Al-Muiz (The Bestower of Honor)

Al-Muiz: means the one that gives dignity and honor to whomever He wishes. Allah Almighty is Muiz. Everyone who has dignity has attained dignity through His permission. Dignity is different from conceit. In dignity, a person discovers the reality of his own soul and attributes his superiority to Allah. In conceit, a person forgets about his weakness and poverty and attributes his superiority to his own soul. 

Allah Almighty knows His slaves who deserve dignity and honor best. He gives dignity to whomever He wishes, increases his fame and makes him solemn. Thanks to the manifestation of this name, this person is always under the command of his Lord and in the way of His Messenger; he never does anything that will make him disgraced.

Now, let us think of the manifestations of this name a bit:

First of all, this name becomes manifest only in believers and Muslims. For, Islam and belief are essential for dignity and honor. The criterion of dignity and honor is Islam. This fact is indicated in the Quran as follows:

“Those who take for friends Unbelievers rather than Believers: is it honour they seek among them? Nay,― all honour is with Allah.” (an-Nisa, 139)

“But honour belongs to Allah and His Messenger, and to the Believers; but the Hypocrites know not” (al-Munafiqun, 8)

With the expression of those verses, dignity and honor belong to Allah, the Prophet (pbuh) and believers. Believers are given dignity and honor due to their attributes of belief. That is, belief and Islam are a reason for dignity. 

This name becomes manifest in the commanders who have dignity and honor. The dignity and honor in them is a manifestation of Allah's name Muiz. That is, dignity and honor in Fatih Mehmed II, Suleyman I, Selim I, and all other dignified commanders are a manifestation of the name Muiz.

The name Muiz, which becomes manifest in commanders also becomes manifest in states and nations; some states in which the name Muiz became manifest defeated and dominated other states. The Ottoman state became a mirror of the manifestation of the name Muiz and became dominant in three continents for 600 years; the sun never set on the land of the Ottoman state.

The scholars who learn branches of science and act in accordance with their knowledge also have their share from the name Muiz. For, knowledge is also a reason for dignity and honor.

This name also becomes manifest in slaves who worship and obey Allah. For, there is no better dignity and honor than obeying Allah. The Prophet (pbuh) points to this fact as follows: “The honor of a believer is performing night prayer (tahajjud). His dignity is not to ask and beg anything from people.”

The name al-Muiz will be manifest on the Day of Judgment with all of its magnificence and believers will be put into Paradise with dignity. That is, entering Paradise takes place with a manifestation of the name Muiz.

May Allah Almighty make us dignified both in the world and in the hereafter for the sake of this name and keep us away from all deeds that will deprive us of this name! Amin.

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