Al-Fattah (The Opener, The Revealer)

Fattah means the one that makes judgments, that helps by opening doors that grants victory and conquest, and that gives shapes to beings. Now, let us analyze the meanings of this name respectively:    

1- The one that makes judgments: Allah is Fattah. With this name, He separated the truth from the falsehood; He put a distance as wide as the distance between the earth and the sky; He made the truth superior and the falsehood invalid. In this sense, the Quran is the biggest mirror of the name al-Fattah because with the revelation of the Quran, the truth came and falsehood perished. Every decree of the Quran showed the truth and justice and saved people from the molestation of falsehood and oppression. The name Fattah became manifest in our Prophet (pbuh) at the highest level. The Prophet (pbuh) judged among people justly and with every judgment he made, he made the truth victorious and eliminated the falsehood. Therefore, one of the names of our Prophet (pbuh) is “Fatih” (Conqueror). This name also became manifest in the just sultans and kings that judged truly and separated the truth from the falsehood. Hz. Umar, Fatih Sultan Muhammad and Sultan Selim II are among those sultans.

Anyone who wants this name to be manifest in him should separate the truth from the falsehood in his own soul, know the truth as truth and follow it, and know the falsehood as falsehood and avoid it. Then, he should judge truly among people; he should follow justice even if the truth is against him. Anyone who acts like that will succeed in being a mirror of the name Fattah. May Allah Almighty make the name Fattah be manifest in us!

2- The one that opens doors: With the manifestation of the name Fattah, material and spiritual doors are opened, problems are solved and hard tasks are made easy.  An unemployed person finds a job, a debtor pays his debt, a student understands a difficult question and a complicated fact, he discovers new topics, the market rallies, people's eyes are opened to see the truth, doors of repentance are opened for sinners, oppressed people are helped, doors of hope are opened for hopeless people, the world is closed and the hereafter is opened thanks to the manifestation of this name.

What we need to do is to mention Allah Almighty with his name Fattah with the following prayer all the time: “O Allah, who opens doors! Open all of the doors of goodness for us!” and when a material or spiritual door of goodness is opened, to meditate on Allah with his name Fattah and to thank Him.   

3- The one that grants victory: Allah Almighty is Fattah. He eases conquests for His slaves. The conquest of Makkah by the Prophet, Iran by Hz. Umar, Jerusalem by Salahuddin Ayyubi, Istanbul by Fatih Sultan Muhammad and all of the other conquests took place by the manifestation of Allah's name Fattah. May Allah Almighty grant the ummah of Muhammad new Umars, Fatihs and Selims! May He ease new conquests, which aim to lead to the truth and eliminate oppression, for us! Along with material conquests, spiritual conquests take place with the manifestation of the name Fattah. The Prophet became the sultan of the hearts as a result of such a spiritual conquest. That is, to win the love in the heart and to be loved by a person takes place thanks to the manifestation of the name Fattah.

O Lord! Conquer our hearts with Your love and the love of Your beloved Prophet in such a way that there will be no place for others! Amin. 

4- The one that gives shapes to beings: One of the meanings of the name Fattah is to give shapes to beings. With the manifestation of the name Fattah, flowers are produced from a seed, trees are created from stones, flowers, leaves and fruits are obtained from trees, animals are created out of eggs, humans and animals are created out of water drops called sperms.   

The name Fattah becomes manifest in the world at maximum level in this sense. For, the formation of various orderly shapes from simple materials like seeds and sperms, their opening all together everywhere and at the same time, giving an appropriate shape to all creatures is the strongest evidence for oneness and the most wonderful miracle of the power of Allah. 

While the name Fattah becomes manifest before his eyes all the time in this sense, man does not notice it due to seeing it all the time and his heedlessness, virtually becoming the addressee of the following verse:“And how many Signs in the heavens and the earth do they pass by? Yet they turn (their faces) away from them!” (Yusuf 105)

Then, our duty toward the name Fattah is as follows: To look at the creatures which that are extracted from seeds, stones, sperms and eggs and which are given shapes, in order to take lessons, to meditate on the name Fattah that becomes manifest in them and to ask Allah Almighty to make our deeds which are like seeds open like ears of grain of Paradise.

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