Do lizards evolve in ten years?

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Atheist evolutionists claim that lizards evolve in ten years and they put forward this idea as a proof for evolution. What do you think about it?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

The claim put forward as evolution of lizards is just yellow press news.

It is claimed that when lizards that are fed at home for a while are released to nature, certain changes occur in their bodies and their heads grow larger. It is claimed through generalization that this will lead to new species in millions of years.

For, no one can see and test such a long period.

The reason for the growth of head of the lizard is attributed to the propulsive force of evolution.

Let us ask:

-What is the evidence for evolution?

-The growth of head of the lizards that are released to the wild and some small changes occurring in their digestive system.

-Well, do these changes transform the lizard into another animal?


-For example, are there any changes like, firstly, %100 lizard, then %90 lizard and %10 snake, after that, %80 lizard, %20 snake, and then %70 lizard and %30 snake?

-There are not.

There are thousands of genes that control the genetic structure of a living being. It is impossible to change of even a single gene. How does this lead to another living being by changing thousands of genes?

We ask again:

-What causes this change in living beings like the lizard?

-The propulsive force of evolution.

In other words, the desire of change that comes from the inside of living beings provide this force.

-Is this propulsive force, which is claimed to lead to evolution and to come from the inside of the living being a new idea?

No, it is an opinion put forward by Darwin. In 1850, approximately 160 years ago, Darwin said, “The woman quit her hairy skin of ape to make herself liked by men and assumed her current shape. “

That is, what saved the woman from the hairy skin of ape was the inner desire to be beautiful and to change.

According to this evolutionary idea, if you are also disturbed, for instance, by the beard in your face, why do you want not to get rid of the beard and have a beardless face?

That is the main idea on which evolutionists base their thoughts, which they call propulsive force of evolution and with which they misguide the youth.  They are fairytales to make children sleep. However, it has nothing to do with science.

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