If living things have to change, how can it be argued that they were created perfectly? How can we answer those who show it as evidence for evolution?

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If the evolution theory is accepted, this question and this problem will arise. For, according to evolutionists, those who cannot adapt to living conditions have to undergo natural selection. In this case, the following can be said, "Why did not Allah create some beings in accordance with the conditions of life?"

The second delusion of evolutionists is mutations, which express the transformation of some species into other species. As there are different types of apples, as well as different varieties of pears, it is possible that some living things will also change as a result of a certain divine law in the course of time. However, as evolutionists say, for example, the claims that a monkey turns into a human, a camel turns into a cat, a mouse turns into a horse, and a butterfly turns into a lamb are nonsense. For, according to this claim, there is a transformation of beings with different natures and qualities into a nature other than their own nature. However, " it is impossible for the realities to change."

As for the real question, it is a fact that things were created based on a certain law of evolution. It is stated in the Qur'an that the heavens and the earth were created in six days (in two astronomical, four geological periods). This shows the wisdom of Allah, not His weakness. Because, the following is also stated in the Qur'an: "And your creation or your resurrection is in no wise but as an individual soul… Truly that is easy for Allah." It means the power of Allah is enough for everything.

Something that is pre-eternal cannot have an opposite that can intervene and weaken it. Allah’s knowledge and power are pre-eternal like all His attributes, and there is no ignorance in question that is opposite them. Therefore, Allah knows everything, how they will be perfect in every aspect; There is nothing He will learn in time and with experience – God forbid - He does not need it.

Although all attributes of Allah are infinite, they consider the decrees of one another like concentric circles. For example, Allah can do anything, but He does not create unnecessary, absurd things because His attribute of wisdom does not allow it. If Allah wishes, He can inflict all kinds of cruelty on His servants – God forbid -, and no one can prevent it; however, He does not do such a thing because His attributes of compassion and justice do not allow it.

It is a necessity of His wisdom that Allah does not create everything at the perfect level in an instant, and that He creates according to the law of perfection that is present in the universe. For, the world is the land of wisdom, it has been designed and arranged according to the network of causes. It is for this reason that a child stays in the womb of the mother for months; he is born after a few months in a weak and ignorant state, becoming perfect after many years of life adventure. For, there are reasons that satisfy one's mind in this gradual route. If there was no system of wisdom suitable for divine wisdom, neither medicine nor astronomy, neither physics nor chemistry, and not even sciences such as sociology would come to light. For, they all mention certain causes, wisdom, cause and effect relationships.

We think that the truth will be understood when the subject is viewed from this perspective.

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