Why is Satan mentioned together with angels?

The Details of the Question

- Why is Satan mentioned with the angels in the Holy Quran when it is said that all the angels bowed their heads except Satan? It was explained that he was a jinni:
- Was it possible for any jinni to gain a certain status in a place where Satan was exalted?
​- Was there any jinni that gained this status? Is there any record of that?
- Had Satan had ascended to that level before he died?
- Think as follows: Man is the greatest of all creatures. Is it possible for man to reach the level that Satan had reached before his death? If not, why not?
- In this way, can we reach the following conclusion? Allah Almighty’s plan is to place Satan in this high position. Then, He will create man, the Prophet Adam. Then Satan will not prostrate. Then, he will be declared as Satan and then the enmity between Satan and man that will last until the Day of Judgment will begin.
- Does it not seem a bit strange? How can one deal with this question?

The Answer

Dear Brother / Sister,

- Since Iblis was with the angels, they were all given this order. Although Iblis was originally a jinni, he elevated his position through worship and submission, became one of the angels, and lost this position forever due to his rebellion.

- Allah did not create the mechanism of the soul, which commands evil and leads to rebellion, in angels, who are among the sentient beings with life in the program He made with His eternal knowledge, as foreseen by His wisdom. On the other hand, He created both mind and soul in humans and jinn. He gave them free will so that the test would take place with justice.

- What will determine the fate of these two groups (jinn and humans), who are subjected to the test, is their choice.

Therefore, they were ordered to bow down for the first time to the Prophet Adam as a kind of respect and welcome so that the relationship between the jinn and humans would be revealed and it would be determined whether they would act under the leadership of the soul or the intellect. The angels, who had no souls and no inclination towards rebellion, were also asked this question though they were not subjected to the test.

- What matters here is to use the free will, to realize the difference between good and evil, and to show that following the desires and whims of the soul that lead to evil leads to failure.

1. There is no such thing as the magnification of Satan in this incident. 

2. No information taken about any other jinn related to being promoted to a higher rank is in question.

3. Satan was not promoted to any rank before his death.

“Allah said: “Then get thee out from here; for thou art rejected, accursed. And the curse shall be on thee till the day of Judgment.” (al-Hijr, 34-35)

“Allah said: “Respite is granted thee Till the Day of the Time appointed.” (al-Hijr, 15/37-38)

It is clearly pointed out in the verses of the Quran above that Iblis, who did not prostrate to Adam, will not die until the Day of Resurrection, and that he was expelled from Allah’s mercy.

Therefore, the information in the details of this question is not correct.

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