moreover, the people like Jafar-i Sadiq  and  Muhyiddin-i Arabi working on the unseen secrets and the letter science accepted this Abjad reckoning as an unseen law and a key. (Rays: Şualar p 613)

As is seen, Badiuzzaman Said Nursi analyses a hadith telling us about the end of time and Doomsday with abjad and jafr reckoning and concludes some dates. “La tazalu taifatun min ummati zahirina ala’l-haqqi hatta ya’tiyallahu bi amrihi ”, which means “ a group from my nation is going to come and be victorious upon true path until the order of Allah arrives (until the doomsday comes).

La tazalu taifatun min ummati.” The numerical value according to the abjad and jafr reckoning is Rumi Calendar 1506 (Gregorian calendar 2090)

Hatta ya’tiyallahu bi amrihi.” Rumi Calendar 1545 (Gregorian calendar 2129)

While thinking about how long the lifespan of students of Risale-i Nur would last, Badiuzzaman Said Nursi said, all of a sudden at the second hour of the tenth day of Ramadan, a hadith had been inspired to his heart. According to that hadith, until Rumi calendar 1506 (Gregorian calendar 2090), religious activities would be carried out obviously, openly and even victoriously and then, till the date 1542 (Gregorian calendar 2126), the guidance and illumination mission would keep on going secretly and in a defeated way. He said that the doomsday would break forth over the unbelievers in Gregorian calendar 2129 and that the knowledge of it was held only by Allah and the truth could be known merely by Allah.

It is very significant that the clause “Allazina an’amta alayhimdescribing those being on the straight path in Sura al-Fatiha makes 1506 or 1507 without shadda (a sign written above a consonant (in the Arabic alphabet) to show that it is doubled) and thus it is equal to the numerical value of the part “zahirina ala’l-haqqi”. And it confirms the implication of the hadith. Hence, it is understood that the students of Risale-i Nur are going to be a well-accepted group amongst Ahl al-Sunnah wa'l-Community at the end of time. 

Besides the implied signs of the Quran and Hadiths regarding the doomsday, the scholars also make some calculations. The comet Halley revolving around an orbit connected to the solar system and passes nearest to the earth at each 76 years passed very close to our globe latest at the early years of 1980. At the next pass, its striking to our sphere with the permission of Allah may give rise to occurrence of the Doomsday. It is even said that a comet called “Swift Tuttle” three miles in diameter is approaching our earth at a speed thirty-seven miles per second and will bump into the world on August 14, 2126 causing an effect greater than that of one million atom bomb. All of those mentioned above are just approximate estimates. Allah knows the best.

I came in the afternoon period of the humanity” our Prophet (pbuh) says. In another hadith, he is reported to have said “the lifespan of my nation will not be longer than 1500 years.”

The doomsday is the destruction of the universe and its death, which will be followed by a resurrection. Our passing away is our doomsday. Making some preparations for the Infinity Land prior to the breaking forth of the doomsday and complying with the orders and prohibitions of Allah and thus leading a life on true path are the best things that we can do.

3 Is it true qayamat(doomsday) will come on friday ?
Allah only knows best when the day of doomsday is, but there is a hadith which is; "In a hadith, narrated by Abu Hurayra (one of the companions of our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)), it is said; “The most auspicious day, upon which the sun rises, is Friday. Hadrath Adam (peace be upon him) was created on that day, he entered the paradise on that day and also he was removed from paradise on that day. And what is more the doomsday will break on that day.” (Muslim, Cumua, 5)

4 What will happen when the Dajjal comes?

Mankind has undergone a lot of dissensions, have seen Pharaohs, Nimrods, and Shaddads. However, none of them is as awesome as “the dissension of the end of time.
The dissension of the end of time is far more awesome than all of them.
The dissensions brought about by Dajjal and Sufyan (the antichrist of Islam) are the most awesome ones. Both of them induce people towards irreligiousness and destroy their Hereafter. Atheism strengthens in their time. Some people do not hesitate to declare their irreligiousness.
In a hadith that the following is stated:” Mahdi does not appear until Allah is denied openly and publicly.”1 Imam Rabbani says Mahdi will not appear until irreligiousness spreads all over the world and its authority is applied openly. He says Mahdi will come when the corruptions arise. 2
At that period, everything out of bounds of Islam will be in demand. “harams (forbidden things) are regarded as halal (lawful).” 3 Such a grievous corruption occurs that nobody can protect himself and it spreads over everywhere in an instant. 4
A great number of calamities and disasters appear as a natural result of this destruction. People start to look forward to a spiritual saver and then Mahdi appears.
Now, let us consider this perilous atmosphere which necessitates Mahdi’s appearance with the light of Hadiths.
Fights and clashes become widespread at full speed at the end of time. According to a narrative in Mustadrak, written by Hakim; Hazrat Ali talked about Mahdi as an answer to a question asked him and pointed out that people would be killed in his era. Additionally, he said, individuals would be killed because of saying “Allah”; Mahdi will appear in such a time. 5
According to what we learn from the hadiths the end of time is an age that people lose their humane feelings in one aspect and deteriorate extremely and most of the signs of the Doomsday arise.
Men resemble women at that period. The notables become subjected to their lust.; shedding blood is considered unimportant; religion is sold in return for worldly things. Relatives, kin, fathers, mothers are not given importance. People abstain from helping and nurturing the poor. Being benign becomes a cause of disgrace and cruelty becomes a cause of pride. Heads of the states become sinners; ministers become liars; administrators become faithless; helpful people are regarded as cruel; people reciting and memorizing the Quran are regarded as sinful and tyrannies are applied in public. Divorce rates increase, transgression and debauchery start, testimonies of false witnesses are accepted, lesbianism occurs, war booty is plundered. The Most Noble Messenger (PBUH,) says they are the signs of the Doomsday and adds “wait for the Doomsday” when they occur. 6
In a narrative, the terrible aspect of the end of time concerning the souls is pointed out: no one who is affected by this dissension will be able to restrain themselves. Therefore for one thousand four hundred years, by the command of the Prophet (PBUH), all the community of the Prophet (PBUH) has sought refuge in Allah from that dissension.
Dajjal arises in an atmosphere like this and starts his activities against Mahdi. Just at that moment, Hazrat Eesa (Jesus) descends from Heaven, meets with Mahdi and they perform their activities.
The Prophet (PBUH) states in another Hadith that a confused wretchedness will occur on the side of Maghrib (west), a fear will arise, a scarcity will cover, dissensions will rise, people will quarrel with each other and in an instant a man from the descendants of Hazrat Fatima will emerge and sustain the right way; his emergence will be the first sign of the Doomsday.
According to a Hadith narrated by Hazrat Ali,: “Four dissensions will occur; three of them will be on account of wealth, poverty and treasure (gold will be the cause), when the fourth breaks out, Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) explains how the reaction would be against it as follows: ‘A man from my descendants will emerge and Allah puts things in order by means of him.’” 7
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Şaban Döğen

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Mahdi and Dajjal

5 Who are Yajuj (Gog) and Majuj (Magog)?

Gog and Magog are two plundering tribes that lived in the past but it is possible to meet tribes similar to them any time. It is understood that especially at the end of time they will devastate the earth and cause mischief.

It is understood that Gog and Magog are closely related to anarchy. Anarchy, which is a word derived from Greek, means the absence of state and government, the people being unconfined, the weakness of the rule of state and law and the social chaos caused by them.

The fact that Gog and Magog devastate the earth and cause mischief everywhere is a complete scene of anarchy; the fact that the appearance of Gog and Magog again is indicated as a sign of the Doomsday shows that anarchy is one of the signs of the Doomsday. 

Acting upon the expression of Badiuzzaman, " an oppressive anarchy in ethics and life and an oppressive irreligiousness”, it can easily be said that the anarchy will not be in the material field only. Besides, what leads people to mischief and makes the world a blood bath is the anarchy in the hearts. 

Badiuzzaman gives the Manchurian and Mongolian tribes as examples in order to make us see the issue better. A group descending from them can do it again during the end of time. We cannot know it. Or another group may do it. The fact that some things are kept as secret by God Almighty (like Gog and Magog, Mahdi, Jesus Christ) depends on some wisdom. Since this world is a place of testing and trial, it is necessary for some things to remain secret so that everybody will be careful and they will not go to extremes. If the testing is made known to everybody, then Abu Jahls, that is, people with black spirits will be in the same level as people with white spirits; they will not be differentiated...

After those explanations, we can go on to the information about Gog and Magog.

Gog and Magog are the names of the plundering tribes that caused and will cause mischief and anarchy on the earth and that are mentioned in the Quran (18:94) and (21:96). They may be in different nations.  

Gog and Magog are also mentioned in hadith books. Briefly, Gog and Magog are mentioned in Bukhari, hadiths 789 and 1372; Ibn Majah 36 Kitab-ul Fitan parts 9, 28, 33; Muslim 8, 52. Kitab-ul Fitan  part 1,p 403 and other hadith books.

Badiuzzaman gives the following explanation about Gog and Magog:


The events involving Gog and Magog are mentioned concisely in the Qur’an, and there are some details of them in narrations. Those details are not firmly established like the concise but incontrovertible matters of the Qur’an, and may be considered allegorical. They require interpretation. Indeed, they need to be interpreted, for the narrators’ interpretations have been mixed in with them.

Yes, None knows the Unseen save God, one interpretation is this: it is an allusion and indication that just as the Manchurian and Mongol tribes, which in the heavenly tongue of the Qur’an are called “Gog and Magog,”25 together with some other tribes, several times overturned Asia and Europe; so will they again cause chaos in the world in the future. In fact even now some of them are famous anarchists, and anarchy is born of communism.

Yes, socialism sprang up in the French Revolution from the seed of libertarianism. Then since socialism destroyed certain sacred matters, the ideas it inculcated turned into bolshevism. And because bolshevism corrupted even more sacred moral and human values, and those of the human heart, of course the seeds it sowed will produce anarchy, which recognizes no restrictions whatsoever and has respect for nothing. For if respect and compassion quit the human heart, those with such hearts become exceedingly cruel beasts and can no longer be governed through politics. Just the place for the idea of anarchy will be those oppressed, numerous raiding tribes, which are backward in respect of both civilization and government. The people who fit those conditions are the Manchurian, Mongol, and some of the Kirghiz tribes, who caused the building of the Great Wall of China, which is forty-days’ distance in length and is one of the seven wonders of the world. Expounding the Qur’an’s concise statements about them, Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) predicted their appearance miraculously and precisely. The Rays, The Fifth Ray, Fifteenth Matter.

Badiüzzaman Said Nursi

Can you give some information about Dhul-Qarnayn mentioned in Surah of Al-Kahf?

6 Where on Earth will everyone be on the Last Day when Allah resurrects us and gets ready to judge everybody?

The place where we will be resurrected after the Final Hour is not the earth. It is Mahshar (the place of gathering/resurrection).


This word refers to a name of place meaning the place where people gather, derived from the verb “ha-sha-ra”. It means the place where all people gather in order to be questioned, after the second blowing of the Trumpet (nafha-i thani), having been resurrected and leaving their graves. Mahshar is called “mawqif” (the place where people will gather so as to be questioned) and that time is called “Yawmu'l-Hashr”. To explain it in detail, in the first nafha (the first time the Trumpet will be blown), all beings will die except for the angels whom Allah wills to keep alive, and the order of the earth and the heavens will be lost. Then, after the order of the heavens and of the extended earth is ordained in a different way, during the second nafha (the second blowing of the Trumpet) the spirit of every human and jinn is unified with their resurrected bodies. “The Trumpet will be blown, and so all who are in the heavens and all who are on the earth will fall dead, except those whom God wills to exempt. Then it will be blown for the second time, and see, they have all stood upright, looking on (in anticipation).” (The Qur'an, Az-Zumar, 39:68)  After being resurrected, everybody is dispatched to the place named “mahshar” and will be gathered there: “...and the Trumpet will be blown, then We will gather them all together.” (The Qur'an, Al-Kahf, 18:99) “On the Day when the earth is changed into another earth, and the heavens (also), they all appear before God, the One, the All-Overwhelming.” (The Qur'an, Ibrahim, 14:48) Mahshar where the resurrected creatures are gathered will be a new place extraordinarily extensive, even, without pillars and construction. The Prophet, peace and blessings upon him, said: “On the day of resurrection, people will gather on a ground brownish white like perfectly smooth bread made out of genuine flour.” (From Bukhari and Muslim, Mansur Ali Nasif, at-Taj, Istanbul 1962, V, 365).

As we learn from a hadith narrated by Abu Hurayra from The Prophet (PBUH), people will be dispatched to Mahshar in three groups: first, by walking; second, on a mount; third, in fire torment (From Bukhari and Muslim, M.A.Nasif, at-Taj, 364). According to another narration by Tirmidhi, the third group will be brought to Mahshar crawling facedown (at-Taj, V, 365). 
After gathering in Mahshar, Humans and jinns will be held waiting for a long time in various fears and distresses in order to be questioned. It is said that this time is between a thousand and fifty thousand years long. In Mahshar, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will be given the “Liwau'l-Hamd” (the standard of thanks). Firstly Prophet Adam, all prophets will gather under the flag/standard of Allah's Messenger (PBUH) (Tirmidhi, at-Taj, V, 385).

In Mahshar, the person who will intercede (Shafaat) in order for humans' questioning and reckoning to be made quickly is our great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). That shafaat of his is called “Shafaat-i Uzma” (The Great Shafaat). That rank and degree which he reaches is called “Makam-i Mahmud”. To illustrate, in  Mahshar the sun of Mawqif (place of gathering) will be neared above people's heads. People will encounter grave distresses and hardships which they can't bear, and will wait for a very long time in intense fear and dismay. They will search for a person to intercede (shafaat) so that they can be saved from that hard situation. Some people will tell some others to go to Prophet Adam, peace be upon him. Prophet Adam will remember his eating from the forbidden tree, and send them to Prophet Noah, peace be upon him. Prophet Noah will send them to Prophet Abraham, and he will send them to Prophet Moses. And Prophet Moses will tell them to go to Prophet Jesus. And Prophet Jesus will send them to Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings upon them all, the last one of the prophets. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will prostrate and will offer thanks and praises to Allah with the most beautiful thanks and praises inspired to him. Then, Allah will say to him: “O Muhammad! Raise your head; look, what you asked for will be given; ask for shafaat, your shafaat will be accepted.” And he will pray to Allah and Allah will answer his prayer. After that, questioning and reckoning among slaves (humans) will start. A great court of law will be set and everybody will be asked to account for every deed they performed in the world, their records of deeds will be delivered and Mizan (The Order) will be set. Everybody will be called for with their leaders in unbelief and misguidance or with their guides in belief and guidance. About that, it is stated in The Qur'an: “On the Day when We will call every human community with its leader: whoever (has followed a leader towards true faith and righteousness and accountability in the Hereafter) is given his Record (of his life) in his right hand – those will read their book with contentment, and they will not be wronged by even so much as a tiny hair.” (The Qur'an, Al-Isra', 17:71) Everybody will be told:Read your book!” (The Qur'an, Al-Isra', 17:14) And every human will understand what is written in their book of deeds. “Allah says to the slave: 'Today, as witness, your soul is enough; and as witnesses, the angels of Kiraman Katibin (the angels which write down every deed of humans) are enough' and his mouth is sealed and his organs explain what they did in the world.” (From Muslim, at-Taj, V, 372) “That Day, We will set a seal upon their mouths, and their hands will speak to Us, and their feet will bear witness to what they earned (in the world).” (The Qur'an, Ya-Sin, 36:65)

After human dies, his/her body is decomposed and his/her molecules and atoms are transferred to other animals and humans. When Allah resurrects human in the Hereafter, Allah will create a molecule which He protects from being a DNA for other humans and which He saves from getting lost and which completely contains the plan of human's body. And while creating him from that molecule in the same form, He will add his other parts, too. Actually, the human body is completely renewed every five to six years in the world through creation of new cells in place of the dead and shed cells. Therefore, the body and organ of human in Mahshar are not the same as those in the world. If it is asked: “Then, how can the organs of humans which are created out of new materials even if identical to the former ones, bear witness to the crimes committed by his/her former organs?” the correct answer to that is as follows:

Human is human with his/her spirit. Human spirit does not change and does not die. It stays the same undamaged. The information of all  deeds that humans consciously perform in the world is retained in his/her spirit. Allah will seal human's mouth in the Hereafter and will make his organs such as his hand and foot tell that information in his/her spirit about what s/he did, in an extraordinary way.

