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Let us talk a little more about the beings that are not within the scope of senses; for example, Satan.

A verse of the Quran states the following: "Man's greatest enemy is Satan." If so, I must get to know him well.

Who is he? Why is he hostile toward me? I have a lot of questions in my mind; I want to ask you.

Satan is an invisible enemy. One of his names is Iblis. The Quran states the following: “He (Iblis) was one of the jinn.” (al-Kahf, 18/50) He became an unbeliever due to the issue of prostrating before the Prophet Adam.  

When our Lord gave the command to prostrate, all angels prostrated immediately. Iblis acted conceitedly. He said,

“You created him from clay and me from fire; I am superior to him; I will not prostrate.”

He adopted a "materialistic" attitude based on the "matter" used in creation. He made the evaluation according to matter. In a way, he become the first materialist philosopher.

Instead of doing what he was commanded to do, he resorted to reasoning. However, "fire" could not be superior to the command of his Lord.

He is regarded as the father of the disease of racism as he makes a classification in the form of being created from clay and being created from fire, regarding one as superior to the other.

The test in Paradise is like a model of the great test in the world. You can find the seeds of the epidemic evils here in the test there.

Iblis assumed the role of "evil person" based on his own free will. Evil pervaded his whole being so much that there was no room for good.

He could not think of anything but making people sin. He was determined to do it until the end of the world. He rebelled against his Lord and made threats.

He determined his goal: to keep people away from the path of guidance. Making worship seem difficult and sins easy; cheating, tricks, deception, mischief.

Thus, a difficult test began for human beings.

Iblis deceived our father Adam and mother Hawwa (Eve); he made them eat the fruit of the forbidden tree in Paradise. Therefore, they were exiled to the world.

The Prophet Adam and his wife took some words from their Lord and repented with them; and Allah forgave them.

Then, devils increased in the world; so did humans. The test in Paradise continued in the world.

Allah promised punishment to those who follow Satan, and Paradise to those who do good deeds. He informed His servants about it through messengers and books.

One of the most important tricks of Satan is to convince people that he does not exist.

Some deniers say, "There is no Satan; we decide and do whatever we do."

This trick is also seen in secret organizations, lodges and clubs that are under the command of Satan.

This tactic allows devilish humans to camouflage themselves and work more comfortably.

After all, who would think of taking precautions against a danger whose existence people do not believe.

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