How did different races occur if humanity came from Hz. Adam and Hz. Hawwa (Eve)?

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Question: How did different races emerge if humanity came from Hz. Adam and Hz. Hawwa?

Answer: Hz. Adam is the first man and the first prophet. Hz. Hawwa (Eve) is Hz. Adam’s his wife, who was created from his body. Therefore, humanity starts with Hz. Adam. DNAs (Deoxyribose Nucleic Acids), which constitute the human genetic structure, are equipped with a vast information capacity. Some researchers say that if it were possible to transfer the information in human DNA to a book, only an encyclopedia of 100 m2 as tall as the distance between the earth and the moon could take this information. This evaluation may seem exaggerated at first glance but when we consider the information we upload to a flash drive or a DVD and the area it covers, we realize that it can be true.

In the genetic structure of our father Adam, the first man, the genetic structure of all his descendants, including all color and race traits, were present in the form of a password. There is nothing to object to it scientifically. Is it not true to say that the genetic structure of you and your spouse include the genetic structure of all your descendants to come up to Doomsday? Since the beginning of the genetic structure of Hz. Hawwa is Hz. Adam, this evaluation is appropriate logically and scientifically.

     Another aspect of the issue is that not all color and race traits present in the genetic structure make themselves shown in the outer appearance that we call the phenotype. The ones that show themselves are dominant traits. Recessive traits have no effect on the phenotype. However, as reproduction continues in the same gene pool, that is, within the human community, recessive traits that get rid of the pressure of dominant traits appear in the offspring in certain proportions. Recessive traits emerge in the tribes and groups that separate from one another and that continue to reproduce within themselves, new combinations appear among those recessive traits; or, a trait that is in the middle of two traits having equal effects in different aspects may emerge. Thus, the diversity that emerged in the genetic structure combined with certain proportions and caused the formation of the colors and races that emerged in today’s people.


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