Question 60: Is the Selfish Gene theory true? How can we refute the selfish gene theory, which evolutionists put forward because they could not explain the sacrifice in animals?

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Answer: This theory has no sound aspects; how will you refute it? It is unfounded all over. They themselves confess that it is unfounded. This theory was put forward in 1976. That is to say, it is not a new view. It was put forward by Dawkins, an irreligious biologist more than forty years ago. 

See how evolutionists, who do not accept a creator, describe the selfish gene theory:

This theory claims that the basic unit of evolution is gene, not species as it is the case in the theory of Darwin. According to this theory, all living beings, including human beings, are robots produced and cloned by genes. “

That is how they describe their selfish gene theory. Note that they understood the invalidity of the species-centered Darwin theory, which they had been defending for 150 years; thus, they suggested this selfish gene theory. This is the confession of the invalidity of Darwin’s theory by themselves.

According to this theory, which they put forward, all living beings are robots controlled by genes. This definitely includes human beings too.

So, what is the basis of genes? The basis of genes is carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen atoms.

-Do these atoms have consciousness?


-Do they have intellect?


- Do they have knowledge?


- Do they have life?


- Do they have thought or reasoning?

-No. In fact, all the work that is done is the work of knowledge, will and power

The one who does not see the hand that writes the article thinks that the pen wrote it. Since they cannot see Allah’s hand of power, they attribute the biological events that occur not to that hand of power, but to causes like pens.

This theory did not find supporters when it was put forward and afterwards; it is on dusty shelves now. Why did it not find supporters? Because Darwinian evolutionists argued that the genetic structure of living beings changed over time, resulting in other living beings. However, this theory states that genes are selfish, never change and maintain their structure firmly. Therefore, it did not become popular among evolutionists.

However, now they present it as science by adding some sophistry and as if it is something new. They do so not because it is a fact but because they want to drive young people away from a creative thought and make them unbelievers.

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