Question 47: What should we do to prevent Satan from confusing our minds related to the evolution of man?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Answer: Let us settle something first. Are you a paleontologist? Are you an anthropologist? Are you a biologist? In other words, do you want to exchange views with those who put forward views in the field of evolution due to your profession? Or are you a person who is not specialized in these issues and who want to believe by learning what evolutionists and creationists say about the past of man? If you are in the first group, I have nothing to say. A new opinion is put forward every day regarding the issue. You will have an opinion accordingly. In that case, you should not be worried that Satan may mislead you because these issues are a matter of view and thought rather than belief for the specialists in this field. 

If you are in the second group, that is, if you want to learn about the past of man based on some facts you will obtain here and believe accordingly, you are in the wrong way. For, nobody has entered the field of philosophical thought with weak belief and has come out with strong faith up to now. This philosophical field threw some geniuses with strong belief like Ibn Sina (Avicenna) and Farabifrom cliff from the cliff, and down steep cliffs; some Islamic scholars regarded them as ordinary believers but others said they had died as unbelievers.

Now I ask you. If an anthropologist or a biologist claims that he found a few fossils in any part of the world, and that these fossils evolved from a lower living being, will you able to investigate whether this claim is true or false? Your answer will probably be “No”. Some philosophers and media groups crave for such news. They will immediately claim that it is true. Perhaps that claim will be refuted 2-3 years later. What will you do then? What philosopher will you follow?

I want to state the following briefly here: If your belief is to be shaped according to the philosophers’ claims and evidence, you have lost this case at the beginning. For, a philosopher’s view has been confirmed and approved by no other philosophers so far. They have always come up with some different interpretations and claims. The vast majority of them has not been able to attain the truth. How will they lead you to the right path?

Since you accept Satan, it means you believe in Allah. So, why are you interested in these philosophical thoughts, which often change and deny each other, to achieve sound belief? You have listened to these philosophers a hundred times about the creation and history of man; listen to Allah once. Listen to your Prophet. Allah states it very clearly that He created man in the best mold and directly as a human. Then why should Satan give you delusions regarding the issue? When you read the views of philosophers, ignore them by saying, ‘They have not yet found the truths revealed by Allah. They are walking around them.

The main point for those who are not specialized in this field is to obtain a sound belief based on strong evidence. It is called investigative belief. After reading the books about the realities of belief and obtaining a firm belief, you can travel in these areas only to satisfy your curiosity. Otherwise, you will definitely stumble and fall if you do not come here with firm belief. One day, they may show you a proof of evolution that you may find serious and strong. Some false information can be presented to you as a great proof. Then, it will be inevitable for you to tumble down the cliff.

My humble advice to you and others like you is to stop looking for Satan in these philosophical fields, kneel before the Quran and its interpretations, and try to understand the realities of creation in them.

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