Evolutionists say that the advocates of creationism distort the data and state that Java Man and Peking Man belong to apes.

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- What should we do in order to prevent Satan from confusing us through delusions?

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Java Man and Peking Man have nothing to do with the history of man. The claim included in a website by Ralph Von Koenigswald and Franz Weidenrich in 1939 that those fossils belonged to humans is true. There is a mistake about the year. Java man was introduced by Dubois in 1891. Dubois, Ralph Von Koenigswald and Franz Weidenrich are people who believe that human beings come from apes and they try to prove it.

Therefore, they presented those fossils as the ancestors of man. The creationist site you mention included this claim; the website does not say that those fossils are man’s ancestors.

Atheistic evolutionists, not creationists, skew fossils. All of the fossils presented by Dubois as Java Man (Pithecantropus erectus) include one big and one small molar tooth, a half skull and a thigh bone. When Dubois claimed that the fossils he had belonged to Java Man at the International Congress of Zoology in 1895, British zoologists stated that those fossils belonged to man, the Germans stated that they belonged to human-like apes, and the French stated that they belonged to a transition form between an advanced form of ape and man.

All of the fossils that exist include one or two molar teeth and a half skull. No statement like “it belongs to man” or “it belongs to a being similar to man” is written on a fossil. Everybody makes an evaluation according to their own beliefs, thoughts, cultures and values. As a matter of fact, different countries evaluated the same fossils differently.

Dubois himself, who presented Java Man as the ancestor of man, admitted thirty years later that this being was actually a big gibbon monkey. (Howells, W. Mankind in the Making. Doubleday and Co. Garden City. N.Y.P. 1967. P.579-581)

The explanation of Dubois was included in the Encyclopedia of Archeology. The following statement was included in the encyclopedia: 

“At first, there was much opposition to the status implied by the name the ape-man, ‘who walked erect’, but it became generally accepted though Dubois himself finally changed his mind and said that the fossils he found belonged to a giant ape, but this skull gained general acceptance.” (Cottrell, L. The Concise Encyclopedia Archeology. Hawthorn. New York. 1960. P.394)

Koenigswald is of the opinion that the big molar teeth of Java Man belongs to an orangutan and the small one to a human. He states that the skull is similar to that of chimpanzees and gibbons. (Boule, M. and Valois, H.M: Fossil Man. The Dryden Press. New York)

What should we say about Java Man after the evaluations above? This has nothing to do with the history of man. The molar teeth and the thigh bone belong to different living beings and they were deliberately presented as the ancestor of man. However,  this being is still presented as the common ancestor of man and the ape in both secondary school and university books.

Now it is understood who skewed the issue and who introduced it as the ancestor of man by combining the pieces of different living beings.

As for Peking Man, he was introduced as the ancestor of man in 1921 by combining a skull and teeth. The fossils claimed to be Peking Man (Sinanthropus pekinensis) were claimed to have been destroyed by the Japanese in 1945 when they invaded Beijing. Now there exist only two teeth in relation to Peking Man.

O’Connel states that the Japanese did not enter this city and that he was an ambassador there at that time. O’Connel states that the fossils that those who presented Peking Man had did not show the truth, and hence they themselves destroyed them. (O’Connel, P. Science of Today and the Problems of Genesis. Hawthorne, CA. 1969; Richard, M. Shattering the Myths of Darwinism. Translated by İ. Kapaklıkaya. Son Tartışmalar Işığında Darvinizm’in Mitleri. Gelenek Yayıncılık)

It is possible to increase those claims. At least, we can easily say that the issue of fossils, especially the fossils related to human history, is very controversial and almost all of the fossils do not have the state and structure of being the ancestors of man as it is claimed.

The most powerful fossils and evidences of evolutionary atheists related to the ancestor of man are Java Man. As it can be seen, even those who presented these fossils stated that they had made a mistake about it but the evolutionists of today do not abandon these fossils and they present them as the ancestors of humans in the textbooks. This fossil came to the fore in 1891. 120 years passed after its introduction but evolutionists still hold on to it since there is still no serious evidence related to human history.

As for creationists, they accept and declare that man has been created perfectly by Allah as a human being directly. They always defend and prove it everywhere. Then, who is distorting the truth, evolutionists or creationists?

In the second part of your question, you ask what you should do to prevent Satan from confusing you through delusions.

First let us settle something: Are you a paleontologist? Are you an anthropologist? Are you a biologist? In other words, do you want to exchange opinions with those who put forward their opinions in the field of evolution related to your profession? Or are you not an expert and do you want find out what evolutionist and creationists say about human history and then believe according to what they say?  

If you are in the first group, we have nothing to say. A new opinion is put forward regarding the issue every day. You will have an opinion accordingly. In that case, you should not worry about Satan’s misleading you. For, those issues are a matter of opinion and thought rather than a matter of belief for the experts of this field.

If you are in the second group, that is, if you want to learn about the history of man through some facts from here and believe accordingly, you are on the wrong path. For, there is nobody who entered this field of philosophical thought with weak belief and came out with strong belief. This philosophical field threw strong believing geniuses like Ibn Sina and Farabi off the cliffs; some Islamic scholars regarded them as ordinary believers while others decreed that they died as unbelievers.

Now, I ask you: If an anthropologist or a biologist claims that he has found a few fossils anywhere in the world, and if he claims that these fossils show that man evolved from a lower creature, do you have the opportunity to investigate whether this claim is true or wrong?

Your answer will probably be “No”. Some philosophers and media are already looking forward to such news. They will immediately claim that it is true. Perhaps that claim will be refuted in 20-30 years. Well, what are you going to do then? Which philosopher will you follow?

I want to say the following briefly: If your faith is to be shaped based on the claims and evidences of philosophers, it means you have lost at the beginning. For, no philosopher has confirmed and approved the word of any other philosopher so far. A philosopher always puts forward some different interpretations and claims. The vast majority of them has not attained the truth. How can they guide you to the right path?

Since you accept the existence of Satan, it means you believe in Allah. In that case, why are you engaged in philosophy in order to have a strong belief? Listen to Allah once after listening to those philosophers ten times about the creation and history of man. Listen to the Prophet. Allah clearly states that He created man directly in the most beautiful way. Then, why does Satan give you delusions? When you read those views of philosophers, you will say, “They have not yet found the truths revealed by Allah. They walk around them.

So, the main issue here for those who are not experts is to get a strong belief based on sound evidence. They also call it investigative belief. After reading books related to the realities of belief and getting a strong belief, you can be engaged in philosophy and evolution to satisfy your curiosity. Otherwise, it is highly probable for you to lose your belief unless you have strong belief. They can present you an evidence that they claim to be serious and strong related to evolution in the future if not today. A fallacy can be presented to you as great evidence. In that case, it may be inevitable for you to lose your belief.  

Therefore, let us stop searching for Satan in that field; let us read the Quran and its interpretations, trying to understand the realities of creation in it.

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