Angels are representatives of creatures that glorify Allah unconsciously

Whoever leaves his personal thoughts aside and looks at the universe with attention he will see the universe as a huge mosque and find the creatures in it in worshipping peculiar to them. The sun is a lamp and stove of this mosque; the moon is its lampion and the stars are candles of it. The sky is the roof of this mosque and the earth is its floor. This is such a mosque that other than humans and some savage animals none go beyond their limits. They fulfill their tasks with utmost obedience. There are two kinds of creatures in this mosque. One of them is those who worship consciously using their wills like humans and jinn; the other group is those who are lifeless and who worship unconsciously like stones, mountains and the sun.

From birds to flowers and from fish to the stars of skies and even lifeless things such as stones and rocks glorify Allah and praise Him. We can realize this either by careful contemplation of the universe or by paying attention to the Qur’an. Thus, angels are appointed with the task of representing the glorifying of the unconscious beings of the universe. That is, every created being glorifies and remembers their Creator, Allah, with a peculiar language and angels represent the unconscious worshipping of them in the inner world.

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