It is understood from some of the accounts regarding Mahdi that he is described as an extraordinary person. How should we assess such accounts?

It is not appropriate to consider Dajjal (Anti-Christ) and Mahdi as extraordinary, superhuman beings. Such a mentality contradicts Islamic mentality and the laws and creation principles of Allah. Since not all of the deeds of the prophets are extraordinary, how can we expect Mahdi to be like that?

It is certain that Mahdi will perform some miraculous deeds when the time is due and where it is necessary. But not all of his actions are extraordinary. As Mawdudi says, "No matter when Mahdi comes, he will know about the information, culture, situation and essentials of that time very well and will take measures in accordance with that time, will make use of the scientific inventions and devices of that time and will use them in the best way. " (1)

How shall we interpret the extraordinary actions of Dajjal and Mahdi told in the accounts? Will they do them alone?

No. They will do them with their spiritual personalities.

Dajjal will make destructions resting upon a spiritual personality, a committee or a society; Likewise Mahdi will repair these destructions with the support of a group that is based on sincerity, loyalty and solidarity, sayyids and gradually the other Muslims. Allah will make them successful as a reward for their sincerity, loyalty and solidarity. The examples of this are not rare in history. So many groups of very few people beat so many groups of many people. Was the number of the soldiers of Talut big? How did the people of Badr scatter the polytheists who were three times more than themselves? Weren't the enemy soldiers who were four times as many as the soldiers of Alparslan scattered by Alparslan's soldiers?

The extraordinary things that are attributed to Mahdi and that are stated to be achieved by him can only be realized by a spiritual personality. If we regard the question in terms of people we can only say what a dear scholar said: "Where will you place the mentality of Mahdi that will succeed even the things that the Prophet (PBUH) could not succeed?"(2) .
(1) Mawdudi, Abu'l-A'la, Meseleler ve Çözümleri, trans. Yusuf Kara (Istanbul: 1990), p. 51.
(2) Prof. Dr. Avni Ilhan. "Mehdî ve Mehdîlik," Islâm, July, 1996, p. 31.

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