Why do jinn and satan not believe though they know that they will be punished?

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Why do Jinns and Satans not believe in Allah though they know His existence but prefer to be punished?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

The first human being, Hazrat Adam (AS), and Iblis, that is, Satan who is a kind of Jinn were the addressees of Allah and they were defeated by their nafs (soul) and somehow disobeyed the order of Allah.

Satan became arrogant as he could not accept the fact that Allah created man superior to him, rebelled and became an unbeliever... (see al-Baqara 2/34)  

Though Adam (as), who was settled in Paradise with his wife by Allah, was warned about the delusions of Satan, who was an avowed enemy of him, he was defeated by his nafs (soul) and made something that he should not have done; he approached the forbidden tree. However, Hz. Adam repented and his repentance was accepted. Nevertheless, he was sent to the world from Paradise where he was going to be tested. (see al-Baqara 2/35-36)

There are believers and unbelievers among Jinn just like humans.

There are both jinn who like Satan demonized and humans who are like Satan.

We are not alone in this world; We share this place with believing and unbelieving Jinn, who are subjected to test and have nafs (soul) like us but who live in a different dimension.

Thus, not all human beings believe in the basics of Islam and become Muslim; some of them become unbelievers, the same thing is valid for jinn; humans and jinn are free in their choice, but they will definitely be held responsible for their choices.

While there are such clear and straight proofs that confirm the existence and oneness of Allah and show that Islam is the only true religion in the eye of Allah, it is really not possible to understand some humans and jinn who lack foresight and unable to see the truth.

In fact, we understand from the Qur’an that as they locked the doors of their eyes of hearts from the inside, the divine wisdom locked their doors from the outside and sealed them. The first action must come from them that is they must unlock the doors from the inside so that our Lord who, has infinite mercy, will pour the rain of guidance over them; otherwise, they will be drowned in their rampage by increasing their sins (al-Baqara 2/15)

If only they knew this!

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