Question 19: Can we liken the mud rom which Hz. Adam was created to prebioticsoup? Will you mention the evidences indicating that Hz.Adam was not created like that?

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Answer: God Almighty describes the mud from which Hz. Adam was created in different ways. Some of the verses regarding the issue are as follows:

He created man from sounding clay like unto pottery.1

Behold! Thy Lord said to the angels: ‘I am about to create man, from sounding clay from mud molded into shape’.2

Man We did create from a quintessence (of clay).3

What is the content of this mud? What elements does it contain? We do not know them. The way to understand how Allah created Hz. Adam from this mud is to look at the creation of man and other living beings today.

Let us analyze the following statement now:

It is Allah who creates the chicken from an egg with a calcified shell.

Attention is drawn to what chicken is created from here. The chicken is created with a completely different creation from the egg. To look for the feather, bone, intestines, beak and eye of the chicken in the yolk and white of the egg means not to know the creation. The same thing is valid for the creation of the first man and the creation of the present people. As a matter of fact, it is expressed as follows in a verse:

And Allah has created every living creature from water.4

Thus, if you look for the substances that are present in the body of man, sheep, rose or nightingale in a drop of water, it means you do not know creation. Such a deed is a sign of ignorance, not science. 

Can the soil from which Hz. Adam was created be called “Prebiotic soup”?

Prebiotic means first life or life precursor. As far as it is known, there is no such sign of life in the soil from which Hz. Adam was created. Allah does not mention any soil soup. He states that He created Hz. Adam by giving life to dry soil, just like the lifeless soil today. However, the soil today acts as a mother for plants, causing the formation of living beings.

What happens if someone who is an expert in this field gives the soil from which Hz. Adam was created this name? He will be the pioneer of a view. Some people will support him. They will make some claims to prove the trueness of this view. Some others will defend the opposing view. They will claim that this thought is not true. Since no one knows the truth and since it is not possible for anyone to see and show that first creation, everyone will insist on their view. Thus, people will find themselves something to be busy with until Doomsday. While dealing with the creation of the first man, man forgets his own wise and artistic creation and the purposes of his creation and the duties he is obliged to fulfill; then, he goes to the hereafter empty-handed.

That is what Satan wants to do anyway. Satan wants to take revenge on people because he will be put in Hell since he did not prostrate before Hz. Adam, the first man. He will take revenge on people by occupying them with such unimportant things, putting their belief in danger, causing them to go to the hereafter empty-handed and eventually leading them to hell.

Evidence is requested to show that Adam was not created in this way. There cannot be such proof. It is like saying prove that I am not human. Maybe this question can be asked as follows: Prove that I am human. Then, this question will be answered considering the characteristics of humans. However, the opposite of it cannot be proved., verse 14., verse 23.’minun, verse 12., verse 45.

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