Can you give information about the creation and the nature of Satan?

Quran clearly explains how Adam (peace be upon him) was created out of clay and was given spirit in order to become a living soul. Likewise, it is also emphasized that Satan was from Jinn. This matter is explained in the Quran as follows:

(Remember) when your Lord said to the angels: "I am creating a mortal out of clay (to set him on the earth as vicegerent).When I have fashioned him fully and breathed into Him out of My Spirit, then fall down prostrating before him (as a sign of respect for him and his superiority)." So the angels prostrated, all of them together, But Iblis did not (in defiance of Gods explicit order to him); he grew arrogant and displayed himself as an unbeliever. (God) said: "O Iblis! What prevents you from prostrating before the being whom I have created with My two Hands? Are you too proud (to bow down before any created being in defiance of My command), or are you (of those who think themselves) so high in honor (that they cannot be ordered to prostrate before anyone)?" (Iblis) answered: "I am better than him. You have created me from fire and him You have created from clay." (God) said: "Then get you down out of it; surely You are one eternally rejected (from My Mercy). And My curse is on you until the Day of Judgment." (Saad Surah, 38:71-78)

Satan was proud and considered himself superior since he was created from fire. Whenever fire touches something, it can burn and melt it. Such solid matters, water, sand, and earth stifle the fire. The difference, which is seen as superiority, actually brought him to desolation. The basis of superiority at the throne of God is first submission to Him. Iblis, just because he abstained from submission and saw himself superior expelled from the mercy, and called as Satan. Satans bragging about his creation, which he thinks that, is imperishable caused him to be expelled from the presence of the divine and also from the Paradise as an unbeliever.

In Quran, it is announced that Jinn are created from fire.

And the jinn We had created before, from smokeless, scorching fire penetrating through the skin. (Al-Hijr Surah, 15:27)

And He has created the jinn from a smokeless (fusing flame of) fire. (Ar-Rahman Surah, 55:15)

Some Islamic scholars think that the word Jann which reads in the Surah Ar-Rahman means Iblis (Satan)- the father of Jinn. In contrast with this idea, Hamdi Yazir explained it, Likewise, humans creation out of clay in the beginning does not mean Adam (pbuh) was the only one who was created from it but the whole human race, Jann is used as a species of Jinn. Since, Satan is a Jinn; we can claim that he is created from smokeless, pure, and scorching fire. Above-mentioned verses clearly support the idea.

Bursali Ismail Hakki, interprets the verse, Satan was of the Jinn as he was created from fire, he was not of the angels. And also he claims that Satan was the exception of angels by showing the verse, And (recall) when We said to the angels, "Prostrate before Adam!" and they all prostrated, but Iblis did not... (Al- Kahf Surah, 18:50) Since is he not of the angels but Jinn, how come that he is the exception of angels? can be asked as a question. His explanation is, Because he was ordered to prostrate with angels. Just like in the example, except such woman, they (men) all went out.

According to this view, the intention of the sentence, He was of the Jinn, Satan was the first Jinn assigned likewise Adam was the first man created. (4)

The Jinn that is called Iblis, refused compliance with Gods orders. He abstained from obeying God. However, we know that angels never rebel against God, and do whatever He commands. (5) Humans and Jinn, being aware of their responsibility to worship, they will be rewarded or punished according to their deeds.

Therefore, Satan cannot be an angel.

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