Why can’t we see God in this world?

One of the names of God is Noor (Heavenly Light). Everything, from luminous beings, which are angels, to the sunshine and all rays exist in the universe, bears various manifestations of this name. Human eyes, in this world, are able to see only the material world. They can see neither their own souls, nor the angels who record their acts, nor the rays.

It has been found out that human eyes are able to detect only 2.5 % of the total rays in the universe. Expecting to see God with human eyes, Who is the creator of all luminous beings in the universe, at least becomes a contrary notion to the laws of physics. Another aspect of the point is that man is under a testing in this world. That God’s having been seen is also contrary to this mystery of testing.

The fact that God is not seen by our physical eyes is because of His covering everything with His knowledge and His having no opposite equivalent.

For example, just as the atmosphere surrounds everything on earth all over, if we suppose that the sun also surrounds all space, then it would be impossible to see the sun with eyes. The sun would be invisible since everywhere would be covered with the rays of it. For it has no opposite equivalent as is the case with night, the sun would be invisible and it would be rather difficult to understand its nature. However, it would be ignorance to deny the existence of the sun, which exists everywhere with its light and surrounds everything.

Yet within the same perspective of logic, the same situation can be also considered for God Almighty, Who surrounds everything with His names and attributes, Who exists everywhere, and Who has no opposite equivalent.

The situation is completely different in the case of the Hereafter. The spirits of the people of Paradise will dominate their bodies. The original forms of beings, which are in the manner of shades in this earthly life, are going to be created anew there. Man will go to Paradise as a person who is worthy of it at all points and who is allowed to make use of its all bounties. One must think about the fact that even in Paradise, the occurrence of Ruyah (seeing God) will not take place constantly.

That is to say that, the people of Paradise will take on a different appearance and this divine gift will take place in a special environment, which is peculiar to them. As a matter of fact, the information of not to be recognized by their families when they are back from Ruyah indicates that.

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