Ar-Rafi (The Exalter, The Uplifter)

Ar-Rafi: means the one that exalts, that raises up. Allah Almighty is Rafi’. He abases and humiliates those whom He wishes and He raises and exalts those whom He wishes. He can make a king a slave; He can also make a slave a king.  

Allah Almighty elevates the ranks of the believers in Paradise with this name. He makes them approach Him both in the world and in the hereafter. He abases oppressors with His name Khafid and elevates believers and righteous people; and He puts them to high ranks with His name Rafi.

States enlarge with the manifestation of this name and become superior to other states. Once, the Ottoman Empire enlarged by becoming a mirror of this name and became superior to the other states. Then, it was made fall down with the manifestation of the name Khafid.

This name became manifest in the Era of Bliss and the following Era of Rightly Guided Caliphs; the Muslims of that century became superior to all of the religions and states and dominated them. This was also a manifestation of the name Rafi.

The name Rafi that became manifest in the states also became manifest in the administrators; some of those administrators governed those states for years as a manifestation of this name. That is, sultans and presidents hold those positions with the manifestation of this name. Naturally, after a while, this name was replaced by al-Khafid and the presidents were toppled. 

Now, let us see some other manifestations of this name in this realm:

The name Rafi becomes manifest when the sky is elevated, birds fly, trees grow, a plane takes off, ships float on water, an administrator obtains a rank and position, a slow student becomes successful, a poor person becomes rich, an ill person gets well, a weak person becomes strong and when all of the other elevations take place. 

This name becomes manifest materially as it is explained above; it also becomes manifest spiritually as follows: The name Rafi becomes manifest when angels ascend to the sky, an unbeliever becomes a Muslim, a person who has not performed prayers starts to perform prayers, spirits leave bodies and ascend to the sky, a person is elevated spiritually in terms of his ranks due to the righteous deeds he does, a person is elevated to the level of the best of molds from the level of the lowest of the low, and in many similar cases. Miraj (the Ascension), which is one of the greatest miracles of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), took place with the manifestation of this name. May our Lord make us attain the spiritual manifestations of this name!

As this name becomes manifest in this world, it will also become manifest in the hereafter; those who die as Muslims will go to Paradise and be elevated there. This is probably the greatest manifestation of the name Ar-Rafi!

What a person needs to do when this name becomes manifest is as follows:

1-If he has been elevated with the manifestation of the name ar-Rafi, he needs to know that this elevation is not due to his own talent but due to Allah’s mercy; so, he needs to praise and thank Allah and avoid the deeds that will cause him to fall down from that level. In short, he must not act like Qarun (Croesus), who said, “This has been given to me because of a certain knowledge which I have” and who attributed the bounties to himself.

2-He needs to know that this world is a world of testing. Testing is carried out sometimes through patience and sometimes through thanking. His elevation is testing through thanking. He needs to know it and thank all the time instead of being conceited and boasting. 

3-The nations that are elevated, the kings that are made powerful, the people who are given ranks, positions and fame through the manifestation of the name ar-Rafi should not be envied. One needs to think that those bounties were given to them for testing; he should not demand them lest he should lose the test. What he needs to envy is deeds related to the hereafter and deeds that will make him attain the consent of Allah Almighty.

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