Satans (Devils)

They are a type of spiritual beings that can never do good deeds but always commit evil deeds. Iblis, the chief Satan, was created from nar as-samum, that is, intense and smokeless fire. (See: al-Hijr, 27; M.Vehbi, Hülâsatü’l-Beyân, VII/2742-2743) The real name of Iblis was Azazil. He was given the names ‘Iblis’ and ‘Satan’ after he rejected to prostrate to Adam (pbuh) and disobeyed God Almighty due to his pride.

All of the activities of Satans are involved with making people unbelievers and getting them to commit sins. The greatest barrier to the spiritual advancement and worshipping of human beings is Satan. Satan is defined as ‘aduww mubin: avowed enemy’ in the Quran. (al-Isra, 53; al-A’raf, 22; Yusuf, 5) It is necessary for believers to take refuge in Allah from his evil. As a matter of fact, God Almighty calls believers to seek refuge with Allah from Satan in several verses in the Quran. (an-Nahl, 98; al-Mu’minun, 97; al-A’raf, 200)

Indeed, the cunning of Satan is feeble. (an-Nisa, 76) However, he causes great effects with a small delusion and brings about terrible harms since what he does is in the form of destruction and demolition. It is very difficult to construct a building but it is very easy to demolish it. Many conditions need to be together for a man to live. However, if only one of his organs is amputated or if he cannot breathe for a few minutes, he dies. What Satan does and makes people do are all destructive things. Muslims always take refuge with Allah although the delusions of Satan are actually feeble but cause great destruction and damage.

Since man’s soul and his feelings like lust and wrath are open to the inspirations and delusions of Satan, sometimes a slight delusion and intrigue of Satan affects man quickly and leads him to great spiritual troubles and loss.

Therefore, the evil of Satan is shown to be great to believers and they are warned again and again so that they will not be deceived by Satan.

In fact, satans have no power in terms of creation and action and intervention in the property of Allah.

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