What should we say to people who deny the existence of angels because they are invisible?

Numberless invisible powers, laws, beams carry out their duties one within the other in this visible world. Angels are more elegant than all of them. It is so strange for a person, who cannot see the air that is denser than beams, to say I do not believe in what I do not see and deny the existence of angels.

A tree, which we watch with pleasure, has a half-alive life manifestation. We cannot see that life, but each leaf and each blossom of the tree yells out that life to us. We cannot see the gravity of the Sun either but we realize the existence of that power in the travelling of the Earth around it.

When we walk around on the earth, we undoubtedly know that there is a power of gravity beyond what we see. The law of growth in the tree, the gravity of the Sun and the Earth. They are like only three of the heavenly privates.

We are surrounded by those invisible armies. Every action informs us about their existence. Nonetheless, we hear some strange words from some people; I do not believe in what I do not see.

Belief is feature peculiar to the heart. A person has beliefs through several ways. Seeing is just one of them. We taste food by our tongues. Our eyes cannot see the world of tastes. When someone says lets turn on the radio and listen to the news, the ears are needed now. We look at the world of voices and sounds by them. When somebody says Look at that man, how conceited he is!, we make some inferences from his behaviors and come up with an idea. Those who accept seeing as the only criterion, burden the eyes with the duties of mind and conscience,

According to scientists, human beings can see about three point five per cent of all beams. Then we can say that if a person accepts seeing as the only criterion, he/she will have denied even more than ninety per cent of the visible world.

It is possible to see another version and a small example of the Earth and various beams which function on the Earth in human body and in the world of feelings which function in the body.

Lets point our finger to the face of a person who does not believe in angels and say You have a skin on your face, pull it out of your face! And cast the flesh out of the skull and flay your remaining skin out in a similar way. Accumulate the blood in a place, and accumulate your flesh in another place. Take out your inner organs one by one and place them side by side. Then ask yourself facing that heap of blood and bone marrow:

Where is my mind? My memory, my fearwhere are they? Where has that endless world of feelings gone?

Now, extend your mind from your body to the Universe, do not be obstinate and accept this reality: Allah, who created many invisible worlds in my body, surely created so many angels and spiritual beings in this immense universe.

The reality undoubtedly requires and wisdom certainly demands that like the earth the heavens too have inhabitants, and that its inhabitants are intelligent, and that they are suitable for the heavens. In the tongue of the Shariah, those inhabitants, of which there are numerous kinds, are called angels and spirit beings. Words (Sözler)

The sentence I do not believe what I do not see is an utterance of a strange obstinacy. It is a baseless idea like I do not believe in towns which I have not been to, and do not believe in flowers that I do not smell. It is as mean and as inconsistent as those sentences. When belief is mentioned, we think of ghaib (the unknown, unseen). The things that can be seen and heard are described by the word know rather than believe.

These people are so affected by their sense organs that they think of themselves and animals around them when the word living beings is used, and do not want to accept other forms of life. Listen to one of them carefully; you can summarize what they say as follows: There can not be any form of life in stars! Because I cannot live out of the atmosphere. That person imagines angels like human beings and attributes them width and length; mouth, stomach, lungs; and sends them out of the atmosphere and kills them out of breathlessness, and then denies the existence of them. But if that poor person could understand that his mind, soul and memory do not work with oxygen and that they can not be defined with width, length, weight; he would not deny them.

Fortunately, mankind invented so many things with his invisible mind from radioactive waves to laser beams that, everybody accepted that there are far more invisible things then visible ones, and those people have not shown up much since then.

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