Was the first man created out of dust or did he come from a monkey?

Certainly, it is the necessity of intelligence of man to be interested in his past. It is very normal for him to try to find out from where and how he came to the world. However, how will he solve those kinds of questions and what will be his criterion to evaluate the documents about this subject? Is reason alone adequate to answer those questions?

To clarify this subject, it is necessary to know the functioning principles of reason first. Reason passes the information received by organ of senses through the filter of logic to evaluate and interpret events. The effectiveness fields of sense organs are limited as their tasks are different from each other. Can we hear all sounds by our ears? No! We can only receive the sounds whose vibrations are between 20 and 20.000. In fact, eyes can distinguish only some lights with definite wavelengths. If we rotate a circle with seven colors speedily, we see the white color. When the white color is separated into the spectrum, we see it as seven colors. Thus, eyes may be mistaken. Another example; when we immerse our hand into warm water after we take it out of hot water, we conclude that that water is cold. However, in reality, the water is warm.

Actually, it is neither the eye, nor the hand that is mistaken here. The brain comes to a judgment based on the information received from sense organs. That is, it is the brain that is mistaken in both cases.

Reason makes evaluation by the methods of induction and deduction and comes to a judgment for any issue. That judgment may not be a real judgment because evaluation judgments that reason will bring up may change as the materials that the organs of sense give to reason change later. Information received from the organs of sense which have limited effectiveness fields will be certainly insufficient. Can it be expected from reason to make sufficient judgments with insufficient knowledge? Therefore, science is defined as Value judgments whose incorrectness may be proved momentarily by many people.

The knowledge about the transferring of images and sounds 150 years ago was seriously less than the knowledge today. According to the knowledge at that time, it was judged that images could not be transferred. Therefore, the values of judgments reason brings up changes in parallel with the knowledge achieved from the surroundings.

Then, we should bring up such a judgment about the creation of the first man that that judgment would not change according to time and place. That is, it should be a real judgment.

To what extent can reason comprehend the creation? Answering that question correctly will half facilitate the solution of the issue.

The field that reason can penetrate is definite and limited. The problems outside that field and the problems which reason cannot find out alone constitute the subjects of metaphysics.

Thus, one of the metaphysic subjects that is outside the penetration field of reason is creation. It gets more difficult when the subject is the creation of the first man. The conclusion reason can make alone here will have a big portion of mistake. Reason cannot proceed alone in this field. If it does, it is unavoidable for it to make erroneous conclusions because, the perception field of reason, which is a comprehension tool, is limited and narrow. Therefore, reason needs Divine declarations and judgments, that is, it needs a universal reason. And that reason is the Noble Quran.

Some people who wanted to find out the creation only by relying on reason emerged with a big uproar, but what was the result? They entered the dead-end street in the end. They have claimed that man came into existence by the evolution of some kinds of animals coincidentally and this opinion became a doctrine, a philosophy in our age. It has gained many supporters as Evolution philosophy. Some ardent supporters of this philosophy took the issue forward till evolution became a system of belief in their hands. Intellectuals who did not believe in evolution were excommunicated by those circles of science. Was it in the Middle Ages? No! It happened in the twentieth century.
Let us state right now that evolutionists accept evolution, not creation. According to them, by modification of a single cell, millions kinds of living beings living today emerged. Man was among those, of course, and he got his share from that modification.

How did those modifications happen? Who did them? According to evolutionists, answers of those questions are quite simple. According to them, that differentiation happened by coincidence. They tell that it took place over a long period of time. For instance; how long? That time is such a long period that, it is impossible to investigate it. Let us suppose that you reveal that the modification they claim did not take place during the time they assert, and then they refer you to other histories.

Evolutionists cannot even explain human races, let alone the emergence of new living beings. Famous evolutionist T. Dobzhansky tells the following about that issue:

Although one century has passed since Darwin, we have not been able to solve the problem concerning the origin of the different races in human species. The issue is still as complex as it was one century ago. (*)

How can a person explain profound issues such as creation of all living beings and modifications they have had by a theory which cannot even explain the origins of the races? It is understood that as we approach the evolution theory with scientific proofs, defending of that theory will be impossible.

Simpson, a famous evolutionist, tells the following about the creation of man:
Man is the only being which has the capacity and potential of comprehension in the universe. He is the work of unconscious and mindless materials. Man, who accomplished coming into existence himself, is responsible only towards himself. Man does not have a creative, controlling and determinative power in the universe. However, he is the builder and the master of himself. In this respect, man must determine and direct his fate himself.

Simpson strains the limits of reason and logic while explaining the evolution philosophy and he denies in a sentence what he tells in another sentence. Man is both accepted as the only being which has the capacity and potential of comprehension in the universe and yet it is declared that he is the work of unconscious and mindless materials. How will those unconscious and mindless materials create that conscious man? Materials do not possess comprehension and consciousness in themselves; how can they give them to man?

