What would you say to evolutionists claims such as, Dinosaurs evolved and transformed into Birds?

The word dinosaur, which we are familiar with, means terrible lizard. The dinosaurs were vertebrate animals that lived in terrestrial eco-system for over 160 million years, first appearing approximately 235 million years ago, and extinct 65 million years ago all of a sudden with a catastrophic event.

These reptiles coming to the order, which intrigue public eye, has been laid groundwork for both domestic and foreign periodicals to publish about evolution theory since time immemorial. TUBITAKs (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) periodical Bilim ve Teknik, for instance, was publishing Darwins evolution ideas at the end of the article about Dinosaurs, which they had made cover in their October 1993 release. August 1983 cover of the same periodical was entitled The Extinction of Dinosaurs, and evolution scenarios came up in the articles. National Geographic Magazine (August 1978) featured how Dinosaurs evolved and turned into birds. However, this theory was confuted with the finding of a 225 million years old bird (Protoavis) fossil. It was then understood that birds were clapping their wings freely along with dinosaurs, when they first appeared in the history.

Dinosaurs first appearance in the history, their lives, and extinction event introduce scientific evidences against evolution rather than being reminiscent of it. Why did they become extinct from the scene of the history? Trying to find evidences for evolution theory from the answers to the question do not carry much conviction, because what is tried to be answered with the theory of evolution is not how species came up but how they extinct. It is quite interesting not to find any convincing evidence about the origins of the dinosaurs in the books related.

It should be also kept in mind that catastrophic extinction event of the dinosaurs rules out the possibility of gradual Darwinist evolution. If it was evidenced that dinosaurs evolved and turned into another species and extinct gradually, then it would have been considered good material for the evolutionist.

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