Jinn and Satans

Jinn and satans are spiritual beings created from pure fire, that is, the flame of smokeless fire. Man was created from clay. (ar-Rahman 55/15; al-Hijr 15/26-27)

Jinn are invisible, secret beings like angels that can take the forms of various things and that have the power to manage to do difficult tasks, but they are different from angels in terms of species and nature.

There exists marriage among jinn like men. They are also responsible for belief in and worshipping Allah. Some of them are rebellious unbelievers and others are obedient believers.

However, all of the satans are rebellious and unbelievers. They are occupied with committing evil and deviating men from the right path. There are no believing and obedient satans.

Jinn can never do good or bad things to anybody without the permission of Allah. Jinn do not know the ghaib; they cannot perceive the divine revelation and secrets that Allah informs His prophets.

Jinn were appointed to rule and manage the world before men but they were dismissed of that position because they committed many evils and caused mischief in the world. Men were appointed in lieu of them and given the position of managing the earth.

Our Prophet was sent as a messenger to both men and jinn; he carried out the task of conveying among jinn, too. That issue is clearly stated in the chapter al-Jinn, which consists of 28 verses, in the Quran.

There exists a sign in the Quran that jinn are forced to work under the command of Sulayman (pbuh). It is understood that jinn can teleport things from one place to another. (an-Naml 27/39)

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