Are jinn superior to men? Can they harm men whenever they want? How can we be protected from jinn?

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Are jinn superior to men? Can they harm men whenever they want? How can we be protected from jinn?
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Man, who was sent down to the earth as vicegerent is superior to jinn in terms of his nature and the characteristics of creation as well as his intelligence, mind, memory, reasoning and worshipping. Some jinn that do not take lessons from a heavenly religion do not accept the superiority of men in terms of character because they take lessons from the satan and are jealous of them.

God Almighty states the following regarding the issue in the Quran: “We have indeed created man in the best of moulds.” ( at-Tin, ), expressing that man is superior not only to jinn but also to all of the beings.

Jinn do not accept the superiority of men and they cause men difficulties, doing their best to make men be in need of them. Those who do not know the nature and the structure off jinn seek help from jinn. The jinn doctors and healers make use of those simple-minded people and their ignorance.

The people who do not know the nature and the structure off jinn sometimes exaggerate and overestimate jinn. That is, they see or show jinn as beings that know everything, that can do everything, that have high talents and that are superior to men. It is completely nonsense. 

Jinn and satans can harm men. However, they cannot harm anyone they like. Satans and jinn harm people who are away from worshipping and who commit a lot of sins.

Jinn and satans penetrate into people through the gaps opened by sins and surround them. It is necessary to close those gaps in order to prevent them from penetrating and be protected from their evil. 

According to the observation of saintly people, the reason why jinn and satans pester believers is that they are open and weak in terms of some spiritual aspects. It is because of the situations like being junub, menstruation, puerperium, being without wudu, presenting inattentive and ignorant behavior in bad manners; psychological disorders and non-physiological frenzies generally catch people during the gaps that we have just mentioned. If jinn and satans have anything to do with those situations – generally they have – definitely, they must have found a way of penetrating into the believer through a sin he has committed. 

Yes, if you are like a castle and if the gates of that castle are open, your eternal enemy will enter you through those gates and they will try to capture the castle of your body. If you do not want to be exposed to such situations, you must avoid sins, lead a careful life; you must never forget that a castle can be conquered from inside...

Evil jinn and satans use all kinds of sins as means. Alcohol, gambling and prostitution are the means that they often use. The people who commit those sins are regarded to have fallen into the trap.

There are various reasons why jinn come to the visible world from the metaphysical world. Either a magnetic event happens in our world, or a vent, corridor forms between the two worlds or a person who has the property of being a medium causes it due to his/her structure knowingly or unknowingly. Otherwise, no jinn can go out of the boundaries of its own world.

Although we are in the same world, it is a reality that there exists a difference of dimension. Jinn cannot go to the physical world from the metaphysical world whenever they want.

When jinn go to the visible world from their own worlds, they cannot pester or affect everybody. However, they can communicate with people who have the property of being a medium or they pester the people who have a vent, opening or disorder in their bodies. They are generally introvert, cowardly, timid, psychologically unbalanced, schizophrenic people or people with a brain disease. 

Jinn cannot go to the visible world to stay there permanently. They have to go back after a certain period of time. A person who is in a coma needs to be awakened after a certain time; a person who dives into water has to come out of water after a certain time; similarly, a jinn has to go back to its own world after a certain time. There is only one possibility for a jinn to stay longer: a jinn has to find a person with the property of being a medium, communicate with him and make use of his/her energy, or it has to enter his/her body and stay there for a period of time, or steal energy from weak and ill bodies, or enter an animal like a fly, insect, etc and save time.

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