How old were Hz. Adam and Eve when they were born?

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How old were Hz. Adam and Eve when they were born?
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Their birth is out of question.

Childhood is the continuation of the process that first begins in the mother’s womb. However, Adam was directly created by the power of Allah from soil. Therefore, a childhood period is not considered for Adam.

As direct creation from soil does not let a childhood period to take place, his deprivation of a guardian or an educator disables us to consider a childhood concept for him.

There are different expressions in the Quran elucidating the creation of man. In those expressions, man is described as soil, rotten mud, sticky mud and worthless water and his creation from baked mud is emphasized. Scholars explained that those different expressions do not form a contradiction, rather, they point to the different phases of the creation. (See al-Hazin, VII/139) Each of those phases may be considered a period of childhood or infancy status compared to an upper phase.

Accordingly, in the verse: “This similitude of Jesus before Allah is as that of Adam. Allah created Adam from dust, then said to him “Be” and he was. (Aal-e Imran, 3/59)” the real origin of man is pointed to, while in the verse “Surely, we created them (the mankind) of a sticky clay (as-Saffat, 37/11)”, the second phase of the creation where the soil was mixed with water and became a sticky material was mentioned, and in the verse “Verily, we created the man from a dry (baked) mud, a formed black clay” (al-Hijr, 15/26), the third phase where the man’s formed state of rotten black clay, is pointed, and in the last verse :  “ Allah created the man from a clay that resembles a baked mud (Rahman, 55/14)” the last phase of the creation where the form “a clay that resembles a baked mud” was pointed to (See. Taberî, VIII/part. 14, p. 28; Sawi, IV/154; Niyazki Beki, surah ar-Rahman, interpretation of the related verse)
Adam is the first human being, as it is clearly stated in the Quran. Allah preferred the soil while creating him and then gave him the soul. The Divine Wisdom created our mother Eve, for multiplication of the mankind and also for being a bosom friend for Adam.

This creation is expressed as follows in the first verse of the Surah an-Nisa (Woman) : “He created his spouse from him

It is stated in the well-known interpretations  while explaining those verses as follows : Allah created Eve from the left rib of Adam. At that moment, Adam took a nap. When he woke up, he saw Eve. Firstly, he was surprised but afterwards he cheered. His heart settled towards her and a feeling of intimate frienship occurred between them.

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