Al-Jabbar (The Compeller, The Restorer, The Repairer)

Allah is Jabbar. The name Jabbar has the following meanings regarding Allah.

1-Allah can compel things and people to do whatever He wishes.

2-He settles His slaves' jobs and completes them.

3-He repairs broken things and finds remedies to illnesses.

4-He is a grand and magnificent Sultan.

Now, let us try to understand these different meanings of the name al-Jabbar and see its manifestations in the universe:

1- Allah can compel things and people to do whatever He wishes

Allah is Jabbar. He can compel things and people to do whatever He wishes. There is no power that can reject His decree and change His preference. His command and decree is dominant over everything.   

Anyone who looks at the universe carefully will see that it is a very magnificent and active country with a wise administration and a very strong city. He will see everything and every creature fulfilling a duty obediently.  

One is a honey factory; another one is a milk fountain; yet another is a fine hand of mercy and another one is a lamp and stove for the guesthouse of the world. Every creature is busy with the duty ordered by Allah like them. They cannot rebel against that duty. Despite its size and magnificence, the sun cannot say, “I will not rise or I will not set today" and oppose the decree of Allah, who is Jabbar. The moon cannot ignore his duty of being a candle and calendar. Every being except man takes care of their duty and obeys the order of Allah, who is Jabbar. The name ‘Jabbar’ is seen in every creature that fulfills their duty, obeys Allah's order and that surrenders to Him.  

Have we ever meditated on Allah's name al-Jabbar when we saw a chicken lay an egg and a sheep give milk? Or have we ever praised Allah when we saw a man travel on a camel and mentioned Allah by His name al-Jabbar?

For, the name al-Jabbar becomes manifest in every creature that is made obey man and that does not oppose its duty. Everything, from the particles of the universe to the stars of the sky, obeys Allah and becomes a mirror for His name al-Jabbar. However, unlucky people are an exception.

See how our Prophet (pbuh) penetrates into the truth of Allah's name al-Jabbar and how he describes Him:  

O He before whose grandeur all things are abased;

O He to whose power all things yield;

O He before whose might all things are brought low;

O He to whose awesomeness all things defer;

O He to whose dominion all things submit;

O He at the dread of whom all things are humbled;

O He out of fear of whom the mountains are cleft;

O He at whose command the heavens are upheld;

O He through whose leave the earth is stable;

2- He settles His slaves' jobs and completes them

Allah is Jabbar. He settles His slaves' jobs and completes them. The name Jabbar always becomes manifest in us in this sense: When an unemployed person finds a job, a shopkeeper who has not sold anything starts to sell a lot of things, a slow students starts to improve, a family that cannot find wood or coal to heat the house finds wood or coal, an incomplete file is completed and similar tasks are settled, it means  Allah’s name of Jabbar has become manifest.

The name Jabbar becomes manifest in the material world like that; when it becomes manifest in the spiritual world, He corrects the situations of His slaves, makes them repent, improves their ethics and manners, makes them fulfill the worship that they have not been able to do and completes the deficiencies of His slaves regarding the spiritual realm. 

May Allah settle our material and spiritual jobs and complete our deficiencies for the sake of His name al-Jabbar!  

3- He repairs broken things and finds remedies to illnesses

Allah is Jabbar. He repairs broken things and finds remedies to illnesses. A broken heart is consoled through the name Jabbar. A broken bone heals through the manifestation of this name. This name shows material and spiritual ways to those who hesitate and stumble, helps those who are in need and hears those who are in trouble. Ill people heal thanks to this name and people who have problems find solutions. That is, remedy to ill people, solution to people who have problems and payment for those who are in debt are sent through this name. People who are cross with each other make up with the manifestation of this name.    

Our topic is to know Allah and to open a window for Him in everything. Have we ever thought that it is a manifestation of the name Jabbar when we glued something broken?

We have a debt but have no possibility of paying it. Have we ever meditated on Allah's name al-Jabbar when we paid our debt with some money that emerged out of nowehere unexpectedly while we were brooding over it?

4- He is a grand and magnificent Sultan

Allah is Jabbar. He is a grand and magnificent Sultan. He is such a sultan that His Sultanate has no beginning or end. No sultanate other than His will continue. 

He is such a sultan that everything, from the wing of a fly to the candles of the skies, from the cells of the body to the constellations of the sky, belongs to Him. The gigantic sun is a small lamp in His universe; stars are candles and the moon is a calendar maker.

Yes, the universe has only one sultan. He holds the key to everything and the reigns of everything. Everything is settled upon His command. 

They show man the following:

He who finds Him loses nothing. He who loses Him finds nothing. He who finds the Sultan of the Universe finds everything and becomes free of fears. He who cannot find Him cannot find anything but troubles.

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