Are jinn superior to humans? Is everyday life of jiin similar to humans’?

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Are jinn superior to humans? Is everyday life of jiin similar to humans’?
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Humans are unable to see not only jinn but also a lot of things. Humans’ sight, hearing and perception is limited. Since we are able to see five per million of the creatures, it is normal that we are unable to see jinn which have been created with different features. 

There are several reasons why jinn pass through metaphysical dimension to the visible, physical world. It is because either a magnetic event occurs in our world or a hole or corridor opens between our world and theirs, or a person who has the feature of a medium (a psychic) causes this knowingly or unknowingly. Otherwise, none of the jinn are able to pass out of their dimension of their own accord.

Even though we are in the same world, it is a fact that there is a dimensional difference. Jinn cannot pass from the metaphysical world to the physical one whenever they like. 

Jinns cannot randomly pester and affect humans when they pass from their world to ours. They can only get into contact with people who have innate psychical features or they can pester people who have a hole, a disorder in their metabolism. These people are especially ones who are introvert, timid, shy and psychologically unbalanced and who have mental disorders like schizophrenia.  

Jinn cannot pass from their world to ours to stay permanently. They definitely have to turn back to their world after a certain time. A person who is in coma must be awakened after a while; a person who dives in the water has to reach up to the surface of the water to breathe; similarly, jinn have to return their own world after a while. 

Jinns are creatures that have males and females and that get married and that breed and reproduce, grow and die like humans. However, their lifetime is much longer than humans’. They are said to live from a thousand years up to one thousand five hundred years because they live in a different dimension of time. The lapse of time is different there. Based on this, the information claimed to be taken by jinn is obviously not about the unknown but information depending on age and experience. 

Jinns consist of believers, hypocrites and unbelievers. Unbelieving jinn are called satan. Jinn are subject to this worldly test and they will be called to account and will be delievered to Paradise or Hell in the end. Those who believe and commit good deeds will be rewarded with Paradise whereas those who die without belief and repentance will be delivered to Hell and be punished just like humans. As a matter of fact, the following is stated in the Qur’an: 

“Surely, among the jinn and humankind are many that We have created (and destined for) Hell (knowing that they would deserve it). They have hearts with which they do not seek the essence of matters to grasp the truth, and they have eyes with which they do not see, and they have ears with which they do not hear. They are like cattle (following only their instincts) – rather, even more astray (from the right way and in need of being led). Those are the unmindful and heedless.” ( the Qur’an, al-A’raf, 7:179) 

It is understood that the domiciles of jinn are usually dirty places like garbage dumps, and they like settling at such places. Likewise, the Prophet ( pbuh) said that thegarbage left in the houses was the place of meeting for jinn. ( Abdurrazzaq, Munassaf, XI:32). Some scholars indicated their points of views on the issue that the Prophet (pbuh) pointed out the importance of cleanliness according to Islam, and that invisible germs, gathering like invisible jinn and reproducing rapidly can cause illnesses as well because some scholars say that by the word jinn germs are meant in some hadiths. Moreover, during the time of the Companions and Tabiin, there was a belief that jinn lived in pits ( holes or hollows). Here is a hadith about this belief: 

Abdullah b. Sarjis ( may Allah be pleased with him) narrates : “The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) has forbidden to urinate in pits (of vermins on the earth)”. Qatada was asked for the reason : “ Why has urinating in these pits been regarded as reprehensible?”. And he replied : “These places are said to be the domicile of jinn” ( Abu Dawood, Purification, 16)

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