The Fallacy of Reincarnation Part 3 : What are the views of the Islamic scholars on reincarnation?


Abu Hanifa read the whole Quran every day and Imam Shafii read the whole Quran twice every day; many true scholars read the whole Quran every three days or every seven days by considering its meaning. These scholars memorized tens of thousands of hadiths of the Prophet including their chains of narrators.

If reincarnation were present in the Quran and if hadiths mentioned reincarnation, these careful people would definitely have noticed it. However, they did not mention it; let alone mentioning it, they stated that it was a wrong view and that those who believed in it would exit Islam.  

For instance, Imam Rabbani says: Some people whose hearts are ill and who have very little knowledge and some irreligious people who introduce themselves as scholars believe in reincarnation. They say, “Before the souls become perfect, they move from one body to another after death. After they become perfect, they do not go to people; they become perfect through reincarnation.”Then, they make up a lot of stories about reincarnation. He who believes in reincarnation exits the religion of Islam and becomes an unbeliever.

Ibn Hazm, another scholar says, "There is consensus among Islamic scholars that a person who believes in reincarnation exits the religion of Islam."

In the books called Bariqa and Hadiqa and all of the other source books of Islam, it is stated that those who believe in reincarnation exit the religion of Islam. No true scholar accepted by the ummah of Islam mentions that reincarnation is possible; all of them say unanimously that reincarnation is unbelief.    

What can be the importance of a few ignorant people who lack in taqwa and deeds today in the presence of the consensus and statements of the scholars? How can they make their consensus and statements invalid?

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