Since the world is round, do we not turn toward the Kaaba no matter where we turn?

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Since the world is round, do we not turn toward the Kaaba no matter where we turn?
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It is obligatory for a person to turn his chest toward the Kaaba while performing prayers. Therefore, it is necessary to turn toward the direction of the qiblah. Besides, a person does not turn toward the qiblah when he turns to any direction.

It is Allah who orders us to turn toward the Kaaba. Therefore, it is fard for the qiblah to be the Kaaba. We turn toward the Kaaba because it is the order of Allah.

When the question, “What is the building that was constructed the first in the world?” is asked the answer is definitely “the Kaaba”. No center in the world is visited as much as the Kaaba. With this state, Makkah and the Kaaba has been a center that has played a uniting, integrating and combining role throughout history by eliminating political borders. People are not in connection with any religious center in the world except the Kaaba twenty-four hours a day.

The Kaaba, toward which people turn while worshipping, is the center of the Old World (Europe, Asia and Africa). It is almost at the same distance to those three continents. It has a strategic importance and is located in the focal point of transportation centers.

If you hold a map and draw a line from North America to Australia and from North-east Asia to South America, you will find in the place where these lines intersect, that is, in the center, Makkah, hence the Kaaba. You should start from the end points of the continents when you draw.

It is known that the continents were in the form of one big mass millions of years ago before they took their present form. The surface of the earth has a hard crust but it is in the form of scorching hot liquid under the crust; and the continents swim like boats. When the continents were together, Makkah was in the center of that big mass. If you bring the continents of America and the other pieces of land together, and seek the center, you will find Makkah there.  

Is Makkah (or rather the Kaaba), which is the center of the continents, also the center of the world? Geographers divided the world into small squares symbolically with the lines called latitudes and longitudes in order to find any point in the world easily and to show the most correct way it in easily. However, the beginning points of these lines were determined arbitrarily. There are no definite scientific facts about it. For instance, the longitudinal line supposed to pass from Greenwich, UK, is regarded as 0 (zero).

It is a known fact that the world, which is assumed to be round, is actually flattened at the poles and bulges in the middle. The biggest latitude passing from the middle of this bulging region is called 0 (zero) latitude. This latitude is called the equator. It is accepted that the equator divides the world into two relatively.

The poles are the two end points of the axis passing from the middle of the center of the circle formed by the equator. However, it is not really the case. This is an assumption. The world has a real north pole and a real south pole. We know that the world turns like a dynamo on liquid iron-nickel and that it forms a magnetic field and electricity like a dynamo during this turning. This magnetic force goes out of the North and South Pole points of the world and forms the magnetic protective layer that forms the outermost layer of the atmosphere called magnetosphere. Therefore, compasses always show the North Pole in the northern hemisphere.

Why are the pole points shown by the latitudes and longitudes are at different places from the magnetic pole points shown by the compass? We know that the world has a tilt of 23’ 27’’. If the world were not tilted like that, we would have only one season like the summer or winter. Days lengthen and shorten based on this tilt. This tilt changes the places of the poles. If we take into account this tilt of the world, that is, the real magnetic North Pole and South Pole, toward which the magnets always tend, when we draw the latitudes and longitudes, a new equator will occur. This new equator will pass through the middle of Makkah. This shows that the Kaaba is in the middle of the world.

On the other hand, the tropics of Capricorn and Cancer drawn based on this new form will pass from the block that Makkah is located. The longitude drawn based on this new method will intersect the tropics and the equator (by combining the two poles) in the same block. The intersection point is Makkah again. The intersection of these latitudes and longitudes in Makkah shows that the place of the Kaaba was determined specially and shows the secret of people's turning toward the Kaaba while worshipping. Thus, it is understood that the Kaaba is the center of the world now and it was the center of the world when the continents formed a big single mass in the past.     

