Are tachyons the building blocks of the metaphysical world? What is the role of causes in the creation of beings?

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2.2.6-Are Tachyons the Building Blocks of the Metaphysical World?

The virtual particles, whose existence causes a lot of debate, become manifest in some laboratory experiments. This particle with strange and abstract character was given the name “tachyon”, which means ghost in Latin. This time, the experts analyzed the issue in mathematical terms, using Einstein’s equations and they reached a very strange solution. According to those solutions, if an object moves faster than light, physical properties such as mass, length, energy, and even time assume an abstract (virtual/imaginary) nature.

According to the “Theory of Tachyons”, anything faster than light and with a mass smaller than zero and with minus length and dimensions, that is, anything that is abstract can be regarded as tachyon. For instance, our feelings, dreams, memory, thoughts, consciousness, love, fear, excitement, hearing, seeing, tasting, etc.

What can be the meaning of abstract mass? According to the “Theory of Tachyons”, whichmatured with the great contribution of scientists like Bilaniuk and Geinberg, anything faster than light and with a mass smaller than zero and with minus length and dimensions, that is, anything that is abstract can be regarded as tachyon. For instance, our feelings, dreams, memory, thoughts, consciousness, love, fear, excitement, hearing, seeing, tasting, etc.

A particle called “tachyon” that has metaphysical properties and speed faster than the speed of light thousands of millions of times is definitely notexpected to be ready and available in our daily lives. Since the properties of these particles do not conform to the physical and mathematical structure of this universe, another realm, another time and space where another kind of energy is dominant should be considered.

The unchanging reality that is ever-changing but that seems unchanging because it flows on an immutable reality on which the apparent realm is based is essentially the properties of the metaphysical dimension of the existence. We think that the realities related to metaphysics and meaning are only souls and angels, and the Hereafter. However, contrary to what we think, spiritual realities encompass a much wider field. ”Physical” events and beings become metaphysical events with a “new” and “appropriate“ look. For example, properties like electricity, magnetism, gravity, light, color, temperature, even taste, sound, healing, odor and life are essentially beyond matter. Science can formulate externally reflected effects and introduce principles for their use. However, the nature and reality of the events are much different and have no scientific explanation.

Giving a name to events is not an explanation of that being and event. Matter and atoms are not the source of any of the features mentioned and unmentioned above. They are not part of matter. Matter and atoms only reflect them.

Badiuzzaman states in the 1925s that the causes of the creation of beings are a veil and that the reality of something cannot be understood by giving it a name:

“They utter meaningless nonsense like this. Due to a boundless ignorance resulting from misguidance and an ugly obduracy arising from aggressive atheism, they do not know that causes are only each a pretext and a veil. A small seed taking the place of a village full of factories and looms to weave and produce the members of a pine-tree as large as a mountain shows this. By saying, “The tree emerged from the seed,” they in effect deny the thousand miracles displayed in the pine tree, and put forward a number of apparent causes. They reduce to nothing ahuge dominical act worked through the Creator’s will and wisdom. Sometimes they attach a scientific name to a most profound, unknowable, and important truth which has purposes in a thousand respects, as though through the name it has been understood. Whereas it is merely made commonplace, and without purpose, wisdom, or meaning.

So, come and see the innumerable degrees of stupidity and foolishness! They attach a name to a truth so profound and broad and unknown it could be completely understood only if it and its purposes and instances of wisdom were described in a hundred pages. As though it were something obvious they say: “It is this.” For example, ‘It is some substance in the sun clashing with electricity.’”…

“Similarly, if a wonder-working craftsman produces a hundred okkas of various foodstuffs and a hundred yards of varying cloths from a chip of wood the size of fingernail, like the creation of a fruitbearing tree from a seed, and someone points to the chip of wood and declares that these things have come into being out of it ‘naturally’ and ‘through chance,’ reducing to nothing the craftsman’s wondrous arts and skills, what utter lunacy it would be”.1

The result of all this is as follows: the beings in the universe do not consist of matter, as materialists and atheists suggest. The world of meaning, referred to as the metaphysical world, is much wider and covers the whole universe. Therefore, in order to understand the universe and beings, it is necessary to deal with the physical world and the metaphysical world together as the subject of science and to investigate them as scientific knowledge. Otherwise, it is not possible to understand man or the universe by accepting only matter as scientific knowledge.

The wonders and wisdom in the results have not been understood since studies have been done without considering meaning so far. Everything was seen as soulless, aimless and unattended. These extremely wise, artistic beings created for thousands of purposes were given scientific names to make them ordinary; they were all regarded as the work of nature and coincidences, and this atheist philosophy was presented as "Scientific knowledge".

1. Nursi, B. S. Sözler, 208-209.

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