In the Hereafter, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) will be blessed with a colossal pool the length of which will be as much as the distance from Medina to San'a, or from Ayla, a town in Damascus, to San'a. Its water is whiter than milk, its odor better than musk, and its taste better than honey. And its cups are as big as the stars in the sky. Whoever drinks from it for once does not ever have thirst. (From Bukhari and Muslim, at-Taj, V, 380) Thus, before entering Paradise, Believers quench their thirst caused by the dismay of Mahshar by drinking from the water of that pool. In a hadith narrated by Tirmidhi with an interesting record, it is also stated: In Mahshar, “Every prophet will have a pool. I hope that among them I will be the one who comes the most often to his pool to drink water.” (From Tirmidhi, at-Taj, V, 378) The Prophet also stated in one of his hadiths: “The time when some of those who come to the pool are turned back, I will say 'They are my community.' It will be said 'You cannot know what they did after you (that they turned away from their religion)'. And I will say 'From now on, let those who change their religion be ruined!'” (From Bukhari and Muslim, at-Taj, V, 379)

After the questioning of humans is finished in Mahshar, the Bridge of Sirat will be built between Mahshar and Cannat (Paradise) over Cahannam (Hell). Humans will be dispatched in crowds to Hell and to Paradise. (Sa'daddin Taftazani, Sharhu'l-Maqasid, II, 222-223, Istanbul 1305; Abdussalam b. Ibrahim al-Lakkani, Sharh-u Jawharati't-Tawhid, Egypt, 1955/1375, p. 231-234; Fahraddin ar-Razi, Mafatihu'l-Gayb, Istanbul, 1308)
Muhiddin BAĞÇECİ

7 What will happen to the living people on the Doomsday?

Everybody will die with the strike of Doomsday.


It means standing up, standing, rising up, straightening up and resurrecting. In the belief of Islam, it denotes the disturbance of the system of the universe, everything being upside down and all of the dead resurrecting and standing. In the Quran, that event is mentioned with various names.

Among those names are Yawmul-Qiyamah (Day of Standing), as-Saa (Hour), Yawmul-Âkhir (Last day), al-Âkhira (Future Life), Yawmud-Din (Day of Punishment), Yawmul-Hisab (Day of Reckoning), Yawmul-Fasl (Day of Decision), Yawmul-Jam (Day of Coming Together), Yawmul-Khulud( Day of Eternity, Being Eternal), Yawmul-Ba’th (Day of Resurrection), Yawmul-Hashra (day of Repentance), Yawmut-Taghabun (Day of Mutual disillusion), al-Qaria (Astonishing Calamity), an-Nashiya (Terrifying Disaster), at-Tamma (Calamity Surrounding Everything), al-Haqqa (Great Truth) and al-Waqia (Great Event)'. Those names reveal and explain the formation and outcomes of Doomsday.

Doomsday forms the first phase of the life in the hereafter, the second fundamental belief of Islam that comes after belief in Allah. Events like Gathering, Reckoning, Scales, Paradise and Hell that will take place with a general destruction and resurrection are all in the agenda of Doomsday. Therefore, belief in the hereafter is nothing but belief in Doomsday and the events that take place together with it. Due to its great importance, the Quran often reminds us Doomsday; sometimes the Quran uses it as an element of frightening and warning. And the Hour is surely coming (when this will be manifest) (al-Hijr, 15/85), there can be no doubt about it (al-Hajj, 22, 7). Already have come some tokens thereof (Muhammad, 47/18), the hour (of Judgment) is nigh (al-Qamar, 54/1). And the matter of the Hour (of Judgment) is as the twinkling of an eye, or even quicker (an-, Nahl, 16, 77). Those who reject Faith will not cease to be in doubt concerning (Revelation) (al-Hajj 22/55), they deny the Hour (al-Furqan 25/11). Heavy were its burden through the heavens and the earth. Only, all of a sudden will it come to you (al-A'raf, 7/187). The convulsion of the Hour (of Judgment) will be a thing terrible (al-Hajj, 22/1). And that Hour will be Most grievous and most bitter. (al-Qamar, 54/46). We have prepared a Blazing Fire for such as deny the Hour (al-Furqan, 25/11).

Although the Quran informs us about the certainty and closeness of Doomsday and even gives descriptions about how it will take place, it does not make any explanations about its time. Doomsday is an event that is completely based on the will of Allah and no one except Him knows about it. After stating that the time of Doomsday cannot be known by anybody with verses like, “Verily the knowledge of the Hour is with Allah (alone)." (Luqman, 31/34), the Quran answers the questions about it as follows: " The knowledge thereof is with my Lord (alone): none but He can reveal as to when it will occur" (al-A'raf, 7/187). They ask thee about the Hour― `When will be its appointed time?' Wherein art thou (concerned) with the declaration thereof? With they Lord is the Limit fixed therefore “(an-Naziat, 79/42-44). In the hadith that is known as the hadith of Jibril (Gabriel), Hazrat Prophet answers the question of Jibril about the issue as “The answerer has no better knowledge than the questioner." Stating that he has no knowledge about the time of Doomsday."(Bukhari, Eeman, 37).

The Quran draws detailed and terrifying paintings about the formation of Doomsday. According to these verses, "Doomsday will start when the Trumpet will be sounded" (az-Zumar, 39/68) and every mother giving suck shall forget her suckling-babe, and every pregnant female shall drop her load (unformed), people will be like drunk due to the terrifying sound and the convulsion (al-Hajj, 22/1-2). The Day that the sky will be like molten brass, And the mountains will be like wool, And no friend will ask after a friend (al-Maarij, 70/8-10). When the Sky is cleft asunder;  When the Stars are scattered; When the Oceans are suffered to burst forth; And when the Graves are turned upside down (al-İnfitar, 82/1-5). At length, when the Sight is dazed, And the moon is buried in darkness. And the sun and moon are joined together― That Day will Man say "Where is the refuge?" (al-Qiyamah, 75/6-12). When the sun (with its spacious light) is folded up; When the stars fall, losing their luster; When the mountains vanish (like a mirage); When the she-camels, ten months with young, are left untended; When the wild beasts are herded together (in human habitations); When the oceans boil over with a swell; When the souls are sorted out, (being joined, like with like);  When the female (infant) buried alive , is questioned― For what crime she was killed; When the Scrolls are laid open; When the World on High is unveiled: When the Blazing Fire is kindled to fierce heat; And when the Garden is brought near― (at-Takwir, 81/1-13).

That first phase of Doomsday, in which the general destruction takes place, will be followed by the second phase, in which the trumpet will be sounded; all people will stand up (az-Zumar, 39/68). The resurrection and standing up will be followed by gathering. The Quran narrates the second phase with lively descriptions:  They will come forth― their eyes humbled― from (their) graves, (torpid) like locusts scattered abroad, hastening, with eyes transfixed, towards the Caller!― "Hard is this Day!" the Unbelievers will say (al-Qamar, 54/7-8). One day He will gather them together (Yunus 10/45). That Day shall a man flee from his own brother. And from his mother and his father.  And from his wife and his children.  Each one of them, that Day, will have enough concern (of his own) to make him indifferent to the others. Some Faces that Day will be beaming, Laughing, rejoicing.  And other faces that Day will be dust-stained; Blackness will cover them: Such will be the Rejecters of Allah, the Doers of Iniquity. (Abasa, 80/34-42). One day We shall call together all human beings with their (respective) Imams (al-İsra, 17/71), and when the messengers are (all) appointed a time (to collect)(al-Mursalat, 77/11), the Day the heaven shall be rent asunder with clouds, and angels shall be sent down descending, (in ranks) (al-Furqan, 25/25).

After the resurrection, standing up and gathering, people will be given their books of deeds; the scales will be set up; the rewards and sins of people will be weighed; those who deserve Paradise will go there; those who deserve Hell will go there to stay temporarily or forever; thus, the endless life of the hereafter will start with happiness or torture.

It has become a tradition among Muslims to call death as small doomsday although it is not based on any certain evidence in the Quran and sunnah. According to some scholars, that definition is based on the fact that death is a passage for the life in the hereafter. Some scholars say that definition is based on the Quran. According to those scholars, the word ‘hour’ meaning ‘ Doomsday’ in the following verse also denotes death "Lost indeed are they who treat it as a falsehood that they must meet Allah,― until on a sudden the hour is on them, and they say: "Ah! woe unto us that we took no thought of it"; for they bear their burdens on their backs; and evil indeed are the burdens that they bear!..." (al-An'am, 6/31).

The period that starts with small doomsday (death) and lasts till big Doomsday is called the Life of Grave or Barzakh. In the Life of Grave, there is the questioning by the angels, munkar and nakir, and happiness or torture depending on whether the dead person is a believer or unbeliever. In a hadith related to the Life of Grave, Hazrat Prophet (pbuh) defined grave as a garden from the gardens of Paradise or a pit from the pits of Hell. (Tirmidhi, Qiyamah, 26). In another hadith, it is narrated that the dead person is given bounties or tortured after the questioning by munkar and nakir. Accordingly, the grave of the believer is expanded seventy arshins (1 arshin = 68 cm) and it is enlightened; the following is said to him, "Go on sleeping until the Day of Gathering like a person who has entered the bridal chamber and is awakened by  the person whom he loves the most." The grave of the munafiq (hypocrite) is ordered to squeeze him. The earth squeezes him like a press until his bones are broken into pieces and that dead person is tortured until he is resurrected (Tirmidhi, Janaiz; 70).


8 What is dajjal?
9 Being with loved ones in jannah

One is with the One Who One Loves

"All who obey Allah and the messenger are in the company of those on whom is the Grace of Allah,- of the prophets (who teach), the Sincere (lovers of Truth), the martyrs, and the Righteous (who do good): Ah! How beautiful is there fellowship!" (An-Nisa, 69)

"Say: "If ye do love Allah, Follow me: Allah will love you and forgive you your sins: For Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. "(The Family Of Ìmrán (Al-Ìmrán, 31)

Enes b. Malik (may God be pleased with him), who began to serve him after Prophet  Muhammad (peace be upon him) migrated to Medina, and who started this service at the age of nine or ten and stayed with the Prophet ten years till he died, narrates an event that took place in Medina as follows [Hayâtus-Sahâbe I (the Lives of the Companions), 406 and the others, Sahabiler Enc. I. 408]:
A beduin-villager asked the Prophet:

-         O God's Messenger! “Metes saatu  –  What is the time of the Last Hour-Doomsday?”
The Prophet said:

-         Mâ adette lehâ – What did you prepare for the Last Hour?
-         Hubballâhi ve Rasulihî – The love of God and His Prophet.

Thereupon God's Messenger said:
-         Ente meamen ahbebte – You are with the ones whom you love. [Riyâzus-Salihîn p. 282. 45. part; Hayatus-Sahabe II (the Lives of the Companions), 476; Cevâhirul-Buharî, p. 408; et-Tâc V, 80; Tefsîrul-Kurânil-Azîm II, 330 (about the verse Al-Anfal Surah, 8:74)]

The script of the hadith is from Muslim (one of the hadith narrators). In the script where Bukhari and Muslim agree, there is the following part:
“I did not prepare very much fasting, prayer, and alms for the Last Hour, but I love God and His Messenger very much.” [Riyâzus-Salihîn p. 282; et-Tâc, V, 80; Cevâhirul-Buhârî, p. 408 (edeb. 96)]

Accroding to the narration of Enes (may God be pleased with him), an Arab villager came to Medina and this conversation took place in front of a group of people. This person is not someone who only claims to love God and His Messenger but does not have good deeds. According to the unanimous statements of Bukhari and Muslim, it is understood that, though he did not have many extra good deeds to accompany the obligatory ones, he performed his prayers, fasted and loved God and the Prophet dearly. Otherwise, just by saying 'I love', one cannot say one really loves God and His Messenger. As a piece of advice to Enes b. Malik, the Prophet said: “...Whoever keeps alive my Sunnat (an act which the Prophet performed; not required but carries much reward) loves me, and whoever loves me is with me in the Paradise.” (Tirmizî, Edeb. 63). The essence in love is to try to be on the way of the beloved and to live one's life according to the beloved. As is expresed above, one will truly pass to the afterlife on the religion of one's beloved.

10 Who is Mahdi? How can we know about Mahdi?

We think that if some points about the Mahdi are well known, the narrations and comments about this issue will be better understood. This is as follows:

-The issue of Mahdi is not included in the faith. That’ is to say; if a believer denies the Mahdi, he will not be out of the religion; he will only become deprived of his light and he will not benefit from his service.

-It is difficult to determine the Mahdi as a person. Almost every group tends to see its master or sheik as the Mahdi.

-It is different to be the Mahdi and to suppose oneself as the Mahdi. Sometimes some mad people go forth and present themselves as the Mahdi or Jesus Christ. However, the Mahdi invites not into believing in his being the Mahdi, but into Islam. A prophet says, “I am the messenger of God; follow me.” However, the Mahdi cannot say, “I am the Mahdi; follow me, otherwise you will fall into unbelief.”

-Every century is in need of a meaning of a Mahdi to save believers from despair; in other words, every century has its specific share from the meaning of Mahdi.

-Bediuzzaman Said Nursi gives very valuable information about the Mahdi. One of the most important ones of these is as follows:

This not the time of individualism. In the past, wonderful people came and performed valuable services. However, in our time, unbelief attacks as a collective identity. Against this attack even, the greatest personal resistance is bound to be defeated. For this reason, we must form a collective identity against this collective attack.

-Bediüzzaman mentions three dimensions of being Mahdi:
3-the Shari’a

Though Risale-i Nur serves mainly for faith, we can say that it takes the lead in also the other two dimensions. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was in the base of the cause of Islam and laid the foundation for the Islamic services yet to come. There is no obstruction for a similar situation to be also in question for the issue of Mahdi. In other words, the service of faith will affect the other two fields of service. On the other hand, while service is being made in the wide circles of life, it can be said that these services are fulfilled through the help of some extraordinary people. “The great duties of the Possessor are borne only by His great people.” Of course, in undertaking these sacred services, some champions of spiritual realms will be employed. “As every forest has lion peculiar to itself, every field has its own peculiar brave men.”

