Al-Mudhil (The Disgracer, The Dishonorer)

Al-Mudhil: means the one that degrades and humiliates whomever He wishes. As Allah dignifies and honors whomever He wishes, He also abases and humiliates whomever He wishes. Nobody can make a person that Allah abases and humiliates honorable; nobody can make a person that Allah dignifies and honors abased. Dignity is honor that Allah gives to His slaves; abasement is wretchedness and deprivation.   

Dusty pages of history are full of nations that become abased with the manifestation of this name. All of the rebellious nations, from the nation of Ad to Thamud and from the people of Madyan to the nation of Lot, who denied their prophets, were destroyed by the blow of the name Mudhil. Their ruins were left as exemplary signs for the people to come after them. Some of those nations were transformed into monkeys and pigs, which is humiliation with the most degrading torture. All of the blows and misfortunes given to the enemies of Allah like the Pharaoh being drowned in the sea, Nimrod being destroyed by a lame mosquito, Qarun (Croesus) being buried alive in the ground with all of his treasures are a manifestation of the name al-Mudhil.

The name Mudhil, which becomes manifest in the rebellious nations that do not accept Allah, also becomes manifest in every unbeliever and hypocrite. For, belief and Islam is a reason for dignity and polytheism; and unbelief is a reason for abasement. That is, no matter how rich and strong an unbeliever is, he is abased and disgraced in reality. No matter how poor and weak a Muslim is, he is dignified and honorable in reality. For, a person who is a friend of Allah does not become disgraced and a person who is an enemy of Allah does not become dignified.  

The name Mudhil becomes manifest in all of the creatures that obey man. That is, what makes man ride a camel is not his strength; it is because Allah puts the camel under man's command and makes it abased. The camel becomes abased before man due to the manifestation of the name Mudhil in it. Similarly, what makes man, who is defeated by a scorpion with no eyes and by a snake with no legs, obtain silk from a tiny worm and bee from a poisonous insect is not his strength but the effect of the Lord. That is, those creatures obey man because Allah abases them.

As the name al-Mudhil becomes manifest in the world, it will also become manifest in the hereafter with all of its magnificence and the unbelievers will be made humiliated by being thrown into Hell.

Allah can make Muslims humiliated before unbelievers due to their sins; unfortunately, the current situation of the Islamic world is an indication of this fact. Muslims became dignified whenever they adhered to the Quran and Islam; they became humiliated whenever they moved away from the Quran and Islam. The Prophet (pbuh) points to this fact as follows: “If a person breaks his promise to Allah, He inflicts his enemies upon him.” The domination of the enemies and the defeat of Muslims is a humiliation caused by breaking the promise made to Allah. One of the reasons why Muslims lose their dignity and become humiliated is their desire and ambition for the world. For, ambition is a reason for deprivation and humiliation for a believer. What we need to do if we do not want to be humiliated is to remove the love of world from our hearts and to feel satisfied with the bounties we have.

May Allah Almighty save us from the manifestation of His name Mudhil! May He help us avoid the sins that will cause the manifestation of this name! May He make us live with dignity, die with dignity and resurrect with dignity! Amin.

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