Can all the realms of existence be comprehended by our five senses? Can beings, which we are unable to perceive, be denied?

That is a truth that the realm of existence is not one of only what we can perceive with our five senses. Man, with his sense of sight, sees the material objects. He senses realm of tastes with his tongue, realm of voices with his ear, realm of smells with his nose. However, there are so many realities which man can neither see nor hear such as electricity, gravity, the power of a magnet to attract and push away. Moreover, they doubtlessly exist.

Some people who disregard these principles fall into a great mistake by saying, I do not believe what I cannot see or seeing is believing, and therefore reduce all beings to what they can see. Yet that something is not seen with eyes is not a proof for its non-existence. In this world, what we cannot see are far more than what we can see. Some invisible faculties in human body such as mind, imagination, memory are more than those visible ones in number.

It is the drive of loading the duty of mind onto eyes that underlies the sophistry of I do not believe what I do not see. Yet each sense opens the gate of another realm; the duty of each of them cannot be expected from another. For example, eyes cannot function as ears; likewise, a nose cannot function as a tongue. With his eyes, man cannot taste a meal, or the voice of a nightingale, nor the smell of a rose. While eyes cannot do the duty of these organs, of course, they cannot do the duty of mind as well. It is known that even though eyes see a masterpiece, its maker can be visualized only through mind. Someone who says, I do not believe what I do not see denies the master of a work of art. As seen in this example, someone who says I cannot see any maker, although seeing this universe, which is the product of an infinite power, knowledge, and art, becomes far away from knowledge and mind. How then will such a man be able to explain the infinite occurrences such as creation, giving bounty, giving life, which manifest themselves any moment and show the existence of Allah as clearly as the sun.

The fact that Allah is not seen through our physical eyes is because of His surrounding everything and His having no opposite equivalent. For example, as atmosphere surrounds the globe all over, if we suppose that the sun surrounds all space, then it would be impossible to see the sun with our eyes. Since everywhere is covered with the rays of the sun, it would be invisible. Since it has no opposite equivalent like night and because of its absence of opposite, the sun would not be seen and known. However, it would be a mere ignorance to deny the existence of the sun, which exists everywhere with its light and surrounds everything.

Yet within the same perspective of logic, the same situation can be also considered for Allah (SWT), Who surrounds everything with His names and attributes, Who exists everywhere, and Who has no opposite equivalent. Those who seek everything in the material objects have their minds in their eyes. And eyes are blind in metaphysical realm.

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