Question 18: Did the dust from which Hz. Adam was created have all elements?

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Answer: The dust from which Hz. Adam was created does not have to have all elements. As a matter of fact, the life given to him and the air he breathed came to him from air and other realms, not from dust.

Just as there are 26 letters in the English alphabet, there are about 114 elements in the universe. In other words, the beings in the world are written by those elements in the book of the universe by Allah.

Some of them are found in soil, some in water and some in air. The place of a large part of these elements is not fixed. They are always in circulation. For example, the nitrogen element in the air passes to the soil with rain or lightning, and from there to plants; when the plants are eaten by animals or humans, it is taken into the body of animals or humans. It goes back to the ground or into the air with the substances thrown out of the human body. The same thing is valid for the carbon element. The plant takes the carbon atom from the soil and from the air through breathing because there is a certain amount of carbon dioxide in the air breathed in by the plant. The carbon elements entering the plant from the soil and air are used in the formation of leaves and fruits. The carbon elements taken into the body of the animals and humans who eat these leaves or fruits return to the air and soil after they complete their duties, and get in line to be used in the bodies of the living beings again.

It is a great claim to say that there was no carbon in the soil in which Adam was created because it is not possible to know the conditions of the first earth with all its features. Suppose that there was no carbon atom in the soil from which the first man was created or some of the elements used in the structure of Hz. Adam did not exist in the soil. Is it not possible for Allah to have taken the elements that did not exist in the soil from the places where they were located and to have used them? Is it not Allah who created all elements and the universe out of nothing? The statement that Hz. Adam was created from soil can also be understood as most of his elements being taken from soil.

When you construct a building, you use iron and cement obtained from soil. However, you get electricity and water from outside. When Allah created man, He used the elements in the soil along with the elements in the air and water outside the soil.

Man does not consist of a heap of elements either. Life, which constitutes the spiritual realm of man, none of the faculties and feelings such as mind, imagination, memory, curiosity, anxiety, fear, affection, love, compassion and fury that are connected to life exist in the 114 elements; they come to man from outside. By claiming the supposedly non-existence of some elements in the soil, they want to remove the creation of man from Allah and attribute it to chance and nature through sleight of hand, demagogy and generalization.

You cannot explain the elements in the human body by chance and nature; nor can you explain the feelings, emotions and thoughts of man related to his spiritual realm with nature and chance. You will have to accept a creator with infinite knowledge, will and power in the creation of the first man Hz. Adam and his offspring.

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