Al-Khafid (The Humbler)

Al-Khafid: means the one that brings down, that abases and humiliates. With this name, Allah Almighty abases oppressors, rebels and Pharaohs. He humiliates them both in the world and in the hereafter. This name abases oppressors but it sometimes abases some believers and innocent people to test their patience. That is, this name sometimes becomes manifest in a person due to his oppression and sometimes to test him in terms of patience.  

Now, let us see the manifestations of this name in this realm:

Oppressive presidents and administrators are deposed with the manifestation of this name. Pharaohs, Nimrods, Abu Jahls and their representatives in all centuries are abased with the manifestation of the name Khafid; they lose their sultanate and become humiliated and disgraced. That is, every oppressive sultan who loses his sultanate is overwhelmed with the manifestation of this name.   

This name became manifest in both people and states; Empires like the Roman, Byzantine and Persian, and many states were demolished and imbedded in history.

The name al-Khafid also becomes manifest in the following cases:  

The name Khafid is manifest when an administrator loses his seat and position, when a successful student fails, when a rich person loses his wealth and becomes poor, when a healthy person loses his health, when a strong person loses his strength and when all of the other abasements and humiliations take place.

It must also be known that abasement does not always take place due to committed sins and faults. Allah Almighty sometimes removes the bounties He has given to a person and abases him in order to test his patience; thus He makes His name Al-Khafid manifest in him.  

This name becomes manifest materially as it is described above; it can also becomes manifest spiritually as it is described below: The name Khafid becomes spiritually manifest when a Muslim exits Islam and becomes an unbeliever, when a person who performs daily prayers abandons performing prayers, when a person who knows the Quran by heart forgets it, when a person falls down from his spiritual level, from the best of mold to the lowest of the low… May our Lord us from these kinds of spiritual manifestations of this name!    

This name is manifest in the world; it will also be manifest in the hereafter; unbelievers will be put into Hell; they will be disgraced and humiliated there. This may be the greatest manifestation of the name al-Khafid!

Our Prophet (pbuh) attracts attention to the name al-Khafid as follows:

Hz. Anas (ra) narrated: Adba, the camel of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh), was very fast in races and it was almost impossible to surpass it in speed. There came a bedouin riding a camel of his, and that camel outstripped it in the race. That result was hard on the Muslims. The Prophet (pbuh) said, "It is the law of Allah that nothing is raised high in this world except what He lowers or puts down.

This hadith states that every rise will be followed by a fall and it teaches us the name al-Khafid.

What a person needs to do when this name becomes manifest in him is as follows:

1-If he has been abased due to the manifestation of the name al-Khafid, he needs to check himself and abandon the sins and faults that have caused it; then, he needs to take refuge in Allah Almighty and worship him properly.  

2-He needs to know that this world is a world of testing. Allah will purify him of his sins and elevate his spiritual rank if he shows patience. Therefore, a person needs to show patience with consent when this name becomes manifest.   

3-It is necessary to take lessons from the nations that were destroyed, sultans that were deposed, people who lost their ranks, positions and fame due to the manifestation of the name al-Khafid; it is necessary to avoid and keep away from the deeds that caused their destruction.

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