-Questions like “Who is the Mahdi? When will he come?” may sometimes prevent man from his real duties. Instead of this, dealing directly with active service should be chosen. We should especially avoid dragging the issue of being Mahdi into the field of dispute. As is narrated, while Said Nursi was in exile, a pure-hearted says, “Master, don’t be sad. The Mahdi will come and put everything upright.” Said Nursi makes this meaningful reply: “Let the Mahdi find you on duty when he comes!”

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Who is the ‘Mahdi’? What does it mean as a term?

It is understood from some of the accounts regarding Mahdi that he is described as an extraordinary person. How should we assess such accounts?

What Will Mahdi Do?

Mahdi and Dajjal

11 Who will be affected by Doomsday? Is it true that the spirits of believers will be removed before Doomsday strikes?

During the end of time, there will be a lot of mischief and disorders one after another; people will abandon the Quran and belief. Ethical people will live in the mountains; justice will exist by name only; oppression and cruelty will cover and surround the world like dark clouds. They are mentioned in the hadiths of the Prophet and they are known very well. As Doomsday approaches, people will go to bed as believers but wake up in the morning as unbelievers; or they will wake up as believers but will go to bed as unbelievers because of the events that take place and the words one utters during the day.(1) It has been known for a long time that Doomsday will strike and affect the evil people who lost their religion and belief and the unbelievers that represent and spread the evil and that the spirits of believers will be removed just before Doomsday strikes so that the believers will not experience that terror as a sign of the mercy of Allah due to their belief (2); it has logical explanations because Allah created this world so that people would believe in Him and worship Him. It is normal for the owner of a land to cancel the contract when the tenant does not act in accordance with his wishes. We can liken it to a business that has been set up to function in accordance with the wishes of the owner. The easiest and most natural solution for a business that does not make any profit is to end it or establish it somewhere else; it is the best logical solution. Therefore, it is quite natural that Doomsday will strike and affect those who deny it so that some of them will see the result through their own eyes.  As a matter of fact, we will quote some of the Quranic verses regarding its denial by the unbelievers so that the issue will be understood more easily:

“The Unbelievers say "Never to us will come the hour": say "Nay! but most surely, by my Lord, it will come upon you― by Him Who knows the unseen― from Whom is not hidden the least little atom in the Heavens or on earth: nor is there anything less than, that or greater, but is in the Record Perspicuous”(Saba, 34:3)

Stating that everything, from the smallest one to the biggest one, everything that is in the sky, is recorded in His knowledge or what is meant by the record is the Quran or lawh al-mahfuz (the Preserved Tablet), in which the destiny of everything is recorded, Allah declares openly that Doomsday will strike and affect unbelievers. The priggish attitude of  the unbelievers and their words of like “Doomsday will not affect us; it will only affect you” that can be heard today, too, as if they have a contract with Allah and making fun of the believers are enough for the strike of Doomsday; they push the button by doing so. When it is a matter of obstinacy, things that are not normally expected to take place can take place. When a criminal or an ordinary man says to the judge, “You cannot condemn me” that judge will definitely condemn that person, if he has honor, even only for that insult and send him to prison; he will even build a prison if there is not one. Besides, Doomsday will definitely strike and Allah will reckon people. It is an absolute fact that is known or need to be learned. However, He knows its real cause and the exact time through His pre-eternal knowledge; therefore, He only delays its time.

“We created not the heavens and the earth and all between them but for just ends, and for a term appointed: but those who reject Faith turn away from that whereof they are warned.”(al-Ahqaf, 46:3) It is in vain that they deny it and try to escape from responsibility. As a matter of fact, they will regret for it and be sorry but it will be too late:

– Then woe that Day to those that treat (truth) as Falsehood!”(at-Tur, 52:11)

Apart from those verses, there are many clear hadiths of Hazrat Prophet (pbuh); one of them is the following hadith narrated by Anas (may Allah be pleased with him):

– Doomsday will not strike or affect any person who says, ‘Allah Allah’.”(3) Or, if we translate the hadith as it is narrated by Tirmidhi, “Doomsday will not strike until there exists nobody who says ’Allah Allah’ on earth.” In another hadith, it is stated that the spirits ofall believers will be removed just before Doomsday strikes and there will be no good people left in the world and that Doomsday will strike and affect the unbelievers.

According to a hadith reported by Hazrat Aisha, one day, the Prophet said,

“– Night and day will not disappear unless people start to worship Lat and Uzza again!” Thereupon, Hazrat Aisha said,

“– O Messenger of Allah! When Allah sent down this verse: “It is He Who has sent His Messenger with Guidance and the Religion of Truth, that he may proclaim it over all religion, even though the Pagans may detest (it)”(as-Saff, 61:9), I thought it had been completed. Hazrat Prophet (pbuh) said,

– Whatever Allah said regarding the issue will take place. Then, Allah will send a nice wind. Through this wind, the spirits of those who have even the slightest belief in their hearts will be removed. Only the people who are no good will be left in the world and they will return to the religion of their ancestors.”(4) In another hadith reported from Abu Hurayra (may Allah be pleased with him), it is stated that the wind is softer than silk and that it will come from the direction of Yemen. (5)

Both hadiths have a similar meaning: All of the believers will be purified and their spirits will be removed just before Doomsday strikes either as a grace of Allah or as a part of the destiny of the Day of Judgment. The unbelievers who see the terror that day will try to believe but their belief will not be accepted. Allah will make all of the believers die beforehand lest they should experience that terror. We do not know but maybe that moment of terror will petrify them and they will lose their belief. However, most of those who do not believe until that time will be forced by the terror of that day and the power of Allah to believe; it is stated clearly in the verses that we quoted and in hadiths. In one of those hadiths reported by Abu Hurayra (may Allah be pleased with him), Hazrat Prophet (pbuh) said,

– Doomsday will not strike until the sun rises from the point where it sets. When it rises in the west, people will see it and all of them will believe. However, that belief will not be of any use to the people who have not believed before or who have not done any good deeds by the encouragement of their belief.”(6) At that time, the test will have ended.

Therefore, it will not be possible to enter the venue of examination and to take the test again.

In a hadith reported by Huzayfa regarding the strike of Doomsday when unbelievers are alive and mentioning the dishonor of the people who are shown respect, Hazrat Prophet (pbuh) said,

 – Doomsday will not strike until the least honorable and dishonest people are regarded as respectable people.(7)

Whether those dishonest people who will live just before Doomsday claim that they have believed or not, it is not important in the eye of Allah. Therefore, they form one of the reasons for Doomsday because what matters in the eye of Allah is to have full belief and to live as one believes. Otherwise, everybody thinks they believe based on their own views and utters “Allah” or religious terms unconsciously.

(1) – Tirmidhi, Fitan, 30; Ramuz al-Ahadith, 299:4.

(2) – Bukhari, Fitan, 13; Riqaq, 9; Tecrid-i Sarih Trns. XII, 182; Muslim, Iman, 234; Fitan, 52; Tirmidhi, Fitan, 9, 35, 37; Ibn Majah, Fitan, 25; Badiuzzaman Said Nursi, Şualar, p. 490-491.

(3) – Muslim, Iman 234, (148); Tirmidhi, Fitan 35, (2208).

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(7) – Tirmidhi, Fitan 37, (2210).

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What are the signs of the Doomsday (Qiyamah)?

12 Does the Qur'an prophetize this current time period as an end of an era or the end of life altogether?

Just as the birth of the child is the end of the life in the mother’s uterus and the beginning of the world life so too is the death the end of the world life and the beginning of the life in the hereafter.

What are the logical and scientific proofs of the doomsday and the destruction of the universe? 

In the chapters of al-Inshiqaq, al-Infitar, at-Takwir, Al-Zalzala and in many verses in the Quran, the strike of the doomsday, and the astonishing and terrifying magnificent events that will take place then like the scattering of the stars, the darkening and fading of the sun, the sun colliding and uniting with the moon, the breakdown of the sky, the sky becoming red and like the glowing fire are narrated vividly and described for us. In those verses, along with the events that will take place with the strike of the doomsday, the events like the scattering of the stars, the fading of the light of the sun and great earthquakes are pointed out.
The verse "And it is He Who made the Night and the Day to follow each other: for such as have the will to celebrate His praises or to show their gratitude." (al-Furqan, 62) indicates that just as the seconds show that a minute passes and the minutes show that an hour passes, so too does the passing of the day and night show that the great hour will act and the doomsday will strike. That is, man understands that his life and the universe are getting older and that one day he will die and the doomsday will strike as he sees that time passes when seconds, minutes, hours and days follow one another. If the night and the day continued constantly, if we lived in the night and the day constantly, we would not understand the passing of the time; thus we would not understand that our life and the life of the universe were decreasing. Therefore, such and advice can be included in the scope of the taking advice in the verse.   (1)
It is possible to perceive a meaning like that from the word yawm (day) that is often used in the Quran in the phrases like yawm ad-din, yawm al-qiyama, yawm al-akhir. The word al-yawm (the day) indicates an intuitional proof of raising from the dead due to the appropriateness among the day, year, human life and the rotating of the world. It is like the state of the spindles of a clock that count seconds, minutes, hours and days. When a person sees a spindle that completes its cycle, he thinks through his intuition that – even if after a while – the other will complete its cycle too. Similarly, a person who sees the special doomsdays like days and years that are continuously repeated understands through his intuition that the endless bliss will emerge for the mankind in the morning of the Gathering. (2)
We can understand from the following reality that it is possible for the universe to collapse and the doomsday to strike: science has proved that the universe is created without leaving any doubt and it has managed to show what happened in the first seconds of the creation. The calculations have shown that the universe was created about 13-15 billion years ago. (3) Thus, rational and experimental evidence shows that the universe was created later. The fact that it was created later proves that it will end and that it is not irrational that it will end. (4) What has a beginning will definitely have an end. This universe is not pre-eternal; it is not post-eternal, either.(5)
The fact that we see the beings like men, animals, plants and other beings are born, grow and die, which can be regarded as doomsday for them, implies that there will be a doomsday in the universe.
As a matter of fact, there is growth and development in everything that is subject to the law of growth. Therefore, that thing has a natural lifespan. Everything that has a natural lifespan has a time of death; it is impossible to avoid death. It is impossible for man, who is a small universe, to avoid death; similarly, the universe, which is like a big man, is bound to die. A tree is subject to destruction and decay; similarly, the universe, which originates from the tree of creation, cannot avoid destruction that takes place to be repaired... The day when truth mentioned in the following verses will definitely come: "When the sun (with its spacious light) is folded up; When the stars fall, losing their luster; When the mountains vanish (like a mirage)... (at-Takwir, 1-13), "When the Sky is rent asunder..." (al-Inshiqaq, 1-5. Thus, the death sound of the universe, which is like a big man, in the space will be heard with a strange growl and a terrifying noise. (6)
As it is indicated above, it is certain scientifically that a universal doomsday will strike. All of the evidences indicate that the universe has a limited lifespan. (7) What is wondered now is not whether the doomsday will strike or not but when and how it will strike because there are a lot of causes for the death of the universe. The question is which one will take place first. (8)
Under the light of the determinations of today, we can list the causes that can make it possible for the universe to collapse and the doomsday to strike as follows: 1. The scattering of the universe as a result of its continuous expansion (open universe model) or by the slowing down of that expansion one day, the becoming smaller of the universe and as a result going back to its first state, ending the universe (closed universe model) is in question.(9)
In the open universe model, the stars will die one by one as they use up their fuels and the universe will become a big expanding graveyard.(10)
In the closed universe model, an overall doomsday will finish everything without waiting for the death of the stars one by one. (11) Accordingly, the fact that the mass tends to increase will increase the force of gravity; the universe will stop expanding and it will inevitably collapse by being influenced by its own force of gravity. (12)
The universe has been expanding since the Big Bang. The expansion has continued because the force of expansion has not been able to overcome the force of gravity based on mass up to now. If the force of gravity dominates the expansion, the expansion will stop. When the force of gravity becomes dominant in a universe that is too dense and closed, everything will collapse spontaneously. The sky will split like a pressed orange. The space will start to close with a reverse action from the endless horizons. The stars and planets will turn to a cosmic soup consisting of radiation, electrons and nuclei. The sky will have a red color all over due to excessive heat. The universe will turn to a slender and elegance rose bud that is closing not to a flower that is blossoming. (13)
2. The continuous increase of entropy (14)': There has been a continuous flow of heat from hot substances to cold substances since the creation of the universe. However, when the difference of heat among the substances is balanced and becomes equal in time, the action in the universe will stop and a heat death, a thermodynamic doomsday will be inevitable. (15)
Sir James Jeans, an astronomy scientist says the following relating the issue: "...To argue that the total energy  of the universe cannot diminish, and therefore the universe must go on for ever is like arguing that as a clock weight cannot diminish, the clock-hand must go round and round for ever. Energy cannot run downhill forever, and, like the clock-weight, it must touch bottom at last. And so the universe cannot go on forever; sooner or later, the time must come when its last erg of energy has reached the lowest of the ladder of descending availability, and at this moment, the active life of the universe must cease. The energy is still there, but it has lost all capacity for change; it is as little able to work the universe as the water in a flat pond is able to turn a water wheel. We are left with a dead, although possibly a warm, universe - a heat death. Such is the teaching of modern thermodynamics. There is no reason for doubting or challenging it and indeed it is so fully confirmed by the whole of our terrestrial experience that it would be difficult to find any point at which it could be open to attack".(16)
3. Black Holes: Although it has not been proved definitely, black holes, which are definitely accepted by many scientists, are things that are regarded as the causes of the doomsday.
If a star that dies is three or more times bigger than our son, it does not remain in the level of a neutron star; it becomes a black hole. It means its exit from the realm of matter. That black hole neither breaks down nor gets smaller. It gets bigger and bigger. The black hole that swallows everything that it meets gets bigger continuously. As it gets bigger, the limit of its gravity force increases, and that getting bigger goes on with an increasing speed. Thus, in time, it may get so big as to swallow the whole galaxy it is in. It is even possible that the whole universe can become a black hole. (17)
4. The strike of the doomsday is possible if one of the causes that the life of the world depends upon disappears. For instance, if the sun, which is our source of heat and light, uses up its energy and burns out; the life in the world will end. The fact that is expressed by the verse "When the sun (with its spacious light) is folded up" (at-Takwir, 1) is also stated by the science.
Each star loses its brightness and fades away. One day, the sun will fade a way too. (18) Yes, the sun will have an end too. The sun, which is one of the billions of stars in the universe, will turn the hydrogen in its store to helium and finish its fuel; then it will presumably lose its life as a white dwarf about five billion years later.(19)
Apart from those causes, many other serious incidences that can take place in the universe are enough for the doomsday to strike. Even if we consider the world alone, we will see that many disasters that can take place will be enough for the destruction of the world. For instance, the earthquake that almost everybody in the world has witnessed reminds us about the doomsday of the world. The fact that big cities are overturned as a result of an 8-magnitude earthquake and that millions of people die shows that an earthquake with a magnitude of a few times bigger that can affect the whole world is enough to end the world.
The center of the earth contains substances with very high temperatures. G. Gamow, a geographer says the following: "There exists a natural blazing hell under the blue seas. In other words, we stand on a big sewage of dynamites. One day, it may explode and overturn the system of the earth completely. "(20)
Moreover, the meteorites that fall down on the earth can bring the world to an end if they fall down in great numbers and quantities. Asteroids and comets can be the cause of the doomsday just like the meteorites. Comets can cause great damage although not as heavy as asteroids. When the comet Halley approached the world in 1910, some people preferred to commit suicide. Many other causes like that can be listed. (21)
The causes in the universe can be included among the signs of the doomsday stated in the following verse: "Do they then only wait for the Hour― that it should come on them of a sudden? But already have come some tokens thereof..." (Muhammad, 18). Yes, the signs of the doomsday are certain but Allah knows their characterisitics.
It can be calculated that long years need to pass for one or some of those causes to take place. However, it should not be forgotten that what is unknown is more than what is known in the universe. Allah’s will is enough to do away with the calculations. Some large strong buildings that seem to be able to stand for long years are razed to the ground by a sudden earthquake; similarly, the universe can be destroyed like that. Therefore, the doomsday is certain but no one knows when it will break:
"They ask thee about the (final) Hour― when will be its appointed time? Say: "The knowledge thereof is with my Lord (alone): none but He can reveal as to when it will occur. Heavy were its burden through the heavens and the earth. Only, all of a sudden will it come to you. They ask thee as if thou wert eager in search thereof: Say: "The knowledge thereof is with Allah (alone), but most men know not."" (al-Araf, 187).