At the end of the paragraph, the following is stated, Man accomplished coming into existence himself. Is it possible for a person, who can only rise to his feet when he is one year old and begin to recognize his surroundings when he is 5-6 years old, to bring himself into existence from non-existence? How will man bring himself into existence while he was non-existent at the beginning?

Simpson continues his article as follows: Man does not have a creative, controlling and determinative power in the universe. But he is the builder and the master of himself. It is claimed that man did not have a power in the universe but he was his builder. How can a man who is not influential in the universe be his own builder? The earth, the sun, the moon, air, in short, the entire universe is necessary for man to be able to exist.

Simpson assigns the control of himself in uterus and even in the previous stages to man who is not given legal competence until he is 18 years old since it is thought that he cannot judge and evaluate matters correctly before then.

Hundreds of events take place even in the simplest cell in a split second. Man, who is made up of millions of cells and whose cells are changed and renewed continuously, cannot certainly be considered to be controlling himself. Are the course of hundreds of events such as functioning of the heart, processing of the nervous system, purification of the blood and the transportation and preparation of the nourishment for digestion based on mans willing? No. Those events go on with no intervention of man. Even Simpson himself is not out of that law.

The formation of beings from atoms and molecules and the administration of all events taking place in the universe may only be possible through the continuous control of a Creator with infinite knowledge and power in the universe.

L. Zuckerman, a famous evolutionist, depicts their working principles as follows: We begin with a pure scientific idea through the lights of physics and chemistry laws. However, immediately we move to the field based on syllogism and conjecture by getting far away from objective facts. We come to a conclusion about the fossil history of man through a sentimental intuition or way of explanation.

Another evolutionist, Gould, expresses his poverty by this question: Which evidences are present demonstrating the transition between forefathers and descendants? Kitts, an evolutionist anatomy professor, answers his question as follows: Despite the bright words of paleontology (the fossil science) about it has provided the evidence concerning evolution, the problems of evolutionists have not been solved yet. The most important ones are the spaces between the fossils. Transition forms between the species are needed for evolution. However, paleontology could not provide them.

A question comes to our minds: Seeing that transition forms are needed for evolution and those forms have not been found out yet, why do you still defend evolution?

The number of that kind of confessions of the evolutionists can be increased. However, if attention is paid, it will be seen there are no evidence supporting the idea of evolution that they claim. Then, why are they insistent on their opinion of evolution? The answer is one sentence; so as not to accept the Creator.

It is possible to summarize the basic philosophy of evolutionists as follows: There is an art, but no artist. There is a work of art, but no builder. There is a book, but no writer of it.

Gish expresses what the opinions and thoughts of the evolutionists are based on in the best way as the follows: The evolution philosophy is a belief system, a religion which exists in the evolutionists own opinions about the world.

Actually, the philosophy of evolution is intertwined with materialism. Gish calls attention to that issue by these words: The reason why many scientists accept evolution is that the theory explains the creation of living beings through a materialist and naturalist idea. It is because, they believe in materialism and nature. In fact, the famous evolutionist Dobzshansky says the following: Today, materialist philosophy constitutes the fundamentals of the most of the present biological sciences.

It is repeated frequently that the evolution theory is accepted by all scientists. In fact, that is a method made up and used habitually to win the discussion.

Five of the fossils set forth as the forefathers of human beings are made a subject of discussion too much. We will briefly talk about those fossils that are discussed.

1— Java Man
The being set forth as Java man consists of those parts: a half skull, a thighbone, two big and one small molar tooth.

Have those parts been found in one place and at the same time? No. They were collected from different places far away from each other between the years 1891-1898. That is, in an eight-year interval

The pictures of Java man are completely fictitious.
In the last researches performed, it came out that that skull belonged to a chimpanzee, the two big molar teeth belonged to an orangutan, and the small molar tooth and the thighbone belonged to a human.

Indeed, Dubois who had found the fossils confessed the truth in the recent times of his life and explained that the creature he had set forth as Java man was a gibbon monkey. However, what was done was done and Java man reached extraordinary state in the eyes of the evolutionists.

Java man, which we from time to time witness in secondary education books and even in high education books with a hairy face, a drawn back forehead, and a protruding nose and a chin, is not related with the truth. Then, what are those pictures and figures? They are models drawn as a figment of the imagination or the models made by hand.

2— Peking Man
This creature is claimed to consist of three molar teeth, a piece of skull and two lower jawbones. We say it is claimed because the fossils mentioned above do not exist except the two teeth. At present, there are models made by Weidenreich only with those two teeth.

