Question 75: An American science journal states that there are many transitional forms and that Tiktaalik roseae is only one of them. Is it true?

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Answer: It is not true. Tiktaalik roseae is not a transitional form. It has nothing to do with reality and science. Tiktaalik roseae is a species belonging to the extinct tetrapods (four-limbed) that lived during the Devonian period, that is, approximately 330 million years ago.

Evolutionist scientists claim that it is a transitional form between fish and reptiles.

We have only the skull of Tiktaalik as a fossil. The eyes are on the skull, just like in crocodiles. The majority of scientists agree that it has the same structure as crocodiles and therefore this fossil belongs to a crocodile.

Evolutionist geologists and painters gave the skull of Tiktaalik a shape that resembles the appearance of a being that is half fish and half reptile by adding pieces of fish and reptile fossils found in the same layer as it, and filling the remaining parts with plaster. They claim this fraud of science to be a transitional form.

They present it to those who are not in the field of biology as if it is a fact; besides, they propagate that there are many transitional forms like that. What they do is not science, but an ideological study. Their goals and efforts aim to eliminate the creator and creation and to attribute everything to chance and nature.

Evolutionists carry out a great propaganda and campaign in the world in favor of evolution and against creation. Unfortunately, science is used as a tool for it to a great extent. Impartial scientists in America complain that not only science journals but also religious journals are in the hands of the supporters of evolution and that facts are reversed.

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