Can Satan repent?

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Since Satans are from the kind of Jinn, can they become Muslims as well?

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Satan is a kind of jinn but it has a different state. Satan's repenting is something that is contrary to his being a Satan. For, his essence went bad. He lost the property of repenting through his own will and he himself asked from Allah the duty of deviating human beings.

“Satan lost the test eternally because of five reasons:

1. For not accepting his sin,
2. For not regretting,
3. For not condemning his nafs (self) which led him to rebellion,
4. For not repenting,
5. For giving up hope from the Divine Mercy.” (Ibn Hajar, Munabbihat, 73.)

Hence, a believer should always admit his sins, regret his mistakes; criticize his nafs (evil commanding soul) and condemn it; often repent and should not give up hope from Divine Mercy.

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