Inspiration comes to man after long and unsuccessful quests. For instance, Newton discovered the law of gravity after staying in the library for two years. Similarly, Sinan, the Architect, formed his architecture style after seen all of the Roman works. In fact, these people reached the knowledge in quantum energy.  Man who concentrates has the opportunity to reach the intuitional knowledge in the universe. What we call intuition and inspiration is obtaining knowledge from the general cosmic intelligence.  Therefore, a sharp differentiation between mind and matter that will enable us to analyze by breaking into pieces cannot be made. For instance, when we break atom into pieces, a subatomic part is no longer “that atom” because breaking into pieces will change its meaning. The iron atom is no longer iron; it is transformed into quark.

Chemistry works in connection with quantum electrodynamics in this area. When the magnetic vibrations activate the ion ducts in the brain cells and when calcium ions become active, agitations start in the cells. When one stimulus is received by the cell, it does not become active in these chemical interactions but when a thousand stimuli are received, activation starts in the cell. Therefore, regarding the issues which are desired a lot and to which emotional concentration is attributed to, the motivation of the person is high; therefore, this motivation can activate itself. Regarding the issues which are not attached importance, it is more likely that the person will be lazy.

The view of classical physics and biology explains the physicochemicals of the brain as if it mentions something else. However, when the issue is dealt with by quantum electrodynamics, a system in which man is included is mentioned. It sounds as if the positive approach mentions things that are different from and outside us.

When the classical scientific view considers man as separate from the center, it cannot answer many questions that come to the mind. Therefore, the most important alternative for our consciousness is that it holds all of the choices at the same time. When consciousness makes a decision, it chooses one of the stimuli sent to him. Therefore, all knowledge is related to all parts of the brain. It is very difficult to make sharp distinctions as “this knowledge belongs to that region or it is stored in that region” in the brain.

In animal experiments, it was shown that consciousness could still be there though most of the brain was removed. However, consciousness closes between the state of sleep and wakefulness. Mass gravity of quantum physics, the universe being in this gravity and man being individual energy in the mass gravity of quantum explain the reality of consciousness.

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