It is claimed that fossils belonging to Peking man got lost. The story of getting lost of those fossils changes from narrator no narrator and nobody knows the real situation. Some evolutionists claim that those fossils found by Dr. Black between the years 1921-1928, got lost when Japan invaded Peking during the Second World War. OConnel, who worked in Peking in that time states that the Japanese did not enter there but evolutionists destroyed them themselves. According to him, the materials in their hands did not belong to a being showing the transition between a monkey and a human as claimed. The skull belonged to an orangutan caught by the hunters at that time. Evolutionists destroyed the fossils by their own hands to hide that fact.

The researches made also revealed that Peking man was not a forefather of humans subjected to evolution but a monkey like an orangutan.

If you have a look at a biology book, you will see a picture of a smooth head model or skeleton of a skull, a jawbone and teeth belonging to Peking man. Those do not reflect the truth but the being in the imagination of the evolutionist Weidrich. In fact, neither that kind of a being lived, nor its fossils were found.

3— Piltdown Man
Another being about whom volumes of books were written from the year 1912, when it was found in England, to 1960s is Piltdown man. In those books, how human beings evolved from monkeys was described in details. Those explanations could be persuasive from time to time since that fossil is the best among the existing fossils. Its skull, jawbones and teeth are complete. That fossil was found by Woodward, a curator, and Dawson, a medical doctor, and it was stated that it had lived 500 thousands years ago.

After the year 1955, when that fossil was subjected to the fluorine test, it came out that it was not as old as it was claimed, but it was very new. By a detailed investigation performed on the fossil later, it was understood that the material in hand was fake. It was such a fake that the skull and the teeth belonged to a human and the jawbone belonged to a 10-year-old orangutan monkey. Those human teeth had been filed to fit the monkeys jawbone. That was not all. The skull bone and the jawbones had been stained by potassium dichromate to give them the image as if they had belonged to older ages and they had been buried into a pit near Piltdown region secretly, of course in order to take out of that place with a ceremony.

What changed when that dishonesty came into light? Virtually, nothing. People that had made that dishonesty had died. Nobody undertook the responsibility. The people introducing those fossils into the scientific world began searching for new fossils favorable for their desires in Africa and Australia again. From time to time they claim that they have found fossils belonging to the forefathers of humans. I do not know if it is necessary to wait 40-50 years again to realize that those fossils are not connected with humans ancestors.

4 — Nebraska Man
One of the fossils suggested to be the ancestor of humans by the evolutionists is Nebraska Man. He was put forward by H. F. Osborn in Tennessee in 1922. What was the evidence concerning that creature? Only one molar tooth. It was claimed that that tooth belonged to the Prehistoric man supposed to have lived about one million years ago. William Bryan attracted all vehement criticism when he stated that there must be no hurry in coming to a decision about the ancestor of humans only with a molar tooth. The evolutionists accused him of being reactionary. However, after some years, it was proved through detailed searches that the tooth had belonged to a pig.

5 — Hong Kong Man
That man has a strange anthropological story, too. Von Koenigswald, purchases some fossil teeth from a Chinese shop. He separates three of them and puts them aside. Weidenreich also helps him in that research. Eventually, they decide to determine a fossil man based on those three teeth. That man also needs a name. It is also found as Hong Kong Man. (*)

In conclusion, it can be said that the opinion that living beings emerge from each other in chains is inconsistent, and entirely superficial and subjective. Claims about the background of human beings are also similar. They have no scientific evidence and consistency. Moreover, the fact that the dishonesty of the evolutionists has been disclosed today have also upset their credibility deeply.

As it is seen, all living beings and especially human beings have been created in the most perfect form directly.

One of the points the evolutionists go wrong is considering that all animals and humans consist of only organs such as eyes, ears, nose, etc. While claiming that one species came into existence from another one, their feelings and emotions must also be taken into consideration.

A body is like a dress of a living being. The body of every living being is suitable to its spirit and feelings. A sheep has a spirit suitable to its body and a lion has a body suitable to its spirit.

A sheeps spirit is fond of grass. Can we change its feelings by attaching it a lions paws? Even if we change its body members entirely, yet it will still remain as a tame sheep running after some grass as long as we do not change its spirit.

A human is the same. His body is his spirits cloth, too. There is a complete harmony between his body and his spirit. There is a feeling of writing in man. His hands are suitable for that feeling in a way that he can hold a pencil to write.

As it is seen, claiming that the physically and spiritually perfect human body has come into existence through the evolution of some kinds of animal-like bodies is again inconsistent from that point of view.

In the West, a great campaign in favor of the evolution theory is carried out. I think, to what extent that campaign is carried out will be somewhat understood through the following examples.

A. N. Field, a leading biologist, gives place to the following thoughts in his treatise called The Evolution Hoax Exposed" which he published in 1971:
That evolution is a proved event is repeated in every chance It is known that the evolution theory is carried out by a network under the guise of science.