1. Razi gives the meaning of that verse as, "so that a thinking person will know that there is a being that transform them from one state to another and that changes them by observing them following one another". (See Razi, XXIV, 93). As it is seen, Razi points out that the existence of Allah is proved through that verse. However, since a verse may indicate various issues, it is possible that the verse contains the meaning above too.
2. Nursî, İşaratu'l-İ'caz, p. 37.
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Since the universe is exhausted irrevocably with a finite speed, it is not possible for it to exist pre-eternally. Something that is exhausted with a finite speed cannot be pre-eternal; it will have died up to now. Thus, all of the evidences indicating that the universe will eventually end also indicate as absolutely that it has a certain beginning in the past (Barnett, p. 119; Davies, p. 25)
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Veysel Güllüce (Ass Prof.)

13 Is Mahdi a radical muslim?

Do not use the term radical (fundamental) for Mahdi. Mahdi is a religious scholar who will inform people about the real Islam. The essence of the religion is making things easy, not difficult. Mahdi will bring ease. However, he cannot do something like turning a deed which is haram to halal.

Please click on the link given below;

What are the properties of Mahdi?

14 When and how will the Doomsday take place?

I will dare to make a guess about the date of Doomsday although it exceeds my authority to say “The doomsday will come at such and such a date.” Of course, no one can be sure of what will become of one the next day. However, when death draws nearer, you feel it. The Creator says that He wills to keep doomsday, which is becoming evident as it draws nearer, a secret and says “My design is to keep it hidden.”(1) And when it draws nearer and nearer, you begin to say that it is about to happen and your prediction gets nearer to the truth.

Allah warns us as follows: “They ask thee about the (final) Hour - when will be its appointed time? Say: The knowledge thereof is with my Lord (alone): None but He can reveal as to when it will occur. Heavy were its burden through the heavens and the earth. Only, all of a sudden will it come to you." (2) “Verily the knowledge of the Hour is with Allah (alone). Nor does anyone know what it is that he will earn on the morrow.” (3) “The (Judgment) ever approaching draws nigh.” (4) “And will ye laugh and not weep, wasting your time in vanities.” (5)

I dreamed of the world coming to the end on the night of 26th October 1992. When I understood that the Hour had come, I ran through the streets; I grasped everyone I encountered from arms and told them that we should prepare for the Hereafter. Whomever I grasped escaped before I finished my words. While I was running with the pain of not expressing myself, the downfall began and I retired to a corner and watched death.

The Earth was shaken with waves; flames gushed out of the cracked and scattered ground. I was afraid of the masses of rock, mount and flames that would fall onto me. I fell on my knees and prayed: “Oh Allah, do not make me suffer pain!”

 I lost my body in the darkness. Then I opened my eyes on the burnt-up debris; I was going somewhere. I was feeling sorry saying “Why did we not heed and understand?” The moment I turned my head and saw the ground as black and the heavens as dark, I woke up.

The next morning I went to my work in the TBMM (Turkish Grand National Assembly) Commission of Investigation. Holding in one of my hand the daily newspaper, in the other my tea, I was trying to interpret my dream. I opened one of the pages of the newspaper randomly. My eyes were caught by the heading: “The date of the doomsday is found.” I got exited and shuddered. The news was as follows: “The doomsday everybody expected was finally disclosed: 14th August 2126. The famous astronomer Duncan Stell, from the British-Australian Observatory, stated that a comet with a width of three miles named Swift Tuttle is heading for us with a speed of 37 miles per second and at the reckoned time it will crash the Earth causing an explosion more destructive than a million nuclear bombs.” (6)

I was affected by the news after my dream and made studies about the date of the doomsday. I heard that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said: “The life span of my community will exceed a thousand years, but it will not exceed much one and a half thousand years.” (7) And I saw that it was inferred from a hadith that was evaluated with the reckoning of ‘abjad’ that the year 1545 of the Hegira (2120 CE) might be the year of doomsday. (8). When I gathered other dates like that together, I saw that an interesting similarity between the dates pointed nearly to the same years.

Nine years after this dream, I wanted to write a book about Doomsday and gathered data. (9). I asked one of the authorities of the subject, Prof. Brian G. Marsden, about the developments concerning Swift Tuttle. The e-mail answer of Prof. Marsden dated 17 April 2001 was as follows: “If it were to collide with the Earth during its next crossing, it would happen on 14th August 2126. The comet makes delay with its each crossing. According to the precise reckonings done taking into consideration the observations of the Chinese in the years 68 BC and 188 AD, it was understood that the possibility of a collision at that time is very small.” I asked Prof. Marsden whether there was any possibility of collision in the year 2120. He wrote: “If there is any chance of collision at that time, it may happen with a heavenly body we do not know of yet.”

So the possibility of unknown meteors drawing nearer to the Earth was high. According to the scientists in NASA, the meteor called 2004 MN4 that was discovered in June 2004 and that was 400 meters in diameter might crash the Earth with a possibility of one out of three hundred on 13 April 2029. (10) The closer the meteor gets, the higher the possibility of collision; the possibility reckoned recently is one out of thirty-eight. (11)… How many pieces of news like that will we read; without even taking it seriously at all…

Will there actually be flood after the year 2100? Will natural disorders happen one after another until Doomsday after the fifty-seventy years ahead of us? When will the calamity befall our earth? Every watchful conscience will find its answer.

When the star Neutron, which is fifty thousand years of light away from us, exploded in 2004, the energy issued, in just one second, can only be given off by our sun in one million years. According to the scientists, if that explosion had happened ten light-years nearer to our world, much of the life on earth would have vanished. (12). From now on, the news of doomsday will blow like winds that herald the impending storm. Finally, the real storm will befall us all of a sudden and unexpected. (13).

In the headline of German newspaper ‘Bild’, scientists were warning people against doomsday. One of those scientists, Prof. Sir David King talked to BBC: “If this downfall of the world does not gain momentum, there remain sixty years for us to live peacefully.” (14). Moreover, according to the Washington Worldwatch Institution, there is no world for the generations after our grandchildren. (15). In other words, they mean to say that it is too late.

Shall we fear that the years when our world will no longer go on are about to come and abandon all efforts? On the contrary, the way to deserve eternity passes through efforts to repair and to leave good memoirs. The knowledge of doomsday should lead us to working hard and to good deeds.

The Destruction of the Universe

How will the catastrophe take place? Will it affect only the world and the solar system; or will it cover the entire Universe? Will the doom of the world and that of the solar system and the universe happen at the same time?

Do they then only wait for the Hour, - that it should come on them of a sudden? But already have come some tokens thereof, and when it (actually) is on them, how can they benefit then by their admonition?” (16). “The Hour will certainly come: Therein is no doubt: Yet most men believe not.” (17)

To Allah belongeth the Mystery of the heavens and the earth. And the Decision of the Hour (of Judgment) is as the twinkling of an eye, or even quicker: for Allah hath power over all things.” (18). Just like the Creator creates the universe all of a sudden, He also starts the doom all of a sudden. Everything that seems to be going all right suddenly turns upside down.

The dangers against our world are increasing more and more. Recently, a meteor has passed our world at close range. (19) Could the scientist disclose it to the public if they were sure that a meteor is going to crash our world? Mihail Smirnov made the announcement: “No meteor is going to crash the Earth in 175 years.” He thinks “The mankind will have already found the way to destroy meteors by that time.” (20)

According to a research published in the magazine Science, it was ‘discovered’ that a meteor of one kilometer width is going to crash the Earth on 16th March 2880. The scientists believe that they will develop the technology to change the direction of the meteor until that time. Moreover, Jon D. Giorgini, from the Jet Propulsion Laboratories says he is not worried because he thinks they will benefit from the time they have and find a solution. (21) Always the same trick and deception…

Meteors are just the pretext of it. The Divine Power that starts the downfall of the Universe will flow into the Universe through the breath of the angel Israfil. If the energy that spreads from the trumpet of Israfil upsets the energy balance of the Universe, the system will begin to fall apart. Unbalance reaches every atom; the Universe begins to fall down with its galaxies and layers of heavens. That day the trumpet is blown; “The Trumpet will be blown, and so all who are in the heavens and all who are on the earth will fall dead, except those whom God wills to exempt.” (22)

The Universe is expanding like a rubber cloth that is pulled from each side; every entity grows distant from one another from the atom to galaxies. Scientists say that it may be because of the hidden dark energy present in the Universe. (23) If the Universe is under the control of a hidden energy tens of times greater than it, you can imagine the outcomes of its going backwards.

Whether it is veiled with a cause that is either impending or created suddenly or it is triggered without a cause, the process of collapsing will cover the Earth. Whether a meteor crashes or the energy balance of the Universe is upset or the solar and galactic systems fall down; no matter how, the doom will start.

Imagine what will happen if Allah takes away the power He sends out of the unknown source of the heavens and the earth to electrons. All the wheels of the clock of the universe will break off; the components of the machine of substance will spring from their places like a watch spring. An untold lack of control and order will be experienced followed by a fading out and perishing like foam.

The death of the world is awesome: “When the earthquakes with a violent quaking destined for it, And the earth yields up its burdens…” (24) “When the earth is shaken with a violent shock; And the mountains are shattered and crumble; So they become dust scattered…” (25) That day the earth and mountains will quake; mountains will turn into piles of molten sand!

Death spreads all over the universe. “When the stars are effaced, And when the sky is rent asunder, (27) When the heaven is cleft open; And when the stars fall in disorder and are scattered…(28) The sky will cleft open thereby. His promise (of Resurrection and Judgment) is certainly to be fulfilled.” (29) “When the eyesight is confounded (through fear), when the eyesight is confounded (through fear), and the sun and the moon are joined together, On that Day human will say: "Where is the escape?" (30)

We would fall into darkness if a veil was put between us and the sun. If the Creator halts the reflection of His light and power for just a second, the universe will turn to nothing at this moment. We think up scenarios of doomsday in vain.

The return to non-existence

When doomsday comes, there will be only apathetic and insensitive people living on earth who will be interested only in their material desires. Although they will be seeing all the signs, they will still be reckoning that they will somehow get rescued; they will amuse themselves and continue their disobedience.

They will be shaken by such an uproar of quake that many hearts will burst within breasts. The brain veins of many will thereby split up. Imagine flames that stretch from the horizon to the moon blowing towards you. Seas are pouring down on you just like coming up from heavens. Mountains are torn from their basis; the ground collapses; you watch the earth turning upside down. The ground and the heavens are crying out death.

At the time of the doom, the angels, jinni, devils and souls are weak and desperate, bewildered and shuddered. Since its birth, the universe had not experienced such an unbelievable terror. “O humankind! Keep from disobedience to your Lord in reverence for Him and piety and get under His protection. (Never forget that) the violent convulsion of the Last Hour is an awesome thing.” (31)

Every living being will experience the terror of doomsday. People continue to see events with the eye of soul after they die. The collapse will take place in the presence of the souls that are in the intermediate world of grave. The world of grave will also be scattered. This is mixed with the terror of the ones who expect hell and with the joys of the ones who hope the paradise.

They bring the ones sentenced to death at night to the gallows or to the place of execution… They crown the leaders that succeeded in being selected in big ceremonies… That day everybody feels what will become of them soon. Everything will be evident in the presence of everybody; the biggest questioning of the history will presently take place.

The commandment “The Day when We will roll up heaven as written scrolls are rolled up” (32) will take place. The material of the universe collapses and the systems are scattered. The collapse of the galaxies is followed by the closure of the heavenly layers. Souls and angels also fade away one after another and the final judgment of the verse “Everything is perishable (and so perishing) except His "Face" (His eternal Self and what is done in seeking His good pleasure).” (33) comes true.

The doom has taken place. Time finishes and there remains no entity except Allah. From then on, everything is in the knowledge of only Allah. The last page of a wonderful novel was lived and sent to history. Everything with body and material perished like foam; the universe melted like wax and vanished.


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Muhammed Bozdağ (Dr.)

15 What does "to maintain belief will be like grasping a hot coal" mean?

Abu Umayyah ash-Sha'bani narrates: I asked Abu Tha'labah: What is your opinion about the following verse:

"O ye who believe! Guard your own souls: if ye follow (right) guidance, no hurt can come to you from those who stray..."(al-Maida, 5/105).

He said: I swear by Allah, I asked the one who was well informed about it; I asked the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) about it. He said:

"Enjoin one another to do what is good and forbid one another to do what is evil. But when you see niggardliness being obeyed, passion being followed, worldly interests being preferred, everyone being charmed with his opinion, then care for yourself and leave alone what people in general are doing. For, ahead of you are days which will require endurance, in which showing endurance will be like grasping a hot coal. The one who acts rightly during that period will have the reward of fifty men who act as he does."[Abu Dawud, Malahim 17, (4341); Tirmidhi, Tafsir, al-Maida, (3060); Ibn Majah, Fitan 21, (4014)]

People will live in such an era that to practice (maintain) one's religion will be as difficult as grasping a hot coal because a believer will be insulted so much that he will be more debased than his sheep. Many people will not be able to resist this pressure. The weak ones will surrender and they will sell their religion and holy things for a little amount of money. During the course of time, there will be so hard times that somebody will say, "Who will sell his religion to us for a fistful of money?" This question is not in vain: "Many people sell their religion for a small amount of money."

The Prophet (pbuh) states that practicing one's religion under such hard circumstances is more valuable than the other times:

"To worship Allah at times of anarchy, sedition, mischief and chaos is a means of getting rewards like hijrah (migration) to me."

In another narration, Hz. Prophet (pbuh) addresses his Companions as follows to express the hardship of the state at the time of sedition:

"You live at such a time that if any of you abandons one tenth of what he is ordered, he will be destroyed. There will come such a time that a person will attain salvation if he does one tenth of what he is ordered."

Those who can protect their religious persistence are promised fifty times more rewards than worshipping at normal times. When Hz. Prophet (pbuh) was asked a question about the verse,

"Guard your own souls..."

