Belief in Qadar E08: Why do we come to this world since our end is definite?

In this video, we have discussed the purpose of our creation and the wisdom behind of our coming to this world from the aspect of qadar.

We tried to answer the following question; If it is definite in qadar (destiny) whether we will either go to Paradise or Hell then why do we come to this world?

After watching this video, you will understand that the wisdom behind coming to this world does not disappear when Allah knows whether we will go to Paradise or Hell.

It is definite that the purpose of the creation of man is to worship Allah and to be a slave of Him. If man knew why he came to this world, why this universe was created in such a magnificent form and if he knew the divine purposes in them, he would not ask such a question, and he would understand that divine qadar’s knowing everything would not eliminate the wisdoms and purposes.

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