Then, hajj (pilgrimage) is a journey to the center of the world. Besides, hajj can also be defined as an incident in which the psychic energy emitted by the radar of Hajar al-Aswad, which connects the physical and metaphysical world, is received and given directly, direct contact is realized in the shortest way, a unique magnetic field, that is, the divine light, is circumambulated. Badiuzzaman Said Nursi expresses this fact as follows:

“Kaaba is a luminous column connecting the sky and the earth.”

Thus, he states that the world is connected to the spiritual realms through the Kaaba. It is necessary to think that the holiness of that place is not material but spiritual, that people establish a connection with this spiritual column when they turn toward it while worshipping and that several exchanges like the manifestation of the divine secret of the Ascension (Miraj) that we do not know take place.     

It is enough for people to turn toward the column that passes from the Kaaba whether they are in the air, on land or under the sea for the qiblah; the spiritual atmosphere in that region causes the spiritual connections and desires about the other realms to occur faster and at the highest level.   

Just as the climates or productive places on the earth are different, so too may some places and times be different. Therefore, the spiritual concentration there also varies. Allah, who associates everything with the physical and chemical laws due to His wisdom, associated the expansion and exaltation of the spirit and its state of resonance and contact with the other realms with certain conditions and laws. It is much easier for the spirits to absorb the truths, to develop and flourish in an intense and spiritual atmosphere like the Kaaba. Other places are relatively arid compared to the Kaaba and dry like a desert. Indeed, the fact that those who go there actually experience it confirms this truth.

Thus, when those who go to the Kaaba enter into that spiritual column, they breathe a different atmosphere, and their worship, prayers and asking for forgiveness reach a very different dimension. This situation, in particular, takes on a much more mysterious state on holy nights.

“The first House (of worship) appointed for men was that at Bakka: full of blessing and of guidance for all kinds of beings: In it are signs manifest; (for example), the Station of Abraham; whoever enters it attains security.” (Aal-i Imran, 3/96-97)

According to a research, magnetic lines intersect and focus on the Kaaba. Through this magnetic shield of the world called "Van Allen Belts", the cosmic rays having horrible energy do not come to the world; maybe they gather in the Kaaba due to being attracted by these lines.

It can be said that the Kaaba gathers some cosmic energy in its body and distributes it to the earth, functioning as a kind of transformer. As a result, millions of Muslims turn toward the Kaaba every day, harmonizing with the psychic energy spread from the Kaaba and the movements made during the prayer. These movements enable this energy to penetrate all elements of man's spiritual and physical existence. When people circumambulate the Kaaba, that is to say, the focal point of the energy, they establish connections with this psychic energy at the highest level. As a matter of fact, it is known that people have experienced extraordinary, strange events during circumambulation. Among these events are time shifts, teleportation, apport, etc; everyone who goes there expresses that they breathed in a different atmosphere and entered a completely different world.

I would like to report a reminiscence I heard from a doctor about the Kaaba since it s relevant to the subject:

"A Turkish doctor in Germany, where I went for my postdoctoral research, told me that he had witnessed an incident in the anatomical examinations of frogs in his anatomy lessons during his years at the School of Medicine:

'When the frog's heart is pulled out, it will continue to work for about 10 minutes. Since there is a triple protection system in the heart, the inner protection is not dependent on something else. Meanwhile, it is seen that the lower pointed part of the heart is directed to one side. No matter where you turn the heart, it turns to the same direction like a compass. In this incident, which the students follow with astonishment, the direction that the heart turns is the direction of the qiblah.' "

This is something incredible. As it is known, the center of the universe is the Earth, in which man was created as the most honorable creature. The center and heart of the world is the Kaaba. The center and the Kaaba of man, who is a small universe himself, is his heart. In this respect, both hearts are related to each other.

For, divine manifestation and prosperities are born and appear in these Kaabas. The heart is the place where spirituality appears. Since the spiritual attraction focus of the world is the Kaaba, all hearts have their share of that truth and they look at the Kaaba all the time.

“...for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction.” (ar-Ra'd, 13/28)

The verse above points out this reality.

for more information please click on the link given below;

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