He ended his explanation to Abu Tha'labah as follows:

"...For, ahead of you are days which will require endurance, in which showing endurance will be like grasping a hot coal. The one who acts rightly during that period will have the reward of fifty men who act as he does..."When somebody asked, 'the reward of fifty of them?' the Prophet (pbuh) replied: 'The reward of fifty of you.'

(Prof.Dr. İbrahim CANAN, Kütüb-ü Sitte,  XIII/458-459)

16 What is Dabbatu’l Ard? Has it emerged? Can the Illness of Aids be Dabba?

One of the signs of Doomsday is the emergence of "dabbatu'l -ard". The Prophet stated the following:

"One of the signs of Doomsday is the sun rising from the direction where it sets and the emergence of “dabba” at mid-morning. One of these signs will immediately be followed by the other." (Muslim, Fitan, 118)

"Dabba appears holding the seal of Solomon and the staff of Moses. It will illuminate the face of the believer and seal the nose of the unbeliever. When people living at that time come together, believers and unbelieves will be distinguished." (Ahmad b. Hanbal, Musnad ", II, 491)

The word dabba means “a being that is alive and that moves”. Acting upon the meaning of the word, things like the train and the car can be called “dabba”. For instance, if we could bring someone who lived one thousand years ago to today, this person could name a train with a hundred wagons “dabbatul-ard”. However, this word is generally used for animals.

Here, a question like this can come to the mind: "Is dabbatu'l- ard an individual or a species?" It is not appropriate to think that an individual will deal with so many people. In that case, it is more appropriate to regard it as a species.

There are various interpretations about what kind of a creature dabba is. For instance, Hazrat Ali is reported to have said, "What is meant by it is not dabba with tail but dabba with beard." It can be understood that such a viewpoint implies some evil people.

Some people say dabba is “AIDS virus”. Some regard it as “television”. There are even some people who say “they might be robots”. According to them, robots produced by men and equipped with artificial intelligence will not obey “their masters” and they will destroy the human civilization.

Dabba in the Quran

The word "dabba" is mentioned in fourteen places in the Quran. The word “dawabb”, its plural form, is mentioned four times. Let us have a look at some of them.

"There is no moving creature on earth but its sustenance depends on Allah." (Hud, 6)

"There is not a moving creature, but He hath grasp of its forelock." (Hud, 56)

"And Allah has created every animal from water: of them there are some that creep on their bellies; some that walk on two legs; and some that walk on four. Allah creates what He wills: for verily Allah has power over all things." (an-Nur, 45)

The word “dabbatu’l-ard” mentioned in verse 82 of the chapter of an-Naml is generally interpreted as a sign of Doomsday by tafsir scholars:

"And when the Word is fulfilled against them (the unjust), We shall produce from the earth a beast to (face) them: he will speak to them, for that mankind did not believe with assurance in our Signs."

According to the apparent meaning of the verse, this dabba, which will come out of the ground, will talk to people and say that they do not believe in divine signs fully. Acting upon this, there are some people who say dabba might be the radio, television or even the Internet because they are made of some raw materials extracted from the ground. In some narrations, the following is stated: “The head of dabba will touch the clouds.” As it is known, televisions are connected with satellites and the head of the satellite is in the sky.

People who obey the criteria of halal-haram of the religion benefit from these devices. Those who are deprived of such criteria are harmed by them because those devices can also be used for evil and sins; in fact, they are used for evil and sins more frequently.

We think it is not necessary to regard dabba’s speech as talking through the tongue. This speech might be through the tongue of disposition. For instance, traffic lights and signs have no tongues but they tell many things to people.

What does dabba say?

This realm, which we see, is full of divine signs. However, most people do not understand these signs; they are drifted by the course of the daily events and spend their days in heedlessness. Allah Almighty sometimes sends disasters to warn people. They may be in the form of an earthquake, hurricane, flood or an animal.

When we refer to the Quran, we see that some tribes were sent animals as punishment. For instance, lice, locusts and frogs were sent to the Pharaoh and his tribe; they punished those stubborn people by invading everywhere. It is possible to see similar events today, too. Locusts, which are called “teeth of the wind” land on a field of crops like a black cloud; when they fly away, they leave nothing that can be used behind.

Similarly, flocks of birds were sent against Abraha and his army, who surrounded the Kaaba in order to demolish it; these birds threw special stones, which they were carrying in their beaks and feet, on those oppressed people and destroyed them. This event is narrated in a separate chapter in the Quran. This event, which is narrated in the chapter of al-Fil, took place a short time before the Prophet was born. The word “ababil” used in the chapter expresses that the birds came in flocks. The picture that is described is a “heavenly bombardment”. Like bomber planes dropping bombs on targets, these birds came in groups and made those people “like a field of crop through which locusts passed”.

The Quran states that the soldiers of the skies and the earth are under the command of Allah. (al-Muddaththir 31) Allah uses these soldiers to punish stubborn people whenever He wishes. For instance, water is mercy (a bounty). However, if Allah wishes, He transforms it into a flood as He did when He destroyed the tribe of Noah. Rain is sent down in buckets and water gushes forth from the ground. Eventually, a rebellious and stubborn tribe is flooded and eliminated from the scene of history.

Some people may try to explain them through coincidence. However, there is no place for coincidence in this realm. As Einstein puts it "Allah does not play dice." That is, He does not let things happen by chance. As Hamdi Yazır puts it, "The things that we regard as coincidence are actually divine acts" (Yazır, IV, 2802)

As the Quran states, Allah Almighty always does something. (ar-Rahman, 29) This realm shows the existence of the Sublime Creator with its emergence out of nothing; similarly, the activities that take place in everything, from atoms to galaxies, show His acts. Allah Almighty created the universe but then He did not leave it to work like a wound clock. Not even a particle can move without His permission.

"Not a leaf doth fall but with His knowledge." (al-An'am, 59)

"And no female conceives, or lays down (her load), but with His knowledge." (Fatir, 11)

The wind blows fast, not by chance; it blows in the way that He commands. It sometimes caresses our faces as breeze and sometimes acts like “a whip of wrath” as a storm.

When the narrations related to dabba are examined, it will be seen that dabba will emerge as a punishment at the end of time when people deviate from the right path completely. Believers will not be harmed by it thanks to the bounty of their belief; however, rebellious people will be punished by it.

Is AIDS dabba?

At this point, the virus of AIDS can come to the mind because this virus generally spreads through illegitimate relationships. Throughout history, illegitimate relationships have always existed but they never became so widespread and in the form of craze. From this point of view, it seems quite reasonable to regard AIDS virus as a divine punishment.

Moreover, the following event narrated in the Quran about Solomon can be regarded as a sign for one aspect of dabba:

After it is expressed that Solomon used jinn to construct large buildings, sculptures, etc., the following is stated:

"Then, when We decreed (Solomon's) death nothing showed them his death except a little worm of the earth, which kept (slowly) gnawing away at his staff: so when he fell down, the Jinn saw plainly that if they had known the unseen, they would not have tarried in the humiliating Penalty (of their Task)." (Saba, 14).

According to the narration, Solomon leant on his staff and checked the jinn when they were working. However, while he was leaning on his staff, Azrael arrived and removed his soul. The jinn did not understand that he died and they went on working. When a worm of the earth gnawed away at his staff, it broke and Solomon fell down. Only then did the jinn realize that he had died. If they had known the unknown, they would not have worked so hard in pain.

(Note: Solomon’s staff, which is mentioned here is regarded as the system of the state established by him, and the worm gnawing at it as the committees trying to destroy the system. Allah knows best.)

This dabba gnawed at Solomon’s staff; similarly, dabbatul-arz, which is like AIDS virus, can gnaw at some people who transgressed the limits and defeat them.

However, to answer the question "is dabba AIDS?" as “yes, will bring about some problems because AIDS can a part of dabba but it might not express it wholly.

We regard it useful to view the issue as follows:

- The word “dabba” mentioned in the verse is in the form of an indefinite noun; it is used without “al” (“al” in Arabic is like “the” in English); it indicates that dabba is an unknown being. The fact that “the” was not used before the word dabba can be a sign that it is not known or it cannot be known fully.

- Indicating something is different from including it. The word dabba can include AIDS or television which is used for evil purposes but it is not certain.

- The religion is a test. In the test, a door is opened for the mind but the will of man is not removed. Thus, it will be wrong to expect that the signs of Doomsday will be very clear for everyone to understand. For instance, waiting for a dajjal with the writing “unbeliever” on his forehead and waiting for a mahdi who will settle everything as if he has a magic wand means not understanding narrations like that fully. Waiting for the People of the Cave (Ashab al-Kahf) to come out of the cave again is like that. In some books the following narration is included: "During the time of Mahdi, the People of the Cave will wake up." That is, Mahdi will awaken the youth that has been sleeping for three hundred years because it is clearly stated in the chapter of Kahf that the People of the Cave are some young people.

It is seen in the narrations which we have reported and the evaluations which we have made that we have not reached a definite solution which everybody will agree on and that the issue is somewhat suspended.

The knowledge of man is limited. For instance, we cannot give clear answers to questions like, “What is time? What is spirit?” Obscurity is in question to some extent regarding some realities about the universe. For instance, we do not know what atom really is; we have not been able to solve the mystery of life yet. That is, some issues are like a rose bud; when we separate a layer, we see some other layers waiting to be separated. What we need to do is to try to know the unknown things. To search these kinds of mysterious issues is like a sea cruise. Man cannot see what is in front of him very clearly. However, this mystery makes the cruise interesting and beautiful.

We think it is better to regard this issue like that. Some people who say, “this is what is meant by that” might feel ashamed in the future when it does not turn out to be so. Therefore, instead of making a certain decision, it is more appropriate and cautious to say, “this might be what is meant by that” because Allah states the following in the Quran:

"Say: "As to the knowledge of the time, it is with Allah alone." (al-Mulk, 26)

"Say: None in the heavens or on earth, except Allah, knows what is hidden." (an-Naml, 65)

(Doç Dr. Şadi EREN)

* * *

Note: We advise you to read the following article written by the scholar, Mehmet KIRKINCI:

Dabbatu’l ard

Dabba means a living animal that moves. It will be more appropriate to think of dabba as a species rather than a single living being.

The word "dabba" is mentioned in fourteen places in the Quran.

“There is no moving creature on earth but its sustenance depends on Allah.” (Hud, 11/6)

The word dabba mentioned in the verse above indicate all living beings.

The following is stated in another verse:

“And when the Word is fulfilled against them (the unjust), We shall produce from the earth a beast to (face) them: he will speak to them, for that mankind did not believe with assurance in our Signs.” (an-Naml, 27/ 82)

Dabba's speaking to people does not mean speaking with the tongue only. As a matter of fact, so many antique works of art displayed in this palace of the universe and so many incidents tell a lot of things to people with their tongue of disposition.

Elmalılı Hamdi YAZIR writes the following in the interpretation of the verse above:

“Dabb and Dabib mean to walk slowly, to flounder. It is used for animals, especially for insects. It is also used for the things whose movements cannot be noticed with the eye like alcohol spreading to the body and rottenness spreading to the things around. “Dabbe” is a noun derived from this root, lexically meaning something that walks slowly or flounders. In that case, vehicles like train, car and bicycle can be called dabba in terms of lexicology but it is used for animals. It is customarily used for four-footed animals, especially horses. However, as it is understood from the verse below, it is used for all animals:

“And Allah has created every animal from water: of them there are some that creep on their bellies; some that walk on two legs; and some that walk on four…” (an-Nur, 24/45)

It is almost synonymous with animal."

"There is no moving creature on earth but its sustenance depends on Allah.” (Hud, 11/6)

That is also understood from that verse above. Therefore, the word dabba is also used for human beings along with animals. Since the word "dabba" is used without definite article al (the), it may be something different from the dabbas we know. It is stated clearly in the phrase "dabba speaking with them" that it is a speaking animal; that is a human. Tafsirs usually mention these two points."

"Raghib summarizes the views about the issue in his book called ‘Mufradat’ as follows: “Dabba” is an animal that is different from the animals we know. The following is also stated: “The most evil people who are like animals in terms of ignorance are meant by dabba."

In that case, dabba expresses all of the animals that walk slowly or flounder; like the plural form of the word “khain” used as “khaina”. Qadi Baydawi and some hadith scholars showed it as “jassasa” (spies); according to what is stated in a hadith, jassasa means a spy that collects information for Dajjal (Anthi-Christ). Abu's-Suud writes the following: This dabba is a spy. The reason why it is expressed as a common noun and its obscurity is confirmed with tanwin is to indicate the strangeness of its fame and inexplicability of its characteristics and deeds.

According to what is narrated from Abu Hurayra, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said,

"The beast (dabbat-ul ard) mentioned in verse 87 of the chapter of an-Naml will emerge from the earth. With it shall be the ring of Sulayman (Solomon) and the staff of Musa (Moses). It will brighten the face of the believer, and stamp the nose of the disbeliever with the ring. Therefore, the people who live in the same place will know one another and will be able to say, 'This one is a believer, and that one is an unbeliever'." (Tirmidhi, Tafsir, 28)

According to this hadith, dabba is a leader that will establish an Islamic state by emerging with extraordinary power and sultanate. There is no doubt that a person that has the staff of Musa and the ring of Sulayman will be a great person. He will be a good person, not a bad one; he will brighten the face of the believers and break the nose of the unbelievers. The following phrase in the verse necessitates it: "…he will speak to them, for that mankind did not believe with assurance in our Signs.” Then, the reason why he is given the name dabba is the fact that it will be merciless toward the unbelievers and the verse states that it is not difficult for Allah to produce it and that it is as easy as producing a normal dabba from the ground. We will also quote some explanations regarding the issue:

1. Ibn Jarir reports the following from Hudhayfa b. Asid:  "Dabba emerges three times: In the first one, it merges in some deserts and then hides. In the second one, it emerges in some cities when the rulers shed blood and it hides again. Then, when people are in the most honorable, biggest and most virtuous mosque, the earth starts to throw them. People start to run away; a group of believers stays there and says, 'Nothing but Allah can save us.' Dabba climbs over them and brighten their faces like a bright star. Then, it moves; neither the one who follows it can catch up with it nor the one who escapes can be saved from it. It goes to a man who is performing a prayer and says to him, 'By Allah, you are not a person who performs prayers.' It catches him. It brightens the face of the believer and breaks the nose of the unbeliever." We asked, 'What will the situation of the people be at that time?' He said, "They are neighbors in land, partners in property and comrades on the way."

2. Many scholars say dabba emerges when enjoining the good and forbidding the evil is abandoned.

The following is stated in a verse:  “Then, when We decreed (Solomon's) death nothing showed them his death except a little worm of the earth, which kept (slowly) gnawing away at his staff: so when he fell down, the Jinns saw plainly that if they had known the unseen, they would not have tarried in the humiliating Penalty (of their Task.” (Saba, 34/14)

There are two views about the nature of the worm that gnawed away Hz. Sulayman’s staff: According to the first view, it is the well-known woodworm.

According to the other view, it is a worm that eats staff.

Just like the dabba gnawing away Hz. Sulayman’s staff, it is possible for AIDS virus or another disease gnawing away some people who overstep the limits in disobedience and immorality.

