Question 13: It is claimed based on the research on the sex-determining chromosomes (XY in men and XX in women) that Y chromosome, which is the masculine chromosome, occurred as a result of the degradation of X chromosome.

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Question 13: It is claimed based on the research on the sex-determining chromosomes (XY in men and XX in women) that Y chromosome, which is the masculine chromosome, occurred as a result of the degradation of X chromosome. Is it not contrary to the view mentioned in religious resources that man was created first and woman was created afterwards?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Answer: Every human being has 46 chromosomes. 22 pairs of them are the same, and a pair includes the chromosomes that are shown as XY in males and XX in females and that contain sex characteristics. Of these, the X chromosome contains female gender characteristics, and the Y chromosome contains male gender characteristics.

It is necessary to go back to the creation of Hz. Adam and Hz. Hawwa (Eve) to show which one was first, or to show the accuracy of the claim that the Y chromosome occurred as a result of a change in the X chromosome. Since no one can reach the past to do it, what is put forward regarding the issue will not go beyond a claim.

The claim that the X chromosome changed and yielded the Y chromosome has no scientific basis. It is nothing but the interpretation and evaluation of some researchers and philosophers.

Those who search the history of man begin with the prejudice that human beings emerged from a lower being. First, a scenario suitable for it is prepared. Every value and material obtained after that are tried to be explained according to this scenario. Those who are not involved in the issue perceive these biased, deliberate and purposeful explanations as unchangeable scientific facts.

The claim about the X and Y chromosomesput forward above is not scientific information, but a philosophical view prepared in accordance with the scenario that man evolved from lowerbeings. They could not explain the reasons why certain regions of the Y chromosome acted differently in each individual.

However, if it is viewed as the creator’s work, the explanation will be quite easy. Allah creates every individual with a distinctive characteristic, from voice to fingertip, from eye structure to behavior. We see and know it scientifically. The same creator can create the Y chromosome in a way that differs according to individuals or races. Creation of it like that is also suitable for logic and scientific thought. We see so many differences even among the children of the same mother and father in terms of temperament, character, structure, and behavior. There is only one way to explain all those differences or similarities. It is to see them as the work of Allah, who has infinite knowledge, will and power. Then, you can do any research on human genetics and you can explainany result you get in compliance with both intellect and logic as well as science.

In scientific studies, the material is obtained as raw. Then,the researcher interprets this information according to his own belief, philosophy, thought and ideology. Atheists, who have a positivist philosophy, make interpretations based on the idea that living things evolved from one another, especially in issues related to the past, the creation of beings and human beings. They regard it as a prerequisite that a creator does not exist, that everything is the work of chance and nature. Can someone acting like that put forward a neutral view in scientific studies? Therefore, the claim of evolutionists that man emerged by evolving from other living beings is not based on any scientific evidence.

There is no need to go back to Hz. Adam in order to understand the creation of human beings and that they are the work of a creator. It is enough to look at the creation of man today. The creation of every human being starts in a single cell in the mother’s womb. The creation of the present man from a single cell is not easier than the creation of man in the past from a single cell.

Whoever creates man today also created man yesterday. Who develops and differentiates the single cell in the mother’s womb, makes lungs, kidneys, eyes, ears and veins from the same cell,puts all of them in appropriate placesand makes them work perfectly?

The fish in the sea, the lion in the forest? The frog in the swamp, the vole on the ground? The water in the tap, the soil in the ground? The sun in the sky, the cloud in the air? Or the mother who carries the baby in her womb?

Since we have all come through that way, who is the one that equips us in the dark world of the mother’s womb with the organs in a way to benefit from the bounties of the world in the best way, sends us to this world and renews our cells any moment?Who gives man the feelings like imagination, curiosity, anxiety, fear, love, affection, and enmity, and faculties like intelligence and memory, which do not exist in elements and cells and which are the most precious possessions of man?

If those questions cannot be answered correctly and accurately, the existence of the X chromosome, the Y chromosome, the DNA, the RNA, the cell and how they emerged cannot be expressed properly.

The person who asked this question probably believed in trueness of the claim put forward regarding the issue immediately since he hesitates about the opinion of the religion of Islam regarding the issue and states that it should be questioned.

It is not possible to understand the deed of a person who accepts the statement of a philosopher about the creation of man and who ignores 124 thousand prophets, 120 million saints and the realities expressed by the Quran. Should those who listen to the words of philosophers a hundred times not listen to the word of Allah once? What kind of a belief is it that makes a person hesitate about Islam based on the words of an atheist philosopher and start to question the trueness of Islam? Is it not necessary to question the opinion of that philosopher at first? Even this shows how deliberately and maliciously a person approaches the issue.

The best way is to learn the true Islam from its source and practice what one has learned. Otherwise, it is difficult for a belief that makes a person hesitate about Islam with a statement of any philosopher to lead man safely to salvation in the hereafter.

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