Question 37: The statement Allah created is not a statement of science. It cannot be proved or negated. It is a metaphysical thought. Is it not so?

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Answer: It is not a metaphysical thing that cannot be proved to say that Allah created a being; it is possible to prove mentally, logically and scientifically. For example, we want to find out and know who created the person who asked this question. His creation can be followed step by step beginning from the single cell in the mother’s womb through science. One of the following must have created the person who asked that question:

1-Causes created him.

2-He came into being on his own.

3-Nature created him.

4-He was created by Allah, who has infinite knowledge, will and power.

1- Is it possible for causes to have created him?

Is it possible for elements like carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, iron and copper, which have no knowledge, will, life and mind, to have created him? Or, is it possible for the mother or father, to have transformed him from a single cell to multiple cells, to have equipped him with organs such as the heart, stomach, intestines, mouth and face and to have given him feelings like mind, imagination, knowledge, will, fear, anxiety, and curiosity? Ask them and see what answers you will get. Your conscience will give the following answer: “Is it ever possible? Can atoms that have no knowledge, will, life, mind and consciousness create man?”

2- Did he come into being on his own?

Did he make himself come into this realm of existence from the realm of non-existence when he was not even a single cell in life? That is, how can a person who is not alive create himself? Would the acceptance of such a thought be scientific and logical? You also know that accepting these possibilities means turning off the mind. Then, such issues are not discussed with someone whose mind is not active.

3- Is it possible for nature to have created him?

Biologists describe nature as “all living and non-living beings”. Nobody will accept that the sun, air, soil and water, which are non-living beings, make man.

Living beings are plants, animals and humans. Did the rose in the garden, the nightingale in the cage, or the mosquitoes in the swamp among those beings make man? Since it is obvious that even the mother and father did not make that person, to whom will you attribute his existence?

Man, who is the smartest and most conscious being in the world, cannot possess himself; how will other beings take him from the realm of non-existence to the realm of existence?

It is not metaphysical but scientific, conscientious and rational evidence to accept that Allah, who has infinite knowledge, will and power, created both that person and the other beings.

However, the claims that atheist evolutionists put forward stating that living beings emerged by chance in a chain by evolving from one another and as a work of nature are purely metaphysical and a philosophical thought. It is not possible to test and prove in the laboratory.

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