In a hadith, the Prophet (pbuh) states that dabbatu'l-ard is one of the signs of the Doomsday that will emerge: “The first sign would be the appearance of the sun from the west, the appearance of the beast before the people in the forenoon and which of the two happens first, the second one would follow immediately after that.” (Muslim, Fitan, 118; Ibn Hanbal, "Musnad", II, 201)

Badiuzzaman Said Nursi states the following regarding the issue:

“As for the Beast (Dabbat al-Ard), in the Qur’an is an extremely concise indication, a brief expression made by its tongue of disposition. As for its details, like with some other matters, I do not know with any certainty for the present. I can only say this much: None knows the Unseen save Allah, just as the people of Pharaoh were visited by plagues of locusts and fleas, and the people of Abraha, who were trying to destroy the Ka‘ba, were attacked by “flights of birds;” so too, for the purpose of bringing to their senses those people who knowingly and willingly rebel due to the dissension of the Sufyan and Dajjals, and through the anarchy of Gog and Magog embark on corruption and savagery, and fall into irreligion, disbelief, and denial, a beast will emerge from the earth and beset and rout them. Allah knows best, that beast is a species. For even if huge, a single creature could not be everywhere. That means there will be a truly terrible species of animal. Perhaps, as indicated by the verse, Except a little worm of the earth, which kept [slowly] gnawing away at his staff,that creature will be a sort of termite, called “Dabbat al-Ard,” which will gnaw away at the bones of men as though they were wooden, establishing themselves in every part of their bodies, from their teeth to their finger-nails. By making the creature speak on the question of belief, the verse indicates that through the blessing of belief and their avoiding vice and abuses, the believers will be saved from it.” (Nursi, The Rays, The Fifth Ray)

Nursi emphasizes that the believers will not fall into such a bad state thanks to the blessing of belief and their avoiding vice and abuses. Then, it is necessary to take refuge in the castle of piety from the fire of debauchery, which is the most horrible and biggest danger of this age.

Today, when sins attack us by flooding all around us, the only way to be saved from the danger of the evil-commanding soul and the attacks of the deceptive and attractive desires is to live within the framework of chastity, good manners, modesty and piety (taqwa). For, the shortest way of struggling against the soul is piety.

Man, who was created for lofty purposes, thinks that he was sent to this world only to eat, drink and have fun, does not find the legitimate pleasures sufficient and commits all kinds of immoral deeds and flounders in the quagmire of debauchery.

In a community that is deprived of lofty characteristics like belief, knowledge of Allah, love, worshipping, piety, justice and stability, all kinds of evil deeds like debauchery and prostitution will emerge; they destroy countries, scatters families, eliminates honor and poisons the worldly and otherworldly life of the community.

Some ummahs and nations of the past that overstepped the limits in immorality and immodesty and that were drowned in the quagmire of debauchery were hit by very painful misfortunes and disasters. The following is stated in a verse so that we will take lessons from it: “Say: "Travel through the earth and see what was the End of those before (you).'” (ar-Rum, 30/42)

The blow and penalty by Allah Almighty to the rebellious nations of the past that dropped into immodesty and immorality and fell into the pit of immorality are mentioned in many verses of the Quran. Even very strong nations and empires could not resist the microbe of debauchery, which is like cancer. When this microbe enters a community, it gnaws at its structure in a very short time, weakens it and finally demolishes it. Then, we need to take lessons from those painful incidents that were experienced by the nations in the past and live modestly so that we will not attract the divine wrath.

The reason why Allah Almighty tells us about the painful incidents that happened to the nations of the past in the Quran is to make us take lessons from them. Locusts and frogs invaded the nation of the Pharaoh. However, they broke their promises each time after they were saved, did not take lessons from the misfortunes that hit them and were finally drowned.

Allah Almighty sent flocks of birds against Abraha and his army, who came in order to demolish the Kaaba; and those birds devastated them with the stones they carried with their beaks and feet.

The rebellious and obstinate nation of Hz. Nuh was eliminated by that great deluge.

Allah Almighty warns people in order to make them conscious from time to time through some disasters like earthquake, hurricane, famine and flood. However, man is such a strange and weird creature that he does not take lessons from the verses, hadiths and historical incidents; he does not avoid the mistakes and sins that will endanger him.

Therefore, every believer, especially scholars and educated people, needs to struggle against debauchery, which is the disease of this age and which is more dangerous than cancer, so as not to be hit by various disasters and misfortunes. Otherwise, the innocent people will be hit along with the guilty ones. As a matter of fact, the following is stated in a verse:

“And fear tumult or oppression which affecteth not in particular (only) those of you who do wrong…” (al-Anfal, 8/25)

Many painful incidents hit the previous nations that overstepped the limits in immorality; what demolished many empires like the Roman, Andalusia and Persia was debauchery. Yes, it is definite by the witnessing of history that many nations that were defeated by their enemies got stronger again and beat their enemies. However, it never became possible for a nation that was defeated by immorality, debauchery, oppression and injustice to pull itself together and to get strong again; it is impossible. Debauchery eliminated many nations from the stage of history.

For instance, all of the beauties of virtues developed in the Roman Empire; there was love among the administrators and people. They avoided debauchery and immorality and regarded it an honor to live modestly. Their women and youth were very chaste. However, when Alexander conquered Greece, their immorality and debauchery started to invade the Roman Empire. The high ethics and virtues were replaced by debauchery and immorality. Family life was spoiled. The magnificent Roman Empire was demolished and disappeared from the stage of history. Their laws and wealth could not save them from being destroyed.

Badiuzzaman Said Nursi states the following:

“…Youth will go. And if it goes being squandered, it results in thousands of calamities and pains both in this world and in the Hereafter. And if you want to understand how the majority of such youths end up in hospitals with imagined diseases arising from misspent youth and prodigality, and in prisons or hostels for the destitute through their excesses, and in bars due to the distress arising from their pain and suffering, then go and ask at the hospitals, prisons and graveyards. For sure, just as you will hear from most of the hospitals the moans and groans of those ill from dissipation and debauchery resulting from the drives of youth, so too will you hear from the prisons the regretful sighs of unhappy youths who are being punished for illicit actions mostly resulting from the excesses of youth. And you will understand that most of the torments of the grave-that Intermediate Realm the doors of which continuously open and shut for those who enter it-are the result of misspent youth, as is testified to by those who have divined the life of the grave, and is affirmed by the people of truth. Also, ask the elderly and the sick, who form the majority of mankind. Certainly, the great majority of them will say with sorrow and regret: "Alas! We wasted our youth on passion and fancy; indeed, harmfully. Be careful, do not do as we did!" (Nursi, Sözler (Words))

17 Will Jesus Christ descend again upon earth before Doomsday strikes?

Jesus Christ, who was created without a father as a miracle, is one of the four great prophets. At the age of thirty, he was given the prophethood; and after three years, Allah raised him to the heavens without being subjected to the assassinations of Jews. He is also called Messiah. It is explained that he was given this title because he healed illnesses by wiping, because Zechariah wiped him, because he will wipe the earth; i.e. he will cover it. According to narrations, Jesus Christ will descend to the earth again at the end of time and will be among the community of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The claim that Jesus Christ was crucified.

When we look at the Gospels of present time, it is not possible to find a view upon which an agreement exists. According to the New Testament, Jesus Christ was faced with certain hardships in his legitimate and just cause, was accused of inciting the public; and upon the insistent demands of Jews to crucify him, and the sixth Governor of the Province of Yahudiya of Roman Empire, Platus, crucified him. In the Gospel of Luke, it is stated that Platus submitted to the wishes of Jews (1) and that he had Jesus Christ sentenced to death in the high religious court of Jews, Sanhadrin.

According to the Gospels, it is related that the place of Jesus Christ was not known, but that Judas Iscariot, who is one of the 12 Apostles, revealed his place for such a little amount as 30 silver coins and Allah made his figure resemble Jesus Christ as a penalty. (2)

The end of Jesus Christ, though, is disputed among Christians. While it is the common view that he was crucified, there are also the Christians who do not accept that he was, like the sects of Cerinthus and Tatian. George Sale, who translated Qur’an into English, says, “Although some Christians say that the view that Jesus Christ was not crucified was devised by Prophet Muhammad, this is not true. Such sects as Basilides, Cerinthus and Carpocrates were of the same opinion before. Photius said he read the following statement in Travels of the Messengers: ‘Jesus Christ was not crucified; another person was crucified in his stead. Because of this, he laughed at the ones crucifying him.’”

Most of the Christians, though, believe that he was crucified at the time of Platus and then was resurrected and lifted up to the heavens. Iscariot, who was among 12 Apostles showed his place, was then sorry for his treachery and committed suicide. Christians are separated into three groups upon this issue. The group called Melkaiye believes that Jesus Christ was crucified both as a body and as a soul, but that this death did not affect his soul directly, rather through feelings and with touch. Another group called Yakubiya says that the essence of Messiah who was composed of two essences was crucified; and the third group called Nasuri believes that he was killed as a body; but his soul was raised up to the heavens. (3)

The end of Jesus Christ in the Qur’an:

The views of Gospels and Christians about the end of Jesus Christ are briefly as is explained above. Th Qur’an makes very clear and definite explanations about this issue. Some verses about the issue are as follows:

“And (then unbelievers) plotted and planned, and Allah too planned, and the best of planners is Allah.

“Behold! Allah said: "O Jesus! I will take thee and raise thee to Myself and clear thee (of the falsehoods) of those who blaspheme; I will make those who follow thee superior to those who reject Faith, to the Day of Resurrection; then shall ye all return unto Me, and I will judge between you of the matters wherein ye dispute.” (4)

In another verse, the issue is further clarified and the following is stated:

“That they said (in boast), "We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah";― but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not.―

“Nay, Allah raised him up unto Himself; and Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise. (5)

In the verse, it is clearly stated that Jesus Christ was not crucified, but somebody was crucified mistakenly. Scholars explained this verse as follows: When Jews went to Jesus Christ with the intention of killing him, they could not find him, because Allah Almighty had raised him to the heavens. Jews got anxious and feared that the public would interfere and thus they caught someone and crucified him as Jesus Christ. Although the public knew the crucified man namely, they did not know him in person.

According to another view, Jews learned that Jesus Christ was in a house and went there in order to kill him. Their leader Judas sent a man named Taytayus inside to kill Jesus. Allah Almighty raised Jesus Christ to the heavens and made this man resemble him; and the Jews crucified this man instead of Jesus Christ.

Besides these narrations, it is related that one of the apostles acted hypocritically and as a spy; and then Allah made him resemble Jesus as a punishment and he was then crucified.

These narrations clearly show that the Jews who tried to kill Jesus Christ could not succeed and that Allah saved him from their attacks and raised him to the heavens.

The descent of Jesus Christ on earth

The community of Muhammad (PBUH) is a community praised in many aspects. They are praised both in the Quran and in the other Scriptures.

When Jesus Christ saw the praised qualities of this community, he prayed Allah to make him one of them and Allah accepted his supplication. It is for this reason that when the time comes, he will descend to earth as a mujaddid (renewer) of the religion. (6)

The scholars concluded that it is definite through the Book, the Sunnah and agreement among scholars (consensus)  that Jesus Christ will descend to earth (7) and that this has become an issue of belief based on sound hadiths and that whoever denies it will be judged as unbeliever. (8)

According to Shawkani, the hadiths announcing the descent of Jesus to earth amount to 29 and they reach the rank of tawatur (9). There is the same recording also in Sahih Muslim (10). He says:

“There are hadiths narrated about the expected Mahdi and Dajjal; the hadiths about the descent of Jesus son of Mary has reached the rank of tawatur.” (11)

While explaining the fact that Jesus Christ is a sign of Doomsday, which is mentioned in the 61st verse of Az-Zukhruf Surah, Ibn Kathir states in his tafsir that the narrations announcing that he will be descended before Doomsday strikes have reached the degree of tawatur. Sheikh Abdulfattah Abu Ghudda also states that the narrations reporting that Jesus Christ will descend to the earth and will kill Dajjal (Anti-Christ), have reached to the degree of tawatur (12). It is seen that the hadith scholar Kittani supports the same views in his work called Nazmu’l-Mutanasir. (13)

In Fathu’l Bari by Ibn Hajar, it is written that the hadiths stating that Mahdi will be among this community and that Jesus Christ will pray behind him are mutawatir hadiths (14).

In his work Sharhu’l-Maqasid, Saduddin Taftazani also states that there are many hadiths about the descent of Jesus and that they are mutawatir in meaning. (15)

We see that in some hadiths and verses, signs of Doomsday are explained. These are gathered under the heading of ‘The signs of Doomsday.’ One of these signs is the descent of Jesus Christ to the earth. In other words, Jesus Christ will descend onto the earth before Doomsday strikes. In one of his verses, Allah Almighty says, “Surely he (Jesus) (brought into the world without a father, and granted such miracles as reviving the dead) is a means to knowledge of the Last Hour.” (16) and thus points out this fact. In many of his hadiths, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also made it known that Jesus Christ would descend onto the earth. Some of them are as follows:

“Doomsday will not strike unless you see ten signs… One of them is the descent of Jesus Christ…” (17)

“I swear by Allah in whose hand of Power my life is that it is close that Jesus, son of Mary, will descend as a just ruler among you.” (18)

As is known, Jesus Christ is in the heavens and in the third layer of life. He does not need to eat and drink like us and is in no need of other human requirements; and he leads a life of light like stars and angels. In accordance with the good tidings given by the Prophet: “Jesus Christ will come at the end of time; he will practice with the Shari’a of Muhammad.” (19), he will come as a human onto the earth.

As the divine wisdom necessitates that he descends onto the earth, so he must perform some very important duties. Let us list some of them:

The Activities of Jesus Christ

a. His following The Mahdi

When Jesus Christ comes, he will practice with the Islamic Shari’a. The Messenger of Allah, who says, “If Jesus Christ was alive, he would do nothing except follow me.” (20), clearly states in one of his hadiths in Muslim that he will follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). (21)

Imam Nawawi says: “Jesus Christ will not come as a separate prophet to the community of Muhammad, but he will come in order to carry out the Shari’a of Muhammad.” (22).