The expressions of Thomas Dwight, a famous anatomy professor, are also quite outstanding. Read what he says:
The dictatorship established about the evolution issue has become so despotic that people outside cannot guess. It does not only influence our thinking system, but also perpetuates a tyranny that surpasses the ages of the terror. I wonder how many of the leaders of the science world can explain their sincere thoughts about that issue.

The paleontologist Merson Davis, a member of the England Loyal Club, writes the following in one of the publications of the Victoria Institute in 1926:
Nowadays, opposing evolution does not make people earn money as other people also state I wonder how many people are informed about the words of the famous European zoologist Fleischmann expressing that evolution cannot be accepted scientifically. Nobody opposed Fleischmann directly. However, he was condemned covertly and he was caused to be forgotten in a short time. Scientists hide themselves by not declaring their opinions about that issue when they face events like that.

In 1928, Paul Shorey stated the following opinions in the Atlantic Monthly published in America:
Nothing is as sacred as EVOLUTION not only in the newspaper editorial rooms but also in all universities in North America. It is not possible to criticize it. A professor can talk against Christianity, the USA constitution, George Washington, women rights, marriage or private property freely. However, he can never talk against evolution. It is deemed as intolerance and reaction.

I think everybody knows Sir Ambrose Fleming. That person had discovered the thermo ionic radio lamb which provides radio transmissions. He took place in the action of protesting evolution that was organized in England in 1934 and he asked permission from BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) administration to read a text disproving evolution on the radio. However, the director of BBC, C. A. Siepmann, refused that offer. Here is his reason:

Not broadcasting such kinds of broadcasts is a general policy of BBC in order to be able to ensure the supports of most of the leading scientists in the country.

That oppression on behalf of the evolution caused the famous biologist Prof. Sir William Batenson to become weary of life. Batenson expressed that there is no evidence supporting evolution in the congress of the American Scientific Progression Union held in Toronto. However, facing upsetting and continual protesting of his colleagues because of his thought he put forward objectively, drove him to a big hopelessness and he left his profession in the end.

Douglas Dewar, a world famous evolutionist, wrote a book supporting evolution called Self-formation of the Species in 1912. His book was also recommended by President Roosevelt. Dewar widened his researches after that publication more and he examined India birds in a detailed way. In the end, he came to the conclusion that species would not change by instantaneous mutations and he rejected the evolution theory. After that, he published his book called Human Being, Special Creature. He states the following in one section of his book:

Very few people realize the importance of the taking the possession of the media by evolutionists. Today articles rejecting the evolution can be published in very few journals. Even most of the religious journals are possessed by modernists having the opinion that human beings have come from animal species Generally, editorial offices of the journals know the evolution as a proved event and they accuse everybody opposing evolution of ignorance or insanity The scientific journals, almost all of which are published by evolutionists, do not want to publish even an article that will overshadow the evolution concept. Publishers will not publish a book, opposing evolution, that will cause them to receive assaults or that will not be in demand even if the expenses of the printings are met by the writer They think that their publishing house will loose esteem. So, the public knows only one side of the issue. Someone from the public knows the evolution as a proved fact like the law of gravity.

We hope that bigotry in the West will not last long.

The main objective of most of the people defending evolution is to place the sophistry that human beings came from monkeys in the minds. Since they do not tell that directly, they try to prove it by putting the evolution theory forward under the guise of science.

A question like that may come to the mind: Why is it claimed insistently that human beings came from monkeys? That question may have several answers.
The first and the most important one is: in order to spread the philosophy of materialism and unbelief all over the world by devastating beliefs. Both in the Quran and in the other heavenly books like the Gospel and the Torah, it is informed that the first forefather of the human beings is Adam. And it is also stated that he was created out of dust. Consequently, one of the ways to devastate the religious belief is suggesting the philosophy going against that heavenly belief.

What is evolution? What are the pieces of evidence it puts forward? What is the theory? What are the thoughts that are for or against that theory? Young peoples minds, which are not at the stage of comprehending and seeking the answers to those questions, are under the bombardment of the philosophy of evolution in all school subjects from biology to history.

The opinion of the evolution philosophy especially concerning the past of the human beings is inculcated continually as if it is a law under the guise of science. Moreover, it is necessary not to forget that after telling the evolution, the sophistry that religion and evolution contradict each other is added instantly. Perhaps that young person will never find the opportunity to learn that in reality, religion and science do not contradict each other but the figment of imagination the evolution philosophy tries to put forward contradicts religion.

Another reason of some other peoples supporting evolution is their feeling of evasion from responsibility. The acceptance of the creation entails the existence of a Creator. Then, after accepting the Creator, it will be necessary to obey His commands and prohibitions. The only way to avoid from that responsibility is to assign the creation to coincidence and causes.

(*) For more information: Fossils and Evolution, Translation, Â. Tatlı, Cihan Publications, 1984.
(**)For more information: Şişli, N. et al. General Biology, MEB publications, 1979, Ankara.

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