Imam Rabbani also says that Jesus Christ will descend onto the earth and follow the Shari’a of Muhammad, the seal of the prophets. (23)

Qadi Iyad points out that it is definite by authenticated hadiths that he will come in order to revive the principles of Shari’a abandoned by the public. (24)

As is known, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the seal of the prophets, i.e. the last prophet. This being the case, it can only be thought that Jesus Christ comes not as a new prophet, but as a follower of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and that he will practice according to the Shari’a of Muhammad. The scholars say:

“Jesus Christ is responsible for reviving and practicing the Shari’a of Muhammad. The only prophet to practice with Islam is Jesus Christ. He will come at a time when the religion will be looked down on and despised; he will perform his duty as a just ruler. Before he was sent to the earth, he would be equipped with every piece of knowledge about Islam under the circumstances of that time;  and when he comes, he will practice them.” (25)

The hadiths that Jesus Christ will pray behind the Mahdi (26) which are in the degree of tawatur also show that he will follow Islam. There are many narrations about this issue. Some of them are as follows:

“The Mahdi becomes the imam; and Jesus Christ follows him -that is, he prays behind while the Mahdi leads the prayer” (27)

In another hadith narrated in Bukhari and Muslim, the following is stated that:

“What will you do when Jesus son of Mary comes among you and the imam in prayer, while your imam is one of you?”(28)

In a hadith present in Musnad, which Ahmad narrated from Jabir, the following is stated: When Jesus Christ is offered to lead the prayer: “Lead the prayer, o Spirit of Allah!” he says: “Let your imam go forth and lead the prayer.” (29)

The following is stated in one of the narrations about the topic:

“Among this community, there will surely be a group fighting for the truth until the time when Jesus son of Mary enters the Sacred House during the break of dawn. Jesus son of Mary comes beside the Mahdi. He is asked, ‘Go forth, o prophet of Allah! Lead the prayer!’ He replies; ‘No, as a favor from Allah, you are rendered rulers over one another’” (30)

In a hadith from Ibn Maja, reported by Abu Umama, the following is stated; when imamate-leading the prayer- is offered to Jesus Christ, he says, “You go forth; this duty is given to you”

Another narration about the issue is as follows:

“While the Mahdi is performing the morning prayer with believers, he will offer Jesus, who has just descended, to lead the prayer; and Jesus Christ will put his hands on his shoulders and say ‘The iqamah was issued for you; so you lead’ and finally Mahdi will lead the prayer as an imam to Jesus Christ and to believers.” (31)

In the Commentary of Fiqhu’l Akbar Aliyyu’l-Qari, the issue is a little more clarified:

“Jesus Christ will meet the Mahdi. Meanwhile, the prayer will be performed. The Mahdi will signal Jesus Christ to lead the prayer, but Jesus will express his excuse saying ‘This prayer is performed for you and You deserve more than me to lead this prayer.’ In order for it to be clear that he will follow the Mahdi (in prayer) so that it will be clear that Jesus Christ follows the Shari’a of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); they will thus pray together.” (32)

All these narrations stating that ‘Jesus Christ will follow the Mahdi in prayer’ show that he will submit to Islam. In other words, Jesus Christ will not come with a new religion. Besides, they also point out the alliance between Christianity and Islam and the dominance of the truths of the Qur’an. (33)

Another mystery of Jesus Christ practicing with the Shari’a of Muhammad (PBUH) is this: “At the end of time, Jesus (Upon whom be peace) will come and will act in accordance with the Shari’a of Muhammad (PBUH),” indicates that at the end of time the religion of Christianity will be purified and divest itself of superstition in the face of the current of unbelief and atheism born of Naturalist philosophy, and will be transformed into Islam. At this point, just as the collective personality of Christianity will kill the fearsome collective personality of irreligion with the sword of heavenly Revelation, so too, representing the collective personality of Christianity, Jesus (Upon whom be peace) will kill the Dajjal, who represents the collective personality of irreligion, that is, he will kill atheistic thought.” (34)

b. His purifying Christianity from superstitions

Another important duty of Jesus Christ is to purify Christianity from certain superstitions, especially from trinity, and to transform this into oneness. For, it is not possible for the people who, in the face of the developments in knowledge and in humane and civilized feelings, take justice and truthfulness as essential to continue Christianity in its former form. It will either perish or will return to its original form and be purified from superstitions.

While Christianity, which underwent certain revolutions, fells firstly into Protestantism and then into complete deviation, some have already approached oneness and begun to breathe with it. Since the First and the Second World Wars, Christianity, which has undergone certain changes especially in recent years, has been experiencing the pains of transition from trinity to oneness. The magazine ‘Plain Truth’ issued by a Christian group and addressing eight million people can clearly say that trinity was added into Christianity afterwards. Many a pious Christian can state that they did not hesitate to acknowledge the prophethood of Muhammad (PBUH). Does it not show that a great distance has been covered on this way that even in such a place as Vatican, the head of the Department of Relationships with Muslims, namely Michael Lelong, clearly explains this?

c. His eradicating unbelief

Jesus Christ wages a challenging war against unbelief. Unbelief cannot find in itself the strength to stand up against him. According to the hadith, “every disbeliever who feels his breath will die; and his breath will reach up to the furthest point within sight.” (35) In other words, as he has taken the vitalizing truths of Islam as his cause, no view of unbelief will find support against these sound truths, and finally will have to be demolished.

That Jesus Christ eradicates unbelief means that he will devastate the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) who is the representative of unbelief and his ramshackle system based on unbelief and his collective personality.

d. His establishing peace

Jesus Christ, who stays on earth for forty years as a just ruler (36), will also establish peace-and as peace is established-people will use swords as scythes. (37)

In his time, swords will be put into their sheaths and there will be no need to use weapons.

While Jesus Christ eradicates unbelief, which is the source of every kind of evil, during his stay on earth, he will put faith, which is the source of all beauties, in its place. Thus, justice, equality, abundance, peace, and bliss, which are the necessities of faith, will blossom. Attention is attracted to each of these facts in narrations. When he comes, “enmities, fights, and jealousies will vanish” (38), the atmosphere of real peace and bliss will be formed, and “Just a single prostration will be seen worthier than the world and the things in it.” (39)

At that time, people will improve, their faiths will be strengthened, and they will run for good deeds to such a degree that they will value a single prostration more than the world and anything in it. (40)

This hadith is also very interesting in that it shows the spiritual atmosphere of that time:

“Jesus, son of Mary, will be among my community; he will be a just ruler and imam. He will break and crush the cross and will kill the swine. He will abolish jizya (the tax taken from non-Muslims under Islamic rule), and will not touch zakah- distribution of one fortieth of one's income as alms performed by Muslims (one of the five pillars of the Islamic faith). No official of zakah will be recruited over herds of sheep, goat and ox or that of camel, any longer. Enmity and hatred will be removed. Poison of every poisonous animal will be removed. Moreover, a small male child will put his hand into a snake’s mouth, but it will not hurt him. The wolf will be like the sheep dog in the herd of sheep and goat. Just as a bowl is filled with water, so will the earth be full of peace. There will also be a unity of religion and no one except Allah will be worshipped any more. And the equipments of war (weapons and the like) will be cast away.” (41)

In another narration present in Muslim, it is said: “he will kill the swine, break the cross and abolish the jizya” (42)

Breaking the cross as is stated in this and other narrations indicates that Jesus Christ will purify Christianity from superstitions which contradict with reason, sciences, and truths and with which Christianity was distorted. Thus, he will turn it into Islam and save it from trinity.

That he will abolish the jizya shows that at his time, there will be abundance in property. When he comes, property will become abundant to such a degree that there will be no need even to take the jizya. Some also interpret that they will accept Islam; because the jizya is not taken from Muslims.

Such expressions as ‘poisons will be removed from poisonous animals’, ‘the wolf and lamb wandering together’ are the signs of the atmosphere of peace; as in the expression ‘the weapons and equipments of war will be cast away.’

e. His killing the Dajjal

One of the biggest accomplishments of Jesus Christ is his killing the Dajjal. He will accomplish this with the Mahdi.

Just as the emergence of the Dajjal and his activities are tremendous, his being killed is important and pleasing as well.

As is narrated, when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ascended to Miraj, he talked with Jesus Christ; when the Dajjal was mentioned, Jesus said:

“My Lord informed me that the Dajjal would emerge. I will carry with me two arrows made out of the kadib tree. When the Dajjal sees them, he will melt like lead.” (43)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) announced this truth as follows:

“When the Dajjal, who is the enemy of Allah, sees Jesus Christ, he will melt just as salt melts in water. Even if Jesus Christ leaves him, he will melt until he is devastated. However, Allah will kill him with the hand of Jesus Christ himself.” (44)

Other narrations are as follows:

“Jesus Christ will descend from the heavens, will kill the Dajjal or will help the Mahdi to kill him.” (45)

“The Mahdi will emerge with Jesus Christ, will kill the Dajjal in the territories of Palestine in Bab al-Ludd; or will help the Mahdi to kill the Dajjal.” (46)

How will this truth manifest itself?

First, the Dajjal emerges, and starts performing his activities he planned step by step. Then a painful period starts. Utterly troublesome days are experienced. (47)

In his period, believers suffer severe troubles and famine. They are forced to take refuge in the Pass of Afiq or in the Hill of Dukhan in Damascus. Therefore, in such a period, Jesus Christ comes at the Morning Prayer time; when the Dajjal sees him, he melts the way lead melts. (48)

It is also interesting that the place where the Dajjal will be killed is the Pass of Afiq. Jesus Christ fought with Satan there; and finally with the help of Allah, he became victorious. He will defeat the Dajjal in the same place and in the same fashion. (49)

Jesus, son of Mary, will descend onto the minaret in the East of Damascus, his two hands on the shoulders of two angels. Each unbeliever within reach of his breath will die. He will also search for and find the Dajjal and will kill him on the door of Ludd. (50)

As Ibn Kathir explains, Jesus Christ represents the truth. The time will come; the truth will be strengthened through him and it will defeat the Dajjalism. That the door of Ludd is especially mentioned in the hadith shows that Islam will defeat Jews (the Dajjal is also Jewish); because Jews, in the widest circle, represent the Dajjalism and Ludd is under their dominion. (51)

The big Dajjal, who travels around the world in order to raise mischief and to establish dominance, and who shows certain wonders bestowed on him by Allah in order to lead him astray, will not be able to escape from Jesus Christ.

Narrations show that the Dajjal, who distorts spiritually wherever he treads on and whomever he visits and makes them a means of destruction to the social life, and his followers will not be able to further continue their activities and will try to preserve the circumstances in the fourth phase. Jesus Christ will cope with him. He will kill the big Dajjal.

How will this happen?

As is stated by Badiuzzaman Said Nursi, there are two aspects to this:

The First Aspect: It could only be a wondrous person with the power of miracles who could kill and change the way of the awesome Dajjal, who will preserve himself through wonders, bestowed on him by Allah in order to lead him astray, such as magic, hypnotic powers, and spiritualism, and will spellbind everyone. And that person will be Jesus (Peace be upon him), who is the prophet of the majority of mankind, and whom most people follow.

The Second Aspect is this: It will be the truly pious followers of Jesus who will kill the gigantic collective personality of materialism and irreligion which the Dajjal will form —for the Dajjal will be killed by Jesus’ (PUH) sword— and destroy his ideas and disbelief, which are atheistic. Those truly pious Christians will blend the essence of true Christianity with the essence of Islam and rout the Dajjal with their combined strength, in effect killing him. The narration: “Jesus (Peace be upon him) will come and will perform the obligatory prayers behind the Mahdi and follow him,” alludes to this union, and to the sovereignty of the Qur’an and its being followed. (52)

The religion of Christianity will progress toward the creed of only one Allah, having been saved from the creed of the trinity of Allah; will be purified from certain superstitions and nonsense, will transform into Islam, will submit to the Quran and they will eradicate the view of irreligion by gaining a great strength together.

However, everything will take place within the circle of causes because we live in the world of causes. It should not be expected that these would happen in an extraordinary fashion. Not all the deeds of even Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) were wonderful. He would show miracles occasionally and when needed, and would behave normally at other times. Sometimes he was hungry, and sometimes he stood up against hardships.

We should not expect that all the activities of Jesus Christ would be extraordinary. He will surely show some wonders when needed. However, at other times, he will take the circumstances of the time into consideration and will behave in an appropriate way, in the correct fashion; and at the correct place and time.

As it is known that the Dajjal is the representative of irreligion, that he has a committee, a system and a regime and that these have manifested themselves as communism, it should not be forgotten that the biggest struggle of Jesus Christ will be against irreligion, unbelief, and communism.

Therefore, will Jesus Christ eradicate irreligion and its mentality? Judging from the verse in an-Nisa Surah: “Yet there is none of the People of the Book but will, before the moment of his death, (grasp the truth about Jesus and) believe in him” (53) some mufassirs (the scholars who explain the verses of the Qur’an) state that the People of the Book will believe in Jesus Christ. In the explanation of this verse, Aliyyu’l-Qari says that when Jesus Christ descends onto the earth, the entire world will become a single community of Islam (54). Mehmed Vehbi Efendi, too, states that when the Dajjal emerges, Jesus Christ will descend from the heavens and kill him; and then all the communities will believe in Jesus Christ and the entire world will become the people of Islam. (55)

At the end of time, when materialism and naturalism strengthen and proliferate, and come to such a point as to deny Allah and when the Dajjal in person leads this committee, Jesus Christ starts his duty. At a time when this group who denies Allah and the religion, the true religion of Christianity which comprises the collective personality of Jesus (Upon whom be peace) starts struggle against this current of irreligion. By uniting with the Mahdi, they will kill the Dajjal. In other words, Christianity, which is purified from superstitions, and Islam reach an agreement and kill the Dajjal’s mentality of unbelief.

Badiuzzaman Said Nursi explains this situation as follows:

“At that point when the current appears to be very strong, the religion of true Christianity, which comprises the collective personality of Jesus (Upon whom be peace), will emerge. That is, it will descend from the skies of Divine Mercy. Present Christianity will be purified in the face of that reality; it will cast off superstition and distortion, and unite with the truths of Islam. Christianity will in effect be transformed into a sort of Islam. Following the Qur’an, the collective personality of Christianity will be in the rank of follower, and Islam, In that of leader. True religion will become a mighty force as a result of its joining it. Although defeated before the atheistic current while separate, Christianity and Islam will have the capability to defeat and rout it as a result of their union. Then the person of Jesus (Upon whom be peace), who is present with his human body in the world of the heavens, will come to lead the current of true religion, as, relying on the promise of One Powerful Over All Things, the Bringer of Sure News has said. Since he has told of it, it is true, and since the One Powerful over All Things has promised it, He will certainly bring it about.” (56)

“An association deserving the title ‘Muslim Christians’ who are a self-sacrificing association of Christians trying to merge the true religion of Jesus Christ with the truth of Islam will-under the command of Jesus Christ-kill and scatter the committee of Dajjal which ruins the civilization and holy values of the humanity with the intention of denying Allah; and will save the humanity from disbelieving in Allah.”(57)

The real matter is not to kill the Dajjal in person, who may die because of a virus; but to kill his profession and the system of unbelief he devised. This point is clarified in Rays from the Risale-i Nur Collection as follows:

“Also, since the strange circumstances and fearsome activities of the Antichrist’s regime, and the covert organization and government that he founds, have been narrated as referring to his person, their true meaning has remained obscure. For example, “He will be so powerful and long-lived that only Jesus (PUH) will be able to kill him; nothing else will be able to.” That is, it will only be a revealed, elevated, pure religion that will be able to overturn his way and rapacious regime, and eliminate them. Such a religion will emerge among the true followers of Jesus (PUH), and it will follow the Qur’an and become united with it. On the coming of Jesus (PUH) and emergence of the true Christian religion, the Antichrist’s irreligious way will be wiped out and will cease. The Antichrist’s person could otherwise be killed by a mere germ or by influenza.”(58)

After Jesus Christ kills the Dajjal, the majority of people will enter the true religion; the true religion will soundly show its existence; and the fact mentioned in the verse just stated above will manifest itself.

Under the light of all this knowledge, we can say that Jesus Christ performs his activities one by one, basing them on the collective personality. The Dajjal and his committee, who try to spread irreligion, melted like ice before him and the Mahdi and will continue to melt.

Is it not a kind of confirmation and manifestation of these narrations that communism, which is an atheist regime and which oppressed the world for seventy years, which undermined the one thousand year-long products of Russia all of a sudden, and which left nothing of holy nature intact, finally ended in a pleasing doom?

Irreligion, which is contradictory to the creation and to the laws of Allah, was to die and so it did. Russia herself will not resist before this fact because, we clearly see that this good news has started to realize, “Because of the strong awakening caused by two horrible world wars, absolutely no nation without religion can live, and Russians cannot stay without religion any longer. They cannot go back and become Christian, either. They can only make peace with or submit to the Quran, which breaks up absolute unbelief, which is based on truths and proofs and which persuades both the mind and the heart.” (59)

e. His killing Jews

“The Dajjal will come with seventy thousand Jews. All of them will be equipped with embellished swords and will be wearing green shawls. When the Dajjal looks at Jesus Christ, he will melt the way salt melts in water and begin to run away. And Jesus will say to him: “I will deal such a blow to you, you will not be able to escape from it.” And he will catch up with him on the eastern door of Ludd and will kill him. Allah will also defeat Jews. There will be no creature, any more, which will not be made speak by Allah when a Jew hides behind it. There will be no stone, no tree, no wall, and no animal, which will not say, “O Muslim slave of Allah! Come and kill him.” Except only for the tree called ‘Gharqad’. It is the tree of the Jews. It will not speak.” (60)

In another hadith recounted in Muslim, the following is stated:

“The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.” (61)

Does the fact that communism, which is a regime of irreligion, receives a blow not mean that the Jews who have made mischief over earth throughout history, who are notorious for their tricks and mischief and who have wrought communism upon our world in our age receive a blow?

Since the mischief of this nation which, as is stated in Qur’an, deserved the punishment of Allah and which is labeled ignoble and poor is in such a dimension as to far exceed all the mischief they made before; as we suppose, they have deserved the divine punishment accordingly. Time will show when and how the Jews, who received an unforgettable blow with the downfall of communism, will suffer the other punishments they deserve.

f. His being a means to abundance and fertility

In one of his hadiths, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says: “How fortunate the life after the Messiah is!” and he explains the reason for this: When that day comes, the heavens pour down its rain, the earth grows its plants. This is to such an extent that even if you put the seed on a rigid stone, it will grow.” (62)

This hadith shows that the abundance experienced at the time of the Mahdi will continue afterwards.

These are just a few of the beauties achieved at the time of Jesus’ rule. One of these beauties is the abundance of property as is stated in a narration (63). It will become so abundant that there will be no one to accept it. (64)

As people head towards offering thanks, Allah will bestow on them his favors abundantly. Another important reason is that the money formerly spent on ammunition will be canalized into public service. Moreover, as technology develops and progress in agriculture and industry is made in that period, production will increase more and more.

Has Jesus Christ come?

Badiuzzaman Said Nursi says that Christianity will either disappear or will return to oneness by being purified from superstitions, and will stop the war against Islam.

His opinion is that the latter will happen. He relates the phases Christianity underwent up to this day on the way for its realization:

“Again and again it was torn, neared to Puritanism; but saw no benefit there.

The veil was torn again, it fell into absolute deviation. Some, though, neared to Oneness; and it will see benefit there, It is already getting ready…

Starting to be torn. If it perishes not, will find purity and will merge with Islam.

This is a great mystery, the sign of which is: The Honor of Prophets said: ‘Jesus will practice with my Shari’a and will be among my community.’”(65)

We have given above some examples about how this truth will take place. Said Nursi gives many examples about this issue in his works. In one of them, he says: “At the end of time, the true religion of Jesus Christ (upon whom be peace) will rule; it will come shoulder to shoulder with Islam.” (66). As in the Period of Bliss - the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) - the Qur’an invites the People of Book to come to a common word; to worship only Allah and not to attribute partners to Him (67). This verse has begun to take much effect in our time when compared to the past. In our time when ignorance and blind imitation have been left aside, and replaced by reason, knowledge, justice, and trustfulness, the Christian world has also begun to heed this commandment of the Qur’an.

Having seen these days from the Period of Bliss, the Messenger of Allah declared: “At the end of time, the true pious Christians will establish alliance with the people of the Quran -Muslims - and thus will stand up against the mutual enemy: the atheists.” (68) Another hadith about the issue is as follows:

“In future, you will make peace with the Romans establishing security and will fight together against a mutual enemy.” (69)

In a hadith in Ibn Majah, it is stated that when wars arise, an army of non-Arabic origin whose horses are the worthiest breed and whose weapons are the best will support Islam. (70) Might not this army be an army of a Christian state which has an advanced technology of war and which will support Islam at the time of big wars?

Said Nursi spoke highly of the internal opposing group, which dealt a fatal blow to Germany and Bolsheviks, and which, at the time of World War II, fought against Russia, the representative of communism, and which said: “Depending on Allah, I will do away with irreligion, and will protect Islam and Muslims." He also said that they were a kind of a representative of the collective personality of Jesus Christ. (71)

Neither Muslim nor Christian countries could fight communism on their own, which had been acting on behalf of atheism for seventy to eighty years. Therefore, alliance was inevitable. Foundations like NATO and CENTO emerged for this reason.

It was the due time. Having sensed this correctly, Badiuzzaman Said Nursi felt the need to remind both Muslims and pious Christians of certain truths:

“Now, Believers should form an alliance not only with their Muslim brothers, but also with pious Christians and should not pay attention to the points of disagreement and should not engage in a row, because the absolute unbelief is attacking.” (72)

“Now, people of religion and truth need to form a sincere alliance not only with their coreligionist, coworkers, and brothers; but also with true pious Christians and should not pay attention to the points of disagreement for the time being and should not engage in a row.”(73)

Missionaries, pious Christians, and servants of the Qur’an should have paid great attention because the current of unbelief spreading from the North was trying to spoil the alliance between Muslims and missionaries in order to defend itself against the assault of Islam and Christianity. This current could deceive and give them a privilege and thus attract Muslims by benefiting from the principles of Islam that Islam protected the public, that it made zakah obligatory and interest forbidden, and that it avoided cruelty. (74)

In the Second World War, there was communism on one side, the regime of irreligion and Christian countries on the other. Evaluating the war from this perspective, Said Nursi said “… For, with this World War, with the event of two states claiming the sovereignty over earth, the great fight between the horrible current of irreligion and heavenly religions began with the two great religions having appealed to the court of reconciliation in search of peace.” (75)

The situation was delicate. And the enemy was great and tremendous. However powerful the disagreeing side was, they could easily be overwhelmed with little power. Meanwhile, the current of the “Dajjal” was in action. Christians and Muslims had to be in alliance against this current. Nursi said,:

“An important worry and consolation comes to my heart: The worry is that at the end of these big fights, damage greater than World War I might bring about a brutality of Dajjal in Europe, the source and support of civilization. My consolation is that the complete awakening of the world of Islam, the New World accepting the true religion of Christianity as principles of action and forming an alliance with Islam, and the Gospel forming an alliance with the Quran and submitting to it will stand up against the two oncoming horrible currents with a divine help and will defeat them God willing.”(76)

This current of the Dajjal was nothing other than communism. Since the creation of the world, a second system which waged war in such a way against all religions and holy things taking the nonsense “Religion is opium” as principle had never been seen. This system far surpassing Nimrods, Pharaohs and Shaddats in destruction has developed by swallowing whoever it encounters, grew in power and invaded an important part of the world. At such a time, neither Muslims, who are the followers of the true religion, nor Christians had the power to resist on their own. There was no way other than alliance between Muslims and Christians.

Formerly, Christian states did not support the unity of Islam; however, since communism and anarchy emerged, both America and European states had to support the unity of Islam. (77)

The formation of Islam means the realization of the third one of the duties of the Mahdi, which is ‘faith, life and the Shari’a’, because the third duty of the Mahdi is to base the Caliphate of Islam on the unity of Islam and to make alliance with pious Christians and thus to serve Islam. This duty could be fulfilled with a very big sultanate, power, and millions of self-sacrificing people. (78)

On 13 December 1992, the Papacy issued a book of 627 pages. This book, which was distributed to all of the churches, sold 200 thousand just in France. In the book, Christianity is evaluated in the direction of Islam. In the book, which includes Al-Fatiha Surah, the following is stated:

“People must comply not with the rules made by humans, but with divine rules.”

In the book filled with the creed of oneness, trinity is handled in this way:

“There has remained no possibility of explaining the creed of trinity in accordance with the faith of one God. Jesus Christ is only a prophet who conveys whatever is revealed to him by Allah.”

Since 1967, the Papacy with the title of ‘The Head of the Council of Dialogue between Religions’ has been congratulating Muslims on their Ramadan Festival. The announcement they issued in 1992 was as follows:

“Dear Muslim sisters and brothers!

We Christians who respect your adherence to fasting and prayer wish to work together in order to establish peace.

With the high feeling evoked by fasting through the Ramadan which is obligatory on you as Believers and Muslims, you well know and understand that it is not possible to establish true peace without the help and the light sent by God. This is God who is the sole Lord of peace and bliss.

We pray to God that He bestows upon us Muslims and Christians the power to endure hardships in establishing peace through mutual help and dialogue.”

In his message to the world of Islam on the occasion of the Ramadan Festival, in 1996, Cardinal Francis Arinze both congratulated Muslims on their festival and said that the relationships between Muslims and Christians should be improved and that the relations should come to a further and intimate degree more than tolerance. Arinze quotes these words of Pope Jean Paul: “We Christians and Muslims have generally misunderstood each other and sometimes opposed to one another and even consumed ourselves with polemics and wars.” Arinze continues, “It is time we saved our memories from the negative remnants of the past and we looked toward the future. Whoever upset the other must apologize regretfully. We must forgive each other mutually.” (79)

It is as if Jesus Christ performs his activities behind veils. So, he did come. Surely as a necessity of the purpose of test, not everyone can recognize him. Only his close followers will be able to recognize him.



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18 The following is stated in a hadith: "When a person does only one-tenth of what is ordered, he will be saved." How should we understand it?

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) addressed his Companions as follows:

"You are in such a time that if any of you abandons one-tenth of what is ordered, he will be destroyed; then, there will be some timewhen a person who does only one-tenth of what is ordered will be saved.” (Ramuzul-Ahadith p. 136, 1753, hadith Tabarani filkabir, Ibn Adiy, Abu Hurayra)

The phrase "to do one-tenth of it" in the hadith is in terms of quality, not quantity.

That is, along with the truths of belief, it will be enough for the Muslims at the end of time to do one-tenth of the worshipping like prayer and fasting and in general practicing Islam that the Companions did in terms of quality.

Otherwise, it does not mean to perform one of the deeds of worshipping like prayer, fasting, kalima ash-shahadah, zakah and the truths of belief (for instance, to utter kalima ash-shahadah only) and to abandon others.

19 When will Doomsday strike? Is the information that it will strike in the evening true? When it is the evening in a European country, it is the morning in America. How will Doomsday take place then?

The following is stated in a hadith narrated by Abu Hurayra:

"The best day on which the sun has risen is Friday; on it, Adam was created. On it, he was made to enter Paradise; on it, he was expelled from it. And the last hour will take place on no day other than Friday." (Muslim, Jumua, 18)

On the other hand, it is mentioned in the statements of the Prophet (pbuh) that Doomsday will strike in the evening:

“Doomsday will strike in the evening when the sun sets.” (Bukhari, Tafsiru Surah 6/9; Tirmidhi, Daawat, 98)

The Prophet (pbuh) also said,

“I am the prophet after the time of the afternoon.” (Tafsiru Ibn Kathir, XII/6549)

Thus, it is understood that these times are not related to the times of the earth we live in and the days on it.

In fact, the day, year, man and universe remind one another; they are samples of one another. That is, almost the same things happen in these four things. For instance,

- When the day starts in the morning, the morning of the year is the time of spring. Similarly, man is born in the uterus and the universe is born on the first day of its creation of six phases.

- The noontime of the day reminds the midsummer, youth of man’s lifespan and the creation of humans in the life of the universe.

- The afternoon time reminds the last days of the summer, old age in man’s life and the time of the Prophet (pbuh) of the end of time in the life of the universe. Accordingly, the Prophet (pbuh) came to the world after the afternoon time in the life of man or the universe.

- The evening time reminds fall (autumn) in man’s life and the Day of Judgment in the life of the universe, which is its destruction.

Accordingly, Doomsday striking in the evening should be understood as the evening time of the universe, not the evening time of the day of the earth we live.

What is meant by Doomsday striking on Friday is not the Friday of the earth. Doomsday of the universe will take place on the Friday of the universe.

20 Will the spirits in graves be affected by the horror of Doomsday? What will the state of believers be like when Doomsday strikes?

When Doomsday strikes, the spirits of believers will be removed before so that they will not experiencethe horror of Doomsday as a sign of mercy; Doomsday will strike unbelievers.

Will the eternal spirits in graves be affected by the events of Doomsday?

Those who will be affected based on their decrees: Angels will be affected by Allah’s manifestations of wrath based on their degrees. When a person who is in a warm place sees the people who shiver outside in the snow and blizzard, he is affected in terms of his intellect and conscience. Similarly, the signs of the Quran shows that conscious eternal spirits are affected by the big incidents of the universe based on their degrees since they are related to the universe, that unbelievers will be affected badly and that people of bliss will be affected well. For, the Quran always mentions the strange incidents of Doomsday in the form of threats; it says, "You will see!" In fact, those who see it with their bodies are those who will be living when Doomsday strikes. That is, the spirits whose bodies decay in the grave will also receive their shares from the threat of the Quran.

21 "Allah will complete (the revelation of) His light." How will this verse be realized? Sins seem to be dominant everywhere.

Hundreds of thousands of people become Muslims in various countries of the world every year. Islam is advancing very fast all over the world. It will be wrong to think that Doomsday will strike in five or ten years since we are at the end of time. It is not certain when Doomsday will strike. Allah will definitely keep His promise. He will keep His promise even if only one year is left for Doomsday. It is not difficult for Allah.

"Their intention is to extinguish Allah´s Light (by blowing) with their mouths: But Allah will complete (the revelation of) His Light, even though the Unbelievers may detest (it)." (as-Saff, 61/8)

1. This statement is mentioned bot in verses and hadiths. Allah will definitely keep His promise and complete His light.

2. Our duty is not to convert people to Islam by force. It is Allah who will create belief in people’s hearts. A farmer sows the seeds in the field and does not interfere with their becoming green; similarly, we will sow the seeds of belief and Islam in people’s hearts and refer their becoming green to Allah.

3. Allah, who brings summer after winter every year, the day after the darkness of the night every day, shows the sun everywhere all of a sudden by clearing the sky covered with clouds, can transform these nights of unbelief, clouds of debauchery and the winter season full of bad things into the day, the sun and summer respectively if we deserve those good things and if we rely on His mercy and blessing.

4. Some prophets came and only a few people believed in them but they received the thawab of prophethood fully. Therefore, Allah will treat people based on how much they conveyed the message of Islam and how much they practiced it, not based on how many people they converted to Islam.

5. Hopelessness is a big sin and a disease that eats man away. We need to take refuge in Allah’s mercy from it. Who could have guessed the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics would collapse so easily? Therefore, we should fulfill our duties. Allah is the one who